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I'm starting nursing school in a few weeks, and our school requires us to wear white scrubs. I tried a pair from scrubs-r-us.com, and they are so see-through I can see my tanlines! Does anyone know a website to order good quality, thick scrubs?

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Try lydiasuniforms.com Most are patterned and colored but they should have some white ones.


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I like greenscrubs.com. I haven't tried the whites but the material on the colored scubs is very nice. They also have a very helpful size guide.


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I have always found the Landau and Crest as well as the Apples for Life scrubs to be well made. Look up these or other brand names on a "search." Why on line particularly? I usually like to try on things.

One clue is to get some regular old maid/confirmed bachelor underwear for wearing under white. And by ALL MEANS don't wear your flowered drawers under white. Dark skinned individuals may find that wearing black undies show less than wearing white "fruit of the looms."


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try a2z uniform...price is not too bad ,,,plus the shipping and handling is only $5.95 no matter how much you order...:)

also try to get the 65/35 polyester /cotton from Angelica

for me they are nice quality....


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Try Hice sewing, the gals where I used to work get them they are inexpensive and great quality.

And P_RN- that is too funny- all my drawers are white just so I DON"T make that mistake!!!!!!!!!!:D


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I like allheart.com. I have ordered pants from them and been very pleased. They carry White Swan, Cherokee and Landau. They also carry other nursing suppplies too, at good prices.

Hey, the number one best kind of scrubs are S.C.R.U.B.S!

They are 100% cotton; I am from AZ and polyester is a bad thing for the summer. They last forever, and don't fade. Check them out at http://www.smartscrubs.com. They also have a bunch of other brands to choose from.

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Before you buy any scrubs, make sure that your school doesn't require a specific brand name.

I give you this advice from personal experience and now how frustrating it was for me to spend $40 on scrubs to be told that i got the wrong kind and couldn't wear them.

Luckily, I had not removed the tags yet and was able to return them.

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In my experience I would advise against ordering from allheart.com. It has taken almost a month to get my order,(which is supposedly being shipped) and any response to repeated requests for information was in the form of an email that stated "your order is being researched". I had to track down the company phone number myself(they ignored that request also) and find THE person that would be handling that sort of order and pry the information out of her.

If you do decide to order from them, I have the number. You won't find a listing(small wonder).



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I personally like Tafford.com They are a little expensive, but they hold up to the many washes nice.


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uniformcity.com is good because the have all of the major types like tafford, soft scrubs, crest and the are all on one web site, plus it only takes a few days.

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