Working as an CNA after finding out you passed????


I've felt kind of bummed about still working as an aide after graduation. Its not like I have the attitude that it is below me, because it isn't. We are all in this together, but I have gone through two years of nursing school to be doing new and different things.

The other day I found out I passed my NCLEX-PN . . . . I'm ecstatic!!!! Unfortunately I'll be working as an aide for probably another month. I am so bummed out right now. Has anyone else had to do this (I'm sure others have), but how did you deal.



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Why don't you start looking for a job as a LPN? You don't have to stay there..put in your two weeks once you find a job elsewhere (or there if LPN positions are offered).

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Once my employer verified that I passed the NCLEX, they took me off the schedule as an aide immediately. We then scheduled nursing orientation.


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I understand where she is coming from. At our hospital, if you are a new nurse (passing boards or still a GN) they have to put you into a position for a grad nurse - they usually open these jobs up for employment starting June 1 or January 1 to correlate with school's graduations. They have a 5 day long orienation that new grads must attend prior to even going up to the floor, which is something they just do for new grads (everyone else has a different hospital orientation thing). Anyway, it takes a lot of staff and time to organize these 5 days, which is why they don't do it more than 2x's a year. I think this is pretty common practice around here.


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Yes, I just passed my HESI and I won't take my boards until January or Febuary. My new job as a GN does not start until Jan 7th. Of course, in the interem I have bills to pay! But, I must say that my outlook is far different than it was just a few months ago...

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you may find that you CANT work as an aide now that you have passed the careful, and good luck

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Congratulations on passing boards....

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Yes, I did, but luckily it was only four shifts that were scheduled and really couldn't be changed. I understood. I hope you can either hang in there for this month or get another job. One thing I didn't like is that every time they were short an aide they'd ask me if I could "help" I couldn't do both jobs at once. Anyway, those nursing home days are long past and if I'd been a bit more assertive at the time I probably wouldn't have ended up being taken advantage of.

Many congratulations on becoming an LPN.


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Why don't you start looking for a job as a LPN? You don't have to stay there..put in your two weeks once you find a job elsewhere (or there if LPN positions are offered).

I agree wholeheartedly with this nurse! Look for a nursing job--that's why you went to school--start enjoying the fruits of your long hard labor!!! I too offer my congratulations on passing the boards!:balloons:

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I worked as an aide for an additional three weeks before my job started orientation for me as an LPN. It happens. And, it is not a big thing. You will get a job as soon eventually, but you do have to eat and support yourself for now.

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The main thing is you PASSED! :balloons::yeah: You have money coming IN. Time passes rather quickly even when we think it's not! And... in no time you'll be working in the role for which you're qualified. Just go with the flow of it and know that soon, this too will be but a memory! :)

Wishing you all the very best! :)

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I worked as a tech for about a month after I passed NCLEX. I didn't mind. It'll go by fast.The really nice thing was once I started working as a nurse and they bumped up my pay, they also gave me back pay to the date of getting my license. It was sweet.Just hang in there. It'll be here before you know it. When you look back on it, a month won't seem like it mattered all that much.

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