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  1. I'm not sure if I posted this before, but my husband went to school with a boy named Peter Eder (rhymes with eater).
  2. Cindy_A

    things said wrong that drive you crazy

    "prostrate" for prostate, "Altheimers" or "Oldtimers" for Alzheimers
  3. Cindy_A

    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    Once had a LOL who would curse and swear at her husband, who was deceased. One day she was swearing at him and I reminded her that her husband was in heaven, she them replied "Well, he won't be there long!"
  4. Just wondering how everyone has done who has quit their job to become a CNA. How do you like your job? Was it worth quitting your old one? I hope everyone is happy with their decision.
  5. My husband went to school with a boy named Peter, which is not a bad name. The problem was that his last name was Eder, pronounced "eater." I guess the parents didn't put the names together.
  6. Cindy_A

    What do patients say that irks you?

    I believe I read this on this forum, but I can't remember which thread. The FOB made the same request of the female OB/GYN who was stitching up the mother. The OB replied "Sure thing, pencildick!":yeah:
  7. How'd they know it was dried menstrual blood? Were there sanitary napkins or tampons too? Yummy! I'm enjoying my lunch!
  8. Cindy_A

    Strange things found on (or in) a pt.

    I'm sure she didn't believe their story for a minute. I detected a note of scarcasm myself. That was the story they were told, and she was just relaying that way.
  9. "as i was bending down to get the bed pan the man kicked me in the butt and i went face first into the bedpan." Did he kick you on purpose?!?!?
  10. What??????
  11. Cindy_A

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    Congratulations! You are such a wondrful person and your daughter is lucky to have you. I hope she continues to do well, which I'm sure she will. God bless you both.
  12. 8;1 ratio? That's GREAT!!! Your are lucky!
  13. Check out the board, a lot of people are in your shoes. The "nursing shortage" isn't as bad as they let on.
  14. I have to third that opinion about quitting your job. Quite a few of you sound like you have no idea what a CNA does. When I took my CNA class, 16 people started only 2 finished. You will be cleaning up a LOT of poop and pee! It's not all singing and playing games, and it is very physically demanding.
  15. OMG!!!! That is gross, but FUNNY!!!:chuckle
  16. No one has posted here for a while. Does anyone have any more to add?