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ER nurse, currently working in Master's degree.

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  1. Kad42

    Where to buy scrubs online?

    uniformcity.com is good because the have all of the major types like tafford, soft scrubs, crest and the are all on one web site, plus it only takes a few days.
  2. Kad42

    24/40 question

    We too have what we refer to as weekend help. They make a substantially higher pay rate, however they do not receive any benefits and they do not work Holidays unless it happens to fall on a weekend.
  3. Kad42

    How much do you make?

    RN 2yrs Emergency room staff nurse 20.53/hour
  4. Kad42

    Associate vs Bachelor's Degrees

    I started off in an AD program, then went into an RN track program for my BSN and now I am working on my Master's. Once I was finished with my AD program I did not have the confidence to immediatly start working in a hospital setting...hence the reason for continuing my education. I am a strong advocate for the BSN programs, not only does it allow you for more potential growth in your career, it also in the long run may improve the reputation as RN's. I also now that in the area I am from the AD programs are diminishing quickly and mostly all of the schools are going to BSN programs. Good Luck!!!