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  1. Learning thread (ER medicine)

    By ERslave I suppose if you could somehow get one arm extended you could just measure to the manubrium and multiply by 2, but that's not likely without a block and tackle on a contracted ,how do you do it?
  2. The question is not what leadership did President Bush exhibit before he was, legaly and at the request of the dems elected. The Republicans didn't force it before the Supreme Court. The question is what has Senator Kerry done that would make you th...
  3. WJFoo, Besides some ribbon cutting most of the sponsored bills that I saw got referred to some comittee. That means that they didn't have enough support and/or were not planned well enough to be considered. It was good that you showed that he did mo...
  4. Learning thread (ER medicine)

    By ERslave Why not just measure from the feet to the head? Like a big fish :chuckle That way you could stay on the same side of the pt.
  5. By Myself Well, did anyone watch the speech. Was it really an hour? Did he mention nurses?
  6. Learning thread (ER medicine)

    By Nightengale This is to maintain the airway. The head is disproportionate,true, but the airway will be occluded if you don't put something under the shoulders and that is the reason for the precaution.
  7. Gee, how do you suppose he found time to actualy participate in any of that. I mean, he did miss a majority of his duties in Congress and he's been on the campaigne trail since ,what, last year? Why would he devote any real time to it when his dutie...
  8. Obesity in the hospital

    Hasn't Medicaid just listed obesity as a disease and therefore tx for it will be reimbursed? I'm going to EMT-B school in the fall. I know from lurking on some boards for EMS that the abuse of the system is rampant. One story just happened to be ab...
  9. Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    BTW, If you are capable of rendering medical intervention, then stop and assist. In other words, if you paid attention in CPR and know how to do it correctly then you are likely the most qualified person on the scene even without any other medical tr...
  10. Husband won't see Dr...Should he?

    A man cannot be forced. A man must decide that it's the right thing to do. This man's decisions are clearly tied to work ethic and he works in an occupation dominated by men's rules of survival. Get his mother?? That might work for Norman Bates b...
  11. Husband won't see Dr...Should he?

    Simple..................tell him he has to go to the doc so an obviouse impending (emergent) medical disability won't interfere with his ability to earn a paycheck. His motivation is not in his feelings but in his perception. If he sees himself as ...
  12. Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    By TeeitupTom OR................You could play it as it lies. I think there is an exception and you would be wise not to incur a penalty stroke by moving the victim out of your line to the hole hastily. In my oppinion the body is a loose impedime...
  13. Any hearing-impaired nurses out there? Need advice.

    I have hearing loss in the higher ranges. I broke down and went into see an audiologist when I realized that the tinnitus that had developed was keeping me from doing BPs properly or taking complete HXs from missing little things. The audiologist p...
  14. "I don't know who to vote for?"

    I've lived in America all of my life. I have never been without healthcare coverage or a job for more than a month. For most government assistance I made too much money, even working in a fast food joint or I was the wrong race. I've enjoyed some...
  15. Question from a Respiratory Therapist

    Farkinott, Why do you think I'm bitter about it? As far as I'm concerned, it's a great relief to not have to think that there's something wrong with me because I don't fully embrace the nursing model. I have a clear understanding of what those in the...