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  1. Practical jokes at work

    Fake patients are always fun to give report on... Esp. the frequent flier who the night nurse hates....
  2. 1st day Male in L&D

    Stay with OB if that's what you want to do!!! I worked OB for a couple of years with both male RN's and techs. The guys did a great job caring for the ladies and the ladies actually seemed to respond better to the male staff members. It's a little...
  3. Nurses week Cheap gifts from admin.

    As the nurse manager of an Air Force peds clinic, I bought all my nurses a ticket to the steak sale the hospital was having to raise money for nurse/med tech appreciation week at the end of May ( so our hospital does things a little differently!) N...
  4. DIAL - A - NURSE?? Any info available??

    Good topic to post- In the AF we've been triaging calls for acute appointments for several years. The goal is to encourage self care for patients with minor ailments that can be handled at home. This is a very labor intensive process with very litt...
  5. Funny names

    When I heard this person paged at work, I thought it had to be a joke, then later discovered he is one of our peds residents... Shane Stokes Doubt he'll get many patients whose parents are in the medical profession!
  6. Divine One-Upmanship

    Thanks for posting-this is one of my favorite e-mail humor stories!:roll
  7. A Man's Perspective: My Life With A Nurse

    I received this from my sister-in-law-thought it was too funny not to share. Enjoy! My Life With A Nurse, by Rick Williams Ah, such mysterious, wondrous creatures are nurses. What treasures lurk beneath those crisp, white uniforms....What young man...
  8. Nursing Images!!!!!!!!

    EllanRN- Glad to know someone else out there thinks some nurses look like slobs at professional meetings. It's bugged me for years-you can be comfortable, but nicely attired at the same time. You're right about hotel staff forming opinions about us...
  9. Nursing Images!!!!!!!!

    I generally agree with all the other posters on this topic. ER I believe has been a definate plus for us-you see the nurses taking initiative, questioning doctor's orders and taking responsibility for their actions (Carol Hathaway we need you!!) One...
  10. Received my ADN on my 20th birthday! Also the same day I could have my first legal drink!
  11. A service to men.

    While on this subject--- I'm tempted to put a sign up in my peds clinic informing parents to shut their phones off while in the clinic. One of our doctors had to go off in search of a parent who needed to leave and go outside during her child's visi...
  12. When will you retire?

    Kind of hard to say-I've been a nurse for 18 years, in the Air Force for 15, so I plan to retire from the AF in 5 years. Not sure what I'm going to do after that-defininately NOT go back to floor nursing, and I'm not sure I want to be a nurse admini...
  13. air force nursing

    I'm currently an Air Force nurse with 15 years in. If you're interested-go for it. I joined with no intention of making it a career, just wanted to do something different...now I'm five years away from a retirement check! I have loved the life styl...
  14. What Freaks You Out?

    I've been an RN for almost 18 years and can honestly say I've never puked because of a patient-not to say I haven't come close. The two most memorable occasions I've had- While working as a tech while in nursing school, I was changing out an NG tube...
  15. Need input for grad school presentation

    Thanks for your inputs-didn't think I'd get any comments re: NP's. I'm in the nurse admin track in my program. Have no desire to do the NP thing. I agree, I think the admission standards for NP programss aren't high enough. One MSN program I was i...