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    west texas anyone?

    West Texas is huge, I am in Lubbock...where are you?

    TCU nursing students/ alumni

    I graduated in 1996.

    Press Gainey in the ER

    Doesn't it seem odd that we all get the low scores? We had one month where we were in the 95 percentile, the following 2 months we were in the 20th, this month we are at the 80% and we have done nothing different!!!!! It is all a crock! My guess is that the patients that returned the negative responses were mad that the nurses were "eating and laughing at the nurses station, while I had to wait 6 hours to be seen", were the patients that were in the ER when administration bought lunch to celebrate the 95% placing.

    Morning Sickness

    What about the bands that you wear around your wrist that trigger an accupressure point. I think they are called "sea-bands".

    Do you have to pay for parking?

    After moving from Seattle, I consider Lubbock Texas as a rural area. I see cotton fields across the street, and it is $4 to park!

    Press Gainey in the ER

    I do not like it and I have not met anybody who does! I would get on my soapbox but I am on my way to BUNKO! Down with Press-Gainey!

    Do you have to pay for parking?

    In an effort to raise funds for the hospital, they have recently begun charging to park in the parking garage. What was a free "perk" now costs $4/day. They have taken away the "employee only" lots and they allow visitors and patients to park anywhere. Needless to say we all want the free spots. I work 11a-11p and there are never free spots available that are "safe" to walk to after my shift, and it frustrates me to pay $4 to come to work. We have had several town hall meetings on this subject and the parking fees are staying, in fact we were told we were "lucky" to only have to pay $4 dollars since in the"big cities" it costs $10 to park. Ugh.... The real kicker is that the parking garages were donated by a family that wanted to give back to the nurses who cared for their mom! Nobody had heard their thoughts on the parking fees. Just venting....and curious.....who has to pay to come to work?

    Future nurse, single mom

    And you will have Call with the cath lab. You will find your niche...Good luck!

    Where are you???

    ATownsendRN, We opened our new ER on Nov6 and our census doubled on Nov 6th. No extra staff either. It was a nightmare, I will be thinking of you. JJ
  10. JJFROG


    A TSytem is a "chief complaint" charting system for the emergency department. I wish we had it here but we are stuck with the narrative charting. YUK! Very time consuming. Also I think the t-system helps to assure that all your I's are dotted and T's are crossed in your charting.
  11. JJFROG

    What do these people do?

    Nene.....I want to work in your ER!!!
  12. JJFROG

    Songs that you can relate to nursing.

    "She's got da Funk"..............it is always in my mind when I am assigned the "pelvic room". Bleckhhhh!
  13. JJFROG

    Military Nursing ????

    I had a great time in the Army. Any particular reason you are only leaning between AF an Navy?
  14. JJFROG

    vistaril IV

    Unless there have been recent changes in available routes, Vistaril is only given IM, or PO.
  15. JJFROG

    Help Needed (urgent)

    Get off the internet and get your paperwork done!!!!! Simple time management!
  16. JJFROG

    UT Arlington?

    Go to TCU! I graduated in 96 and felt very prepared and clinicals are guaranteed. While I was in college several people transferred to TCU just to get clinicals! However that is the only draw back I have heard about UTA. I don;t think that being a male will get you special consideration, but I think GPA and motivation will. TCU is expensive, but worth every penny! GO FROGS!