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  1. Nursing is an important and essential profession, and nurses serve as the backbone of the healthcare system. As such, various types of frequent large and complex demands are placed on this population on a continual basis. Challenges within the health...
  2. Hi Crystal-Wings, thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thank you for your post.
  5. HI Luchador, there is also a self-test at hsperson.com, if you are interested. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Hi 37changes, thanks for writing. What a timely thing to do before you decide where to work! You should get great information out of that (by E. Aron)! There are great things about being highly sensitive too, I just couldn't include both in my study....
  7. I'm an RN and am wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my graduate thesis by taking my online survey. It is on stress and burnout in nursing, and I am researching some newer aspects of personality and cognition. I would really apprecia...
  8. RNliveoak

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    Apparently my girlfriend has witnessed the lime green scrubs before. I am still surprised anyone would have to wear this color, however!
  9. RNliveoak

    If the government legalizes marijuana in the US...

    I agree. This issue has an obvious political charge. I would hope that we could talk about other issues surrounding the target issue in this forum, but this only works if we can avoid personal attacks.
  10. RNliveoak

    If the government legalizes marijuana in the US...

    I think right now there is a little too much research that contradicts other research saying that pot is physically and mentally safe for various purposes. One study infers that smokers tend to suffer more from affective disorders such as bipolar dis...
  11. RNliveoak

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    Hi Ruby Vee, this is the first poll that I have ever created. Do you have any tips? Or, was anything confusing about the questioning? Thank you for responding anyways! I personally dislike royal blue because that was my nursing school's uniform color...
  12. RNliveoak

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    Hi Everyone, Besides white scrubs, I was wondering what you all thought the worst scrub color that you have ever had to wear as a nurse? And this can be for any reason... whether it makes you feel silly, reminds you of something gross, or makes you f...
  13. RNliveoak

    Shared Governance Leadership: 10 Lessons

    I look forward to hopefully writing many more.
  14. RNliveoak

    Need Advice

    Hi Michellelove, Absolutely, I would totally apply again... but I also see two other ways to go about gaining progress on your goal. One is a possible front-end solution. If you have any friends who work in the department you seek that has a good rel...
  15. RNliveoak

    Shared Governance Leadership: 10 Lessons

    Thank you sincerely, Nurse Beth!