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I can't imagine being able to do this job (floor nursing) until regular retirement age. At what age do you plan on retiring? Will you do some other type of work after nursing? If you had some other career, do you think you would stay active in it for a longer period of time than nursing?


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Originally posted by plumrn

I can't imagine being able to do this job (floor nursing) until regular retirement age. At what age do you plan on retiring? Will you do some other type of work after nursing? If you had some other career, do you think you would stay active in it for a longer period of time than nursing?

I've been nursing in long term care, in Canada for the past 21 years. I'm positive that I won't be doing this for another 20 years.

I plan to leave where I am now within the next year... and hopefully move to nursing in a retirement home for maybe another 7 years, then leave nursing altogether.

I simply will NOT deal with this stress any longer.




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While I am in school at this point (I'll be 47 when I graduate), my long term plans include:

1. Working in the field while obtaining my master's degree (this will probably take about 3 years part time).

2. Get a teaching job in the nursing department at the university where I am attending after getting my master's degree.

3. Get my doctorate while I am teaching and then retire from the teaching profession when it is time.


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I picture myself hobbleing along with my walker with a tray attached in front with my patients meds. All my co-workers know how I feel about being a DNR so I fully expect to die in my scrubs! That may be unrealistic but I really can see myself doing anything besides E.R.. Of course if I win the lottery I'll go to registry so I can choose my own hours


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I would hope to retire around the age of ~50. That's still very young--and at that time I will have 29 years of nursing under by belt! :eek: :eek: :eek:


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mmmmmmm retirrrre--i've thought about it--28yrs in OR-RR--this last contract in jly will keep me going--with the nurse shortage,we're getting some nice increases--when i took 23.78 and it turns into 28.32 jly002,i want to hang in there and see what this overtime will pay--i did go to Orlando and get my cert.in legal nursing--forensics and anything else investigative--i decided to try something new,but will continue with the hospital,unless i get too busy- over 200 nurses were there and they weren't the new grads!! i'll probably write about that later.


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well...........i always thought i would at 58.5 years. of course i thought i had everything in my life figured out also.......lol! yeah right........geeeze who knows........retirement is currently the last thing on my mind right now......i just keep stuffing about 17.5% of every paycheck in there and hope for the best.


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Kind of hard to say-I've been a nurse for 18 years, in the Air Force for 15, so I plan to retire from the AF in 5 years. Not sure what I'm going to do after that-defininately NOT go back to floor nursing, and I'm not sure I want to be a nurse administrator in a hospital these days.

More than likely I'll stay in nursing in some capacity, but I've also thought that becoming a medical supply or drug rep would be fun. Was recently inspired by a professor, so maybe teaching will be in my future. At least with my military retirement, I don't have to look for a job with big bucks.


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Sooner than I imagined. Back injury put me out of commission in 1999.


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HaHaHa, I can't even begin to stop laughing. The way things are going I see Homes for little old "retired" nurses. We'll be toddling around with our walkers emptying each others Foleys. Whoever still has the best eyesight left will be the med nurse. Her assistant will be the one with enough manual dexterity left to open those little pill packets. Whoever has the best hearing left will listen to our lung sounds. We'll still be in our scrubs..day and night. We'll all be DNRs..no one will be strong enough to push the code cart. We'll sit around and reminisce about the "good old days", back when we were killing ourselves taking care of 15 patient each because I see it getting much worse than it is right now. Actually this is all pretty SAD. Retire? Ha Ha HA

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I gave up the grind of facilities awhile ago. I do high tech peds homecare. One patient:D and at this time he is 5 months old. My feet won't take it anymore and my back would really be a problem if I was in a hospital taking care of patients. :eek: Retire? probably when my husband does...when he is 56 and I am 57...it's not so long of a time now....8yrs from now. I've been a nurse 22yrs. now. And by the way ROTFLMAO RNSUE!!!!! Your post was toooo funny. Guess you guys will have to push me in my wc when my feet and back give out.:) :D ;)

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Today is my 33rd anniversary of working. I will be 56 in September. The University of California has made it unattractive to bug out until I'm 60. But I kinda want to stick around, and see what I get as a party favor after I've hit my 40th year.


I guess the answer is 4 more years or a nervous breakdown, whichever comes 1st.:p

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