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  1. nurseleigh

    are "fake nails" okay for nurses?

    Bottom line is. . . it doesn't matter what you, me, or anyone else thinks on the issue. If your place of employment has a policy against them, then you can't wear them. It's that simple. Traci
  2. nurseleigh

    "Thats not my patient"

    I am in the minority here. . . Although I don't necessarily use that phrase, if the aide comes to me and says room 24 wants ________ and it is not my patient, I will tell them that they need to find the nurse in charge of that pt's care. Usually they just read the board wrong or someone told them wrong and they thought they WERE going to the nurse in charge of that pt. IF im not busy doing other things for my patients, and IF the nurse that is needed is truely busy I will check the pt in question. But I won't leave my own patients needing something from me to see to someone elses unless it is an emergency. The same goes for the aides. I have no problem helping them out and am not above empying a bedpan now and then. But if the aide is just standing around gossiping, I'm not doing her job for her. I'll tell her it needs done and go about my job. Leigh
  3. nurseleigh

    Be a part of my research paper!?!?!

    I will help too. I just graduated in December and started working as a nurse in January (after passing NCLEX) PM me anytime Leigh
  4. nurseleigh


    When I took mine I was told failure is not an option. We stay here until you pass, period. The class was scheduled for 8 hours but we were all done in 6. Leigh
  5. nurseleigh

    Weird pt complaints

    Oh yeah, she is only 45 Leigh
  6. nurseleigh

    Weird pt complaints

    Had a pt that was told by the doc she had emphysema and COPD. Right after getting report I am told that she wants to speak to her nurse. I go in and her and her son are sitting there. They tell me what the doc told them and have some questions. First the son asks me if I will tell his mother that if she doesn't quit smoking, she will be dead within 5 years. Uhhhh, no. I cannot make that statement. Next she asks when she will be able to go downstairs to smoke. I tell her that is up to the doctor and when he comes in tomorrow morning to ask him. Then she asks. . . will I have this COPD for the rest of my life? I am pretty sure that the cigarettes aren't going to make it "go away." I have also had the ones that want to be woke up at midnight to get their sleeping pill. Leigh
  7. nurseleigh

    The FINAL scope thread

    I am soooooo disappointed I have always wanted to get an Ultrascope. Now you go and tell me that it is horrible. I hope your happy, you single-handedly crushed all my hopes and dreams. Leigh Seriously though, I did always want an Ultrascope, they look so cool and had heard a few good reviews about them.
  8. nurseleigh

    SARS in Toronto!

    So. . . how do they make the diagnosis between pneumonia and SARS? Has anyone really said how long someone is infected with SARS before they are usually diagnosed? Leigh
  9. nurseleigh

    SARS in Toronto!

    Ohhh I see. . . Somebody giving THEIR opinion to a fellow nurse to stay home based on medical condition is bad. . . Calling others irresponsible because of that advise based on YOUR opinion is somehow supportive. That makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing it up. It is still MY opinion that if another nurse feels the need to stay home due to this disease, that is her/his choice to make and I am no better than her/him becuase I go to work. Leigh
  10. nurseleigh

    SARS in Toronto!

    I think a few people namely passing thru RNonsense BadBird NurseGirlKaren FullMoonMadness oramar deserve a heartfelt apology from you. Nobody said that Wendy should stay home because she is a nurse, only because of her medical condition!!! Maybe you should go back and actually READ the entire post before giving us your commentary. Don't you think it a little harsh to call these people "irresponsible" just for caring about another person? We are all a little scared of this, if you aren't then more power to ya. JEEZ. . . Wendy and all others that are dealing with this personally, take very good care of yourselves. Leigh
  11. nurseleigh

    Should teachers be CPR certified?

    Panda, in a since I agree with you. It is reasonable to have a specific amount of CPR certified people always in the building. On the whole, the chances of a child needing CPR are small. However, I don't feel it is unreasonable to expect that my childs teacher is capable of responding in a crisis situation and not having to run all over the school to find someone that can. IF, and a big if there, something were to happen, the few minutes that it takes the other person to respond could make a big difference. When I interviewed people for the responsibility of watching over my children while I was at work, one of the first questions I asked was if they were certified. Why should I expect less of the teachers that spend all day with my kids than I do of the woman that spends approximately 6-8 hours a week with them? Leigh
  12. nurseleigh

    Should teachers be CPR certified?

    If it makes you feel better, I meant that comment for anyone who might think I was trying to imply that teachers do nothing but sit around eating bon-bons during the summer. Leigh
  13. nurseleigh

    Should teachers be CPR certified?

    I thought they were too. IT is sad that they aren't, but I don't necesarily blame the teachers themselves for it. I think I am going to have to talk to my daughters principal real soon to see how many staff members are CPR certified. As with some of the others here, the school nurse travels to three different schools with about 5-10 miles between them. If something were to happen at the elementary school while she is out at the high school, she wouldn't even know about it til she got back. She does go to every school every day though. Also, for this quote: I seem to recall that school gets out for the year mid-may and doesn't go back till late-august. Now before you get all irate, I know that many teachers do summer school and other such things during the summer, but it seems to me that there is plenty of time in that 3 month period that they could take a few hours to become CPR certified. So I don't see where doing it on their own time is an issue. I dont get why any state says to Licensed day care providers that they have to and then say teachers don't. Leigh
  14. nurseleigh

    Do Dr.'s Offices Hire New Grads?

    It all really depends on the doctor. Some want experience, and some don't mind a fresh graduate. I would just put applications in everywhere and state that you want a day position and see what happens. Good luck Leigh
  15. nurseleigh

    Medical assistant?????

    Wow, talk about a thorough reply!!!!! Thanks so much for that wealth of knowledge. It amazes me the wide variety of learn at home programs. Leigh
  16. nurseleigh

    Songs that you can relate to nursing.

    Nursing home blues by D.R.I. Leigh