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  1. LisaL

    What hours do you work?

    Of course I know that nursing is a 27/7 job, which is why I asked the question! I don't mind working some weekends - I just don't want to work every weekend. And I would LOVE to work holidays (anything to get me out of going to my in-law's house)! For people that work nights: What do you do on your nights off? Try to keep the same schedule? I worked at night for a few years, but I tried to keep normal hours on my days off so I could see my friends more. Switching back and forth like that was really hard and I never got enough sleep. PhantomRN: I couldn't find the thread you mentioned, and I looked back 9 pages. Any idea what it was titled? Thank again, Lisa
  2. LisaL

    What hours do you work?

    How difficult is it to find a position with daytime weekday hours? Thank you, Lisa
  3. LisaL

    Where to buy scrubs online?

    Hello, I'm starting nursing school in a few weeks, and our school requires us to wear white scrubs. I tried a pair from scrubs-r-us.com, and they are so see-through I can see my tanlines! Does anyone know a website to order good quality, thick scrubs? Thank you, Lisa