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  1. Then there is the whole Worker's Comp issue. If you aren't tested did you get it at work?
  2. RNSue

    Should I wear this to the next staff meeting?

    HaHa I have Hiking EDRN's T-shirt saying on a coolie cup in my car!!
  3. Whew! Where do I start? 1. I do not want to play the blame game of nurses vs. doctors. I feel in the face of this situation it is humans vs. ebola. Playing the blame game is a moot point now. There are more important things to worry about. 2. I want to read posts and articles on the scientific aspects of the ebola virus and how it spreads, mutates, and how to contain it. 3. Missy Write-- I was not being sarcastic when I posted about Amber having a low grade temp and being positive. Wasn't she whisked off to isolation? Please don't take offense because I expressed my opinion. Please lets all maintain a professional demeanor. Lots of people are reading these posts who aren't healthcare providers. We need to remember that and not sink to behavior that degrades ourselves and our profession. 4. From what I've read the experts are not certain that it can't mutate and become airborne. The doctor who wrote "The Hot Zone" said a couple days ago on the news that this could easily happen. Therefore I am all for MANDATORY STRICT ISOLATION if there is a possibility a person could have ebola, no matter what stage it is in. Because we just don't know enough right now. We have professional people getting ebola. We need to CONTAIN it. Hospitals do not have details in place yet. Training is not complete. There are still issues with protocols. Some of us "more experienced nurses" remember the beginnings of MRSA, HIV, VRE. We all tried to contain it and we all saw it spread slowly across the country over the years. From our perspective this is going to continue to spread like everything else did, but EBOLA is much more deadly. RNSue
  4. Missy Write-- But what about Amber Vinson?? She had a low grade fever and still came up POSITIVE! RNSue
  5. Dr. Craig Spencer has tested positive for ebola after a week with no new diagnosed cases in this country. He was out and about the day before--going bowling, riding in the subway and a taxi-- before being admitted to the hospital this afternoon with a temp of 103. Has he been in a bubble since his return to NYC on October 14? At the end of his volunteer period in Guinea did the Doctors Without Borders do any teaching about self quarantining for awhile? Has he not been watching ANY news? Was he checking his temp regularly on his own? Was anyone else checking him? Good grief, he is a DOCTOR who has been in WEST AFRICA working with EBOLA patients!! This is unbelievable! How many UNKNOWN people has he had contact with in passing? This ISN'T the FLU!! Is the CDC on their way to NYC Bellevue Hospital? Are they going to move him to one of the 4 hospitals that specializes in ebola? I have to sign off now. I have to sit quietly and just breathe for awhile. RNSue
  6. RNSue

    Esme Needs Your Prayers and Well Wishes

    Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. RNSue
  7. RNSue

    EBOLA- Is this a game changer?

    What about STAFFING? None of the new recommendations say anything about ebola patients being one on one or two on one. Who can do all this donning and doffing and taking a shower AND have other patients? You KNOW the hospitals will push us to the limit like they always do. What do you think? RNSue
  8. A whole week with no new diagnoses!! Amber is negative! Nina, I am sending you prayers and well wishes! RN Sue
  9. 6 DAYS! No new diagnosed cases of ebola. The lab worker on the cruise ship is cleared. Inside Edition just had Dr. Preston, author of "The Hot Zone" on their show. He said ebola can easily mutate. He also said that whoever was in charge of recommending the PPE and training of it's usage in the hospital where the two nurses caught it are responsible for them catching it. Can't get more "expert" than him!! RNSue
  10. RNSue

    URGENT: Are CDC Ebola Guidelines 'Good Enough'?

    OH NO THEY DIDN"T!-- I am reading the new CDC guidelines on USA Today. I'm not sure they are up to standards for where they SHOULD be yet. For example--either respirators with air blowing in OR N95 masks under the hood. N95 masks are not in level 4 precautions. Go to wikipedia.com and search for Level 4 precautions. THESE are the ones we need to follow even if the CDC says different. The Nurses Union has requested Level 4 precautions. You KNOW the hospitals are going to go with whatever is cheaper. We have not come this far to quit now. Stand your ground!
  11. October 20, 2014. No new cases diagnosed in 5 days in the USA. Mr. Duncan's friends and family can sigh with relief. They have passed the 21-day mark. The unknown person in Emory will be discharged soon and the photographer is negative for ebola. It is a good day. RNSue
  12. To Nina, Amber, and Brianna YOU are the kind of nurses I would want to take care of me. Not afraid to get right in there and do what needs to be done. A lot of people over the years have told me "Oh, I could never be a nurse" and "It takes a special person to be a nurse". And I would brush it off. As the years go by and I am able to see human nature with a more experienced eye, I can now say it REALLY DOES take someone special and not everyone CAN do this job. It is a hard, nasty, disgusting job sometimes. But certain nurses DO IT and they ARE truly HEROS. I am proud to be a part of a profession that includes you three. Brianna, you are truly an advocate for all of us. And that is the number one duty of a nurse to his/her patient. I wish you well and keep your head held high and stay calm. You did the RIGHT thing on behalf of all of us. Take care Nina, Amber, and Brianna and all of the other caregivers around the world dealing with the scourge of ebola. You are not alone. We love you.:) RNSue
  13. GOOD NEWS!!! The Spanish nurse has tested NEGATIVE for ebola! I'm optimistic that Nina and Amber are going to be OK too. Don't forget that, overall, people in developed countries have better health than people in third world countries. Maybe it is a factor for survival, who knows. We have also gone ANOTHER DAY with no NEW diagnosed ebola cases in this country!!! RNSue
  14. RNSue

    GoFundMe account for Nina Pham RN

    Well, an UPDATE---- I'm having trouble with my email and I can see the titles of my emails but can't open the content. So I can see that I got a refund from the GoFundMe account on Facebook by Christine Sweeney but I don't know the details of WHY. I know that there has been at least $ 80,000 collected( last I checked) in the account set up by Sarah Strittmatter. To comment on some of the posts I say... Most of her stuff has probably been trashed. Even her dog's boarding bills will need to be paid for. It takes YEARS for lawsuits to be settled. RNSue
  15. As far as we know, no one has been diagnosed with Ebola in the past 3 days in our country. I just want to say THANK YOU to whomever is in charge. Nina and Amber, Hang in There! ,,,>^.I.^ RNSue
  16. With him on his way to the unemployment office, Tom Frieden should take Dr. Varga, CEO of the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, the parent company CEO, the Chief of Infectious Diseases and the Infection Control Nurse. Don't these people stay on top of the news? This situation is exactly like the situation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The news people were reporting on all the death and destruction and the folks in Washington were oblivious. Why? Because they weren't keeping up with current events. Don't they even have "people" to do that reading and watching of the news FOR them and report their findings? I went into nursing because I was INTERESTED in the human body, how it works, and disease processes. I read books and news articles and keep up with current events. I have been reading about ebola for 6 months now because it has been in the news. I have noticed in the last 15-20 years a drastic change in the way things in hospitals are handled. It used to be in a proactive and anticipatory manner. Now the atmosphere is more reactive and "let's not worry about something until we need to." Has anyone else noticed this? Do you think it has something to do with the change from science based focus to economic based focus on the part of hospital management? :no:Getting my "Estate Record" up to date.