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  1. NurseTami

    Information in different areas

    I too wanted to do OB. many hospitals in my area do ccouplet care. Well, no one was hiring new grads to ob when I graduated in May, even though I was an LPN for 12 years, I only had long term care experience. So I took that full time possition on Med surg, and sure enough an opening came along and the job is mine!!!! So don't be afraid to go to work somewhere and wait for an opening. It worked for me!
  2. Ours were: 93-100 A 86-92 B 80-85 C There were a number of people that failed with a 79.99. They were very strict with this and it was made very clear that it is written in stone. It has been that way at that college for decades. On the other hand, no one has failed boards from my class, the class of 2001. The LPN program is the same and my entire class of 1990 passed baords as well.
  3. NurseTami


    Dresses??? Not in this lifetime- Don't tell anyone but my chubby thighs tend to rub together and it feels quite awful after more than 5 or so hours.
  4. NurseTami

    Importing Foreign-trained nurses

    Just a humble opinion...... I have worked with two different groups of immigrants- brought here soley for the purpose of relieving a currrent shortage. The older group is Indian, the younger Filipino. Now, the group I worked with in the Nursing Home setting were very unimpressive and lacked basic knowledge, but they were brought here to be put on a pedestal as a trophy sort of thing- you know," Our Nursing home has round the clock BSNs". They were not expected to work the same as everyone else, and lived up to the expectations set before them. The two above named groups in the hospital setting are impressive, I have learned a lot from them and they do not talk only to each other, or just in their own language. They are always willing to help, AND, they expect the same conditions as the rest of us American nurses. They have assimilated well.
  5. NurseTami

    Why is education not valued within our profession?

    Thank you Nrs4kids- see, I too believe experience counts for something You said it more eloquently than I - I am an ADN and if a BSN is doing the same job as me, should they be paid more? At the school of nursing I attended, the LPN program was 3-4 semesters, the RN at leat 6, the RN completion for LPNs is 3 not including the pre-reqs. I went to a Community college, the Universities around here differ, but I can get my BSN in 4-6 semesters if I go full time like I did before.( And it ISN'T happening!) I went back to futher my education for personal goals, not for $. It almost seems like this thread is just pulling us apart. I do believe that education is valued, but it seems that it is valued if it is used as a tool to move up on the ladder. A nurse who recieves a higher degree is almost expected to move up-from what I have seen. What have the rest of you seen at your places of employment?
  6. NurseTami

    Why is education not valued within our profession?

    i feel that most places of employment do value education- most are willing to reimburse-aren't they? i am 35 therefore i have life experience that doesn't come from a text. i also practiced nursing as an lpn for 10 years, then recieved my adn. i will go do the bsn thing, i need a break first. i have known nurses with advanced degrees who do not know up from down. so, imho, an advanced degree doesn't mean any more than "a pisshole in the snow" if the person who wears it lacks the common sense and basic nursing skills to show it. however, i hope that i never become so enmeshed in my own education or knowledge that i forget that others may have the same without a degree to prove it.
  7. NurseTami

    Nurse Pay

    I didn't add that we get 1.00 more an hour to do Charge, and we rotate the responsibility on night shift. I usually get three a pay. Starting here is 19.60 an hour with increase to the next level of pay for every 5 years experience as an LPN, so I make the same as an RN with 2 years experience. The shift diff is 8% with an extra 5 % for weekends.
  8. NurseTami

    injection technique

    I have always gotten compliments on my IMs from my patients, they say my injections are either less painful or that I have a light hand. Basically I hold my syringe like a dart and say one, two, three! and quickly jab. no science, sorry! Just 10 years of experience!
  9. NurseTami

    Flu shots

    Every year we seem to have a shortage, and it always seems like the highest risk population never gets their shot. I have never had the vaccination but as a former Infection Control nurse at a larger ECF, have given many! I NEVER had a reaction beyond a sore arm, and maybe an elevated temp or two. The Pneumonia Vaccination is one that needs to be repeated q 5 years.
  10. NurseTami

    Nurse Pay

    Where I work an RN is an RN and no pay difference UNLESS a BSN is hired to a management position, which is more likey to happen than for the ADN nurse. IMHO, and speaking from experience, management jobs are over rated, and just not worth the trouble!
  11. NurseTami

    Needleless intravenous device and iv therapy.

    Last night I had to give .96 ml of solumedrol. I dreew it up intoo a tuberculin/1cc syringe, only to find the needles on our new ones do not disconnect! SO! I got a 3cc syringe, disconnected the needle and squirted the med up into the 3cc syringe- TADA! Solumedrol, measured and ready to push! Now- if any of you more experienced nurses read this and say you shouldn't do that, please let me knoow- it was the only solution I could think of but I am open to suggestion!
  12. NurseTami

    What Is This??

    DO I believe it??? Oh yes, when i worked as a CENA and then as an LPN, I saw it firsthand, many ignorant times. In the Hospital, where I have been since earning the R in front of my N, this hasn't happened that I have seen. If the nurse goes in to dress a coccyx and the patient is soiled, she merely changes the brief as part of the process. We do not have time to waste on finding someone to do a job we can do ourselves.
  13. NurseTami

    Nursing Superstitions!

    Q is definately a NO-NO!!!!! A funny aside- the other night when I was working I happened to remark that at least we didn't have a code white going on- that is a secrity code. Sure enough within ten minutes an old guy came up the back stairs screaming for us to call the police, pulling his NG and swinging his foley bag at all of us. I was told to keep quiet from then on about any kind of code!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. NurseTami

    Do you care?

    Well, when I worked in the Nursing Home and a patient could or would not swallow whole meds that were enteric coated, i simply called pharmacy to ask, then Dr. to order a suitable substitute.I then took the opportunity to educate the nurse who had been crushing same med.
  15. NurseTami

    i need your opinion

    The five worst words- Maybe it will go away...... Osteomyelitis is usually tx with IV antibiotics- sometimes on an outpatient basis, depends on the case. Usually requires PICC line- an IV that lasts longer than a peripheral line, it is inserted in the forearm and threads up through the vein going into the heart. Chill out until you know what it is, it could be nothing serious, while your mind is churning out horrible scenarios!
  16. NurseTami

    What color was your student uniform?

    LPN : Yes, the horrid blue-pin striped pinafore- it buttoned on the side; over white uniform of our choice. RN: navy crub pants, white polo, navy warm up jacket, with the school patch on the sleeve. Lucky us, previous ADN students wore a blazer type affair that looked to be very warm and uncomfortable!