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  1. bossynurse101 has my vote. That is the major difference I have seen in my years of nursing. When I was a new nurse, all I worried about was taking good care of my patients, and in turn, they were so appreciative and there was such a gratifying nurse/patient relationship. Not nearly the stress that I feel today and the feeling of distrust you can sometimes sense.
  2. plumrn

    So angry right now. Warning: Extremely long

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your families experience. I think you are on the right track with your plan. Hope your father gets the care he deserves and answers to all your questions. My Mom was in the ER recently and then admitted due to nearly passing out twice. I saw so many disappointing events occur that it really scares me to have any of my family in the hospital again without someone knowledgeable in healthcare to stay with them. Lack of experience in the staff, delays in care, sheer lack of compassion- I'm getting mad all over again. I really believe some of the problems- but not all- are caused by understaffed, overworked staff.
  3. plumrn

    I hate direct admits

    This is so maddening! They come directly from the doc's office. You would think that you would have all the orders you need either with the pt or being faxed to you shortly, including all home medications that the doc may want them on. Instead, the sick pt is trying to remember the names of their medications, there are no orders and the doc's office has already closed, etc., etc.
  4. plumrn

    Ever have a blood bag explode?

    I was squeezing the blood bag trying to get it to go thru the leukocyte filter a little faster (? I think that's what it was called-it was several years ago), and the filter and the bag separated spraying the room with blood. What a mess! Blood everywhere! I thought I would never get all that blood cleaned up. I wasn't even squeezing it that hard. Learned a lesson there.
  5. plumrn

    How many hours do you work?

    I went to class/clinicals Mon-Thur, and worked 0645-2315 on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday was my only day off and I used it to do all the papers and studying for school. It worked for me. I was really tired when I got home at midnight on Saturday nights!
  6. Was that the Nurses Book Society? I used to have a subscription to this one years ago. I loved it! I bought so many wonderful books. I then realized how much I was actually spending over time and cancelled, but I had the subscription for years. They would ship the featured book(s) to you every month or two if you didn't return the decline card back to them. Later on, they would let you decline on line, which was much better. I did get a few books that I didn't really want when I was late (or didn't) return the card. But, they would let you return any book you weren't happy with. Sorry to hear they are closing shop.
  7. plumrn

    Big Brother - Hypoglycemia Seizure

    I thought if in doubt, & no way to check quickly, you treat it as hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia comes on fast. Hyperglycemia is slower and you have more time to react and realize what is going on.
  8. plumrn

    more than nursing professionals wearing scrubs

    There are several companies that sell uniforms out there. Look at the uniforms they wear in hotels, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, etc. They are usually no-iron & wrinkle free, and some are very sharp. They don't look anything like scrubs. I wouldn't want to wear my own everyday clothes to do ANY job in the hospital.
  9. plumrn

    more than nursing professionals wearing scrubs

    Sometime back our hospital was going to make nurses start wearing all white again, because patients/visitors couldn't tell us from housekeeping/dietary/pharmacy staff, etc.. We argued that nurses have worn scrubs longer than anyone- that is why everyone thinks anyone in scrubs is a nurse- so the nursing staff should be the ones who keep scrubs, and everyone else should change. (there are a lot of nice looking uniforms for these other disciplines).
  10. I agree you have a right to ask for a licensed nurse. I think you just went a little far, or overboard in your explanation to her. It seemed a little accusatory?
  11. plumrn

    Verbal orders...what about them?

    I thought verbal orders were a no-no with Jcaho now anyway? We are only allowed to take 'Read back telephone orders'; no verbal orders allowed. It it different elsewhere?
  12. plumrn

    Gastric Bypass: trading one set of problems for another?

    Scary to me. A friend of mine had the surgery and he has been in ICU several times with complications from GI bleeding to renal failure. Wonder if the Lap Band procedure has many complications? Anyone know?
  13. I agree with you. LTC nurses do tend to get attitude from some in the healthcare field, and I don't understand it. They have such an overwhelming job with few resources to support them. We have pts that are very hard to care for, but were at the nursing home a few hours ago with 70 other pts for that nurse to care for with maybe an aide or 2 to help. Bowel problems can quickly become serious for the pt with respiratory or cardiac problems. Once they are compromised, it is very difficult to do anything to 'get them going again', when they can't breathe just lying still with the HOB up. The bowel assessment including the question 'last bm?', is there for a reason, and we should follow up on it as needed.
  14. plumrn

    Nurse-Patient Ratios

    That's wonderful! It is not the norm I can tell you. We are pretty close to you with usually start with 5, may be up to 7 before the shift ends. If you stay at 5 it's usually because you discharged 2 and got 2 back. The turnover is what really keeps you busy. We also have a CNA for about every 10 pts. The charge usually takes 0-3 pts. We are rural and have mostly LPN staff, so it is difficult for the RN to take any pts and keep up with everything the one and only RN has to do.
  15. plumrn

    Appearance at work

    I love mineral makeup. So quick and easy and looks natural. I have very dry skin and have to moisturize my face every night and a light moisturizer in the morning. Brush on the makeup, mascara and light swipe of lipstick. I wear my hair down, but it just touches my shoulders. I iron my scrubs the night before (just a habit I have never been able to break). White Nikes and away I go.
  16. plumrn

    Retiring, what is that?

    Most nurses don't work into their 60's (I don't think??). Some days I think I'll work until retirement age of 67. Other days I don't think I could make it to 57! I think the money will be better the longer I work, but then the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want sure sounds nice.