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  1. preciousnurse

    Anyone with Masters Degree

    I recommend getting it if you pan to do something other than bedside nursing, because I have a BSN and continued bed side nursing and did nit get any greater reward, recognition of benefit. The only thing that i do not have to worry about is if they ever decide to make nursing strictly a 4-year profession.
  2. preciousnurse

    are you on anti-depressants?

    I believe that antidepressants are a way of life for most nurses. Face it, we have tough jobs. I believe that all nurses should be on them and i also believe that it should be taught in school more about how to deal with people, not patients, but more often than not how to deal with family members. Anger managment has become a true issue with me because I am not the most patient person in the world.
  3. preciousnurse

    Thinking of changing my mind......

    Nursing is true hard work so if you are questioning yourself you better think twice about it. Now is the time to do that. do not wait until you are older and have no other career options. I have had the same issue latley, but you must realize that every profession has its share of good and bad points. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. b
  4. We do our fair share of our job and everyone elses also. We take care of anywhere between 3-6 patients on day shift. MED- SURG nurses are nortorius for taking on a whole slue of responsibilites, especially if they have an aide that does not like to help, or the patient has numerous procedures that go on throughout the day. It sometimes feels like my day consists of nothing but procedure oriented busy work. I wish that there was more time one to one with the patients, but it is the reality of it and i do not think that it could be changed due to increase responsibility, increase patient load and decrease staffing. It is the reality of a TRUE Medical-surgical nurse!!!
  5. preciousnurse

    Shoes ? ? ? ? ?

    I am a total New Balance fan, best shoe for arch support and protection from the possibility of the 12 hour aching feet syndrome!
  6. preciousnurse

    Those lovely belegerant patients who are A/O . . HELP!!!

    I have had a similiar situation happen to me and I finally asked the family member, " why are you being so mean to me, I am just trying to help" This usually will work because it puts them on the spot and addresses the issue up front.
  7. preciousnurse

    Easter Candy

    You are defintely right about that one!!!!
  8. preciousnurse

    Anyone with effective HA remedies?

    Have you ever considered your diet and the types of foods that you eat. My advice is to start a bland diet and then gradually add the foods that you eat on a regular basis and see what happens? Another question that I have is are they related to the time of your monthly cycle? My mother was suffering from really bad headaches and she had to take her birth control pills backwards in the package I guess because of the hormones. Just some thoughts. I really hope you feel better!!
  9. preciousnurse

    Ever gone back for your BSN? Questions!

    Mine was also a RN-BSN program. It is really different than getting your ADN, there is much more theory involved and not much memorizing terms and values. It is a lot of term papers and presentations. I throughly enjoyed getting my BSN and I think that you would too, especially since you have already been a nurse. The RN-BSN seems so much easier than going straight 4 year because you have experience under your belt. Just remember that and let me know what you decide. Much success!!!
  10. preciousnurse

    charge nurse duties?

    Our job as charge nurse from 7a-7p consists of signing off doctor's orders and putting the orders into the computer. We usually do not take any patients however float between and help the other nurses on the floor. We are a resource for others. We round with doctors, if requested as some like to round on their own. We chart VS, do Accu-checks in the morning, run heart monitor strips and do mainly paperwork throughout the day. It does not sound like much, but between answering phones and callbells, dealing with family members and doctors and all the unexpected in between, it can actually be a lot.
  11. preciousnurse

    Does anybody...

    I am 25 years old, weigh 175 and would come home with 2+ pitting edema of the pretibial area. Support hose are a blessing!!!!!!!
  12. preciousnurse

    Termination of employment

    In my state I believe the policy just changed and that if a patient is already a DNR the nurse can pronounce the patient and the time of death.
  13. preciousnurse

    Admission paperwork

    Where do the patients go after they leave the ER? DUH, we are busy too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. preciousnurse

    mixing up medications????

    I agree with indynurse, I would not expect someone to give a medication that I had mixed without them being there, and vise versa.
  15. preciousnurse

    Assigning patients to rooms on Med/Surg Floor?

    Mito, It is a hard chore sometimes when it comes to room assignment especially for us because our rooms are not private. Like deepoohbear says, keep infectious patients together, etc. We have some private rooms (4 to be exact) and this is bad because it the fartherest from the nurses station and is where we put our MRSA Isolation patients, who 9 times out of 10 are from a nursing home and confused. Sometimes it is hard to make an assigment especially is you are already filled up with patients and then people are moved to accomendate.
  16. preciousnurse


    I have a Littmann Cardiology III. This is a really good stethoscope. My advice to you is to order it from a nursing uniform catalog vs buying it in a store. It will be about 20.00 cheaper on the wallet :)