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  1. Hi All! I don't know if anyone is interested but the Kansas Emergency Nurses Association is sponsoring a TCRN Review class on Nov 11 and 12 at Stormont Vail in Topeka, KS. It will be taught by Jeff Solheim (President of Solheim Enterprises and the past president of National ENA). Class is $150 for ENA members, $250 for non-members. Everyone who has taken his courses seem to love them and say they are very valuable. Registration is available on Eventbrite (search TCRN); or if you prefer to print and mail in registration the form is available on the website at https://connect.ena.org/ks/home - you just have to click on the 'upcoming events' to find the actual registration form.
  2. Hello all! I am working on my Master's Degree and we are working on a project regarding the Institute of Medicines Future of Nursing Report, specifically in regards to nursing education. I am wondering if anyone knows of any studies or anything scientifically specific that shows advantages / disadvantages of having BSN or further education. I know many people feel very strongly about the ADN vs BSN argument and do not really want to go there. I am just looking for specific studies (such as Linda Aikens study on Surgical Patients) that show if there is a correlation in outcomes in regards to the nurses education. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  3. widi96

    Differences of Scope of Nursing Between States

    I'm not sure of many differences regarding those in the RN role, I know between KS and MO there are major differences in what APN's can do. They have much more freedom in their practice in KS. That's kind of what I'm looking for, but more so the differences of what RN's can do in certain states and can't do in others. It can be for APN's too, I'm just more interested in the RN role. The reason is - Recommendation #2 from the IOM is in regards to nursing practicing to the fullest extent of their education and, as in the case of the APN in KS and MO, KS seems to feel they are more capable than MO does.
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm working on my Master's Degree and we are doing a project on the IOM Recommendations. One thing my group is trying to look into is the major differences between the scope of nursing in different states. Ex. One article was talking about a BSN being the lowest education for an RN in South Dakota. I have tried to search for differences but keep ending up with differences between LPN and RN's. I need specifics on differences from State to State. This is just a small portion of our project that I would like to include. If anyone is aware of differences it would be greatly appreciated. I am just looking for starting points that I can look into. Our thoughts is showing the differences between the states and what the advantages / disadvantages might be to having a national set of Scope and Standards. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  5. Yes, a physician's office probably could've dealt with it and would've saved you some money, but since it was something that required stitches (which has to be done within a certain amount of time of injury) an ER visit is not out of the question. It's the people that come in for a scratch that most of us wouldn't put a bandaid on that frustrates us.