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  1. It is the same story for many of us. We graduate. We can’t find a job. Our first offer is a dialysis nurse job. We take it became student loans. Then we are marooned for life. Within a year of starting as a dialysis nurse I began looking for something else. And no one will hire me. I got a bachelors degree because magnet hospitals require it. Nothing. I got a masters degree hoping I could move into an administrative role. Still nothing. I thought maybe I could get a couple years of experience on the floor so I can put my masters degree to good use, but no one will hire me. I can’t even get a job in a doctors office! So let me ask you, why won’t you hire us? Did you have a bad experience when you hired a dialysis nurse? Are we unteachable? Do we have a hard time making the switch? Do we have knowledge gaps? What is it? Please tell me what the secret is so that I can get out of this rut and move on to something else. Thank you
  2. Natkat

    First Nursing Job Dialysis Am I Stuck Forever

    I am stuck and definitely did not decide to be. I am desperate to do ANYTHING that is not dialysis. I’ve been trying for years and no one will hire me.
  3. Natkat

    I Can’t Get Out of Dialysis

    I started out as a dialysis nurse. After a year or two I began looking for a job, any job, that is not dialysis and no one will hire me. Since I can’t get anything else, I don’t have experience in anything else. So when I apply all I hear is “all your experience is in dialysis”. Well, yes, because no one will give me a chance. I have tried med surg, radiology, case management, endoscopy, outpatient surgery, inpatient surgery, PACU, per operative care, labor and delivery - and nothing! I can’t even get a job in a doctor’s office I managed to get a job as a research nurse, and I loved it. However, between the four-hour daily commute and toxic work environment i couldn’t take it anymore, so I took a job as a nurse manager in dialysis. And I hate it. I’m right back in dialysis after I worked so hard to get out. I have a masters degree in leadership and management, but because I only have dialysis experience, no one will hire me and give me a chance. What am I doing wrong? Why won’t anyone give me a chance?
  4. Natkat

    Can't Get Job With MSN

    Omen more thing. What is a value-based program?
  5. Natkat

    Can't Get Job With MSN

    Thank you for the advice. People say you either love or hate dialysis. I am indifferent to dialysis - I don’t love it or hate. I just want to do something else.
  6. I give the patients what they want. They aren't interested in what is best for them. They are unteachable. When they demand I do something that might be harmful, i print off an AMA form and tell them that what I am about to do is potentially harmful, that I am giving them the responsibility for what is about to happen, and by signing this paper they agree that they cannot sue me if something goes wrong. They usually back off when I present it to them like that. Somehow taking away the possibility of a lawsuit makes them more agreeable to their treatment plan. And mind you, I am smiling and pleasant the entire time. I have never had a complaint.
  7. Natkat

    The Wise Nurse Speaks

    Oh I hear you about delegating the non-nursing tasks. I spent too much time helping the techs then I realized that, while I can help them with their work, they can't help me with mine. I had to learn to back off.
  8. Natkat

    Adjunct Faculty a.k.a. 'Academic Sharecroppers'

    I think the term is perfectly fitting for the situation. It's a slap in the face to our educators to be treated this way. This is yet another industry that it is making it increasingly difficult for its workers to make a decent living.
  9. Natkat

    Do acute care nurses look down on LTC nurses

    A nurse who looks down on another nurse for her choice of career or speciality is a bad nurse.
  10. That is exactly what my manager does and I love her for it. I will never ever, ever, ever quit my job because I know there isn't another manager out there who would do that for the staff.
  11. Natkat

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    If you are a dialysis patient who is on fall precautions, do not insist that have to use the bathroom and refuse the bedpan because "my butt touches the bottom of it". The hospital does not have the staff to drag you to the bathroom. Do not then threaten to crap yourself because no one will take you to the bathroom. I will let you crap yourself and then sit in it until dialysis is over because we cannot move you around to clean you up during dialysis, besides which it is an infection control issue to unleash that e. coli with an open catheter. Now ask yourself, would you rather have a little BM touching your precious little butt sitting in the bedpan, or a huge code brown squishing up your back, down your legs, in your buttcrack and a room-clearing stench? It's ok. I'm used to the smell. It doesn't bother me, but you'd better apologize to your family sitting there gagging and retching. Just get over yourself and use the bedpan.
  12. Natkat

    The 5 things you love & hate about being an RN

    LOVE - the pay - always learning something new - the flexibility - being part of an awesome team - watching someone improve before my very eyes HATE - people who read something on the internet and think they know everything - the perception that the human body is like a car and we should be able to just go in there and fix everything - failure to take responsbility for one's health/physical condition - watching people go downhill until they finally die - being introduced to someone as a nurse and all they want to talk about is their family member who is also a nurse or ...... - wanting to talk about a physical ailment ad nauseum or ...... - telling me about a "stupid nurse" they had last time they were in a hospital. PS - I always stick up for the nurse.
  13. Natkat

    Why do newborns have more RBCs, HGB, and HCT?

    I smell a homework question.
  14. Natkat

    Psych rotation coming up.. not excited about it, should I be?

    You would handle it professionally and give him the care he needs. Wen I deal with prisoners I have the attitude that whatever they did is not my dillema. If it was I would have gone to law school. I focus on my job and let the justice system do theirs. Try and get the most from your psuch rotation. No matter where you end up working you will have to deal with mental illness. It will be in your best interest to learn how to work with them. Mental illness is an illness. They can't help it and would gladly trade it for something else. They need our compassion and our best communication skills. Its also good practice to learn boundaries. These are valuable skills and someday you will be very glad rhat you have them. Have fun and best of luck.