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want to be a RN someday

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  1. 01Jetta

    Where to buy scrubs online?

    Try lydiasuniforms.com Most are patterned and colored but they should have some white ones.
  2. 01Jetta

    reality check

    Hello everyone, I know a woman that's going to school for nursing and and I asked her if she was going to work in a LTC to gain a little experience and her reply was "I'm going to be an RN and they don't have to wipe butts." Does she need a reality check? Don't ALL nurses have to do some crappy work (pardon the pun) at some point in their career? Opinions would be greatly appreciated.:)
  3. 01Jetta

    Hey, agency nurses! Help!

    OK, maybe I was a little harsh for saying you're nuts, but I would KILL to have weekends AND holidays off. I'm a wannabe nurse (starting school in the spring) and at my current dead end job, I get zero benefits, weekends or holidays off. You're very lucky to be in the position you're in, however if you're looking to make more money I hear that agency is definitely the way to go, since one of my neighbors is an agency nurse. Good luck!
  4. 01Jetta

    Becoming a midwife

    Hi, I'm not even a nurse yet, but if I use my brain I'd like to become a midwife someday too. I don't know what the schooling system is like in Australia, but here you must first get a BSN degree in nursing which is four years, then I'd probably recommend working in Labor & Delivery so you have some experience with the whole baby thing and THEN you have to get a Master's Degree but I'm not sure how long that takes. Hope I answered your question.:)
  5. 01Jetta

    Agency nurses are your friends!!!

    Carole, You're a trip!! You sound like me. I don't have much of a tolerance for idiotic people who make dumb assumptions either.
  6. 01Jetta

    Attention Pennsylvania Nurses

    Hey! I'm a Navy vet!
  7. 01Jetta

    Attention Pennsylvania Nurses

    can someone let me know what it was about? I'll be sleeping too since I also work nights. I live in York, PA which is about a four hour drive from Pitt. I'm not a nurse (yet). Just now applying to college at age 22. LOTS of articles in the papers about the shortage. Anyway, let me know what's going on if at all possible. Thanks!
  8. 01Jetta

    Anyone ever had a kidney stone?? Yowzer!

    My best friend passed stones a few months ago. Said it was the worst pain of his life and he was heaving all the way to the hospital. Worst part was they stuck a catheter up his d***, no drugs or pain killers NOTHING. Stuff wasn't made to go up there. EW! He hopes never to have them again, but sees a urologist every six months.
  9. 01Jetta

    CNA's past and present

    Hi everyone! I'm totally new to this. I'm sick of my dead end job at the post office. One of my neighbors is a CNA at a long-term care facility and makes great money. I was just wondering if any of you recommended that I become a CNA before actually going to school (or while going to school) for my BSN in order to gain a little bit of experience. I plan to move accross country within the next year and getting my foot in the door soon would help me get a job out there (San Diego). Just wondering if any of you could give me a little bit of advice:confused: Thanks!