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joshuaha specializes in Peds Rehab, Informatics.

Grad school loving, Peacemaker, Encourager of spirits, Gardener, Musician, way to many interests and to little time currently working on my MSN, I'll be done in March 12!

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  1. joshuaha

    Ritalin at work

    I take Adderall twice a day when I am at work. I don't really care if people are offended by it being in my bag. I am not stupid with, I keep it out of sight and take it when I need it. I have ADD, I take medication to deal with said ADD and my coworkers and my patients thank me for it. My physician has been following my case for five years. I don't understand what the big deal is?
  2. joshuaha

    Want to get started in Informatics

    Just an update for guys, I just got hired on as the Informatics Resource Nurse for my facility. While this is a new position and not well defined, at least some of the responsibilities have been outlined. Essentially, I will be serving as the voice of my super users to the system wide clinical analysts, implementing change requests, shadow charting, etc. It is a little scary as the position is brand new (our system is in a period of transition to an EHR, with only some of our 15 odd hospitals being completely live with the system). We currently have the first section of our EHR rolled out (basically only an EMAR with no barcode scanning), it has prepared our clinical leaders for the later roll out phases. It is a little scary for me, but I am very excited about being selected for the position. I will still be working as a clinical nurse for half of time, and the other half of the time, I will be working in the IRN role. I am sure that I will be frequenting this board quite often :)
  3. joshuaha

    UTA Academic Partnership with Baylor Hospital System

    Has anyone gotten accepted into the AP MSN program? I just did, and I am curious about what to expect.....
  4. So, I really feel that I have developed a clear vision for how I want my nursing career to progress. I am starting graduate school in July (MSN in nursing admin and education) and I know that informatics is where I want to end up. Technology and I have always gotten along well, and I am frequently the person that others come to when they have a computer or technology question. My facility is in the process of implementing an EHR. I have brought it to my managers attention that I desperatly want to be a part of as much of the process as possible. To begin with, I have already gotten approval to work as a super user for the system implementation. In addition my manager has already personally asked me to participate in an educational class related to the system. I am also attending work flow meetings on a regular basis. To all you informatics proffesionals, does this sound like a good start to "getting my foot in the door" with informatics? Are there any extra suggestions that you may have to improve my worth or marketability?
  5. joshuaha

    How to calculate body burn percentage?

    Google the Parkland-Baxter formula,
  6. joshuaha

    Restorative Dining

    I once worked with a little old lady that was known for her inclination to "speak her mind." We were finishing up a meal one day and one of my co-workers began to shuttle the little old lady out of the room. My coworker stated, "Okay time to get to bed." As the resident passed me she smiled and pointed at me and said, " I'd like to go to bed with him!" Needless to say my 20 year old face was quite red.
  7. joshuaha


    Good luck!
  8. joshuaha

    Parkland (Dallas, TX)

    The other level one trauma in DFW is Baylor University Medical Center. I have been with baylor for four years and they are an excellent system to work for!
  9. joshuaha

    Working/Going to School

    I worked full time all through school. Granted, I had no life to speak of, but hey, I did it!
  10. joshuaha


    Yeah! Congrats and welcome to the club! Before you know it you will be almost a year out like me
  11. joshuaha


    I had watson for Psych. She is freaking awesome and hilarious! She has clinicals at Richardson Regional and is waaaay easy going. You are lucky ! The others I have never heard of. Of course it has been almost a year since I graduated. Good luck :)
  12. joshuaha

    Is the pay really that bad??

    I make that amount, and I am pretty darn comfortable!
  13. joshuaha


    I just want to say good luck to everyone taking the HESI exam! I know you will alll do great. You have worked hard to get to this point!
  14. joshuaha


    Yeah congrats! I am so happy for you guys! I so wish I could be there, but I have to work that night Now for you all, the real learning begins :)
  15. joshuaha

    How far does everyone commute to work?

    40 miles round trip for me. I also take the bus a couple of days a week, so that helps.
  16. I believe that one of the many ways that God heals people is through the expertise of minds that he has gifted with the knowledge and experience to carry out His will (whether they acknowledge it or not). This is not to say that I don't believe in remarkable instances of God healing people w/o modern medicine (or along side it) because I don't limit Him that way. However, it is foolish to believe that God would not want to utilize those people that have a heart to help those who are ill in the healing process. Just my two cents