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Kaisu has 4 years experience and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. I got a phone call at 1:15 this morning from ****** County Jail. My daughter has been arrested for possession of meth amphetamine. I am devastated. I live 2000 miles away on the other end of the country. We graduated nursing school together and she had been working as an RN in a SNF. I had my suspicions, but it is not only the user that is in the grips of denial. My question - Is there a process whereby she can retain her license? I know she needs rehab, counselling, etc to recover from this horrible horrible disease. I would imagine she should get a lawyer when she notifies the Board. I am relatively certain that she must notify the board. Can you give me any indication as to what sort of mountain she must climb, besides recovery/abstinence, to salvage her life. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  2. Kaisu

    Morally Conflicted

    Did the patient have a living will? Who is the POA?
  3. Kaisu

    Where to go from home health?

    I personally went from home health to hospice. Please do not refer to SNF nurses as drug monkeys. I know intelligent, excellent nurses providing care for SNF patients. They are specialists in their areas and deserve tremendous respect and more support than they get.
  4. Kaisu

    Reduced to part time and then ghosted

    We are not attorneys... to find out if you have a legal case you have to ask a lawyer.
  5. Kaisu

    Reduced to part time and then ghosted

    I know it doesn't feel like that now, but this is a good thing that has happened to you. A company that complains that you have made too many visits is a red flag. As a professional, we make the visits the patient needs. It's hard to look for another job when you already have one, despite there being problems. It reminds of the story of the frog in a pan of hot water. If you put one in when the water is hot, it jumps out. Put it in when the water is cool and slowly turn up the heat and it boils to death. Working for an agency that supports their staff is a wonderful thing, and in the work we do, crucial to us. I see great success and happiness in your future. This agency will get what karma has coming to them. Good luck.
  6. Kaisu

    How does hospice care determine there is no coming back

    Bless you for being there for your grandmother. I know how truly difficult that can be and you are making wonderful decisions for her. Being with her, talking to her and caring for her will make processing the grief after she moves on so much better. You will have moments with her that you will treasure forever.
  7. Kaisu

    Should I recertify this patient?

    Do you not have case conference with your peers to help you decide that?
  8. Kaisu

    Home Health Per Visit Rate

    Not for my agency. I got paid by the hour and driving time was included.
  9. Kaisu

    Hospice Nursing ?

    I started in home health and transitioned into hospice. There was a learning curve for sure, mainly in hospice medications and a good understanding of what is covered and what is not in terms of DME, etc. Not withstanding, I was better prepared than nurses coming in off the floor. I had the logistics of delivering care in the home down cold. I think with your extensive home health experience, you will kill it. erm - pun unintended
  10. Kaisu

    Help! PPV versus Houly HH visits

    The agency I worked for started everyone on an hourly rate because they wanted quality over quantity, especially when the employee was new. Within months, employees were offered a PPV option. I think that was very fair. Productivity was very rarely emphasized or even brought up for that matter.
  11. Kaisu

    New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    Sounds like the appropriate response to an abusive employer....
  12. Kaisu

    New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    I got paid by the hour, so documentation time was paid for. I was given the option of going to PPV, and would have made a lot more money, but I transitioned into hospice where pay by the hour is standard. Most of the nurses are salaried, but I prefer hourly because that way I don't feel guilty saying no when I am full and I don't feel bad when I have heavy weeks because I know my bank account will fatten.
  13. Kaisu

    Was I wrong? Advise please.

    Gotta say - Love your attitude
  14. Kaisu

    Was I wrong? Advise please.

    I think you made an error in tact. When they said as often as they like to, that is where I would have left it. It's subtle and not a huge error. Learn from it.
  15. Kaisu

    New to HH/ Rant/ Advice

    Way too many points. You are a valuable employee. Say NO.
  16. I like the facility patients. With the demographics in the area I work in, patient safety, adequate caregivers are a constant headache. In the facilities, I know their meds are managed correctly and patients are safe. I enjoy the team work and collaboration with the facility staff and generally, can manage patient care without worrying that the caregiver will fall over dead from strain and their own health problems before my patient does.