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Retire??? With the amount of debt I'm in, as long as I can give a shot and administer an enema, I'll be nursing:D


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probably never...they'll be scrapping me off the floor with a spatula.

in all seriousness, as long as these legs are moving, and my mind is thinking clearly , i'll be nursing. :eek:

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Nursing 24 years and twenty more to go till 65. However like Sue, you will see me around the Sr retirement center/assisted living facility on my lark scooter: cehecking BP's, glucometer tests and medication compliance.

Someone else will need to help me in and out of tub to soak my arthritic bones unless they got one of those new spa tubs. HATE showers.

Will refuse the foley though. Toileting schedule works along with those new pull-up undergarments. Nana started using them at age 92 and says they help keep her fanny warm too!

That's why I'm back in college for MSN/FNP degree, minimal lifting and can extend career.


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Wow, What a joy to think that in 15 yrs. I can 'retire' at age 67 from my present job! I'd like to find that place that Sue was talking of- need to reserve a space for the year 2029. (figure I'll have made enough with part-time nursing- keeping up with inflation - to be able to finally rest). Hip-hip-horray- just think no more continuing ed. credits needed!!!


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A huge issue for me. I did 10 years floor after a career change into nursing. At 40, said "gee, the penson plans at hospitals bite!" and tried to figure out something better. I now work for state government as a RN consultant with a tremendous pension plan. I'll be able to retire with a good pension at 60. My accrued sick time can be used to pay for health care premiums until I am Medicare eligible.


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I retired last week. Am working my two week notice. Have been working on Med/Surg unit, 2 days a week, for 20+ years. 10+ of those as Clinical Leader. Will now do per diem, and orienting of new hires when needed. Am stareing age 65 in the face and only have a few months til I can collect SSI. Per diem seems a good way to trasition from being employed to unemployment. Still love bedside nursing no matter how tired and frustrated I get.




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I'll be retiring in May... right after graduation. I will be retiring from school! Atleast for a year or two. Now dont get me wrong, I am not saying that I will not read and study new things after i graduate, but atleast it will be things I am interested in, not Advanced Trig, and Non Western Lit! After being in school for 17 years of my life (straight through), It will be like retiring and starting a brand new life! So weird.


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retire ???hmmm i thought about that ....there wasn't any way out :(

i'm 32 now.... ..been nursing and still do as floor sister for the last 12 years ...already have a bad back and deeply in debt ...you not the only one ted ...

i really wish i stayed with some institute that has retirement plans or dues...i'm working currently in oman on a contract which includs no retirement plans ...worse still ...i have no savings .....when i think about myself still nursing when i hit 40 i basically feel like i'm gonna have a fit now ....

i'm trying to go somewhere where i can earn a degree and may be i will be able to teach or do some kind of nursig ...i still love to nurse but floor nursing wouldn't be on my list thats for sure ...i would like to think i wouldn't need the nurses hospice mentioned here ....hopefully not .

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I have been a nurse for 28 years ! As much as I have enjoyed it,I just cannot see myself doing this much longer. I am 50 now and only plan to work about 2-3 more years.


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When I win the lottery!

Been at this for 25 years, 20 more to go before my house will be paid off and I will eligible for Social Security.

Between jobs right now because I just can't tolerate 12 hour shifts any more. And I am having a very hard time finding a job, never thought it would hapen in this time of shortage but everywhere I have looked has only 12 hour shifts. My specialty has always been peds, PICU or NICU. Unfortunately it looks like I am going to be forced into something else which I am quite sure I will not like as much just to get hours that are compatible with a healthier lifestyle for me.

I have been on 12 hour shifts for 11 years and hated them the whole time, but put up with it because I liked everything else about the job. Night was more tolerable but wouldn't allow me to have a normal (awake in the daytime) life. and trying to switch my sleep schedule back and forth every few days was hell. Days was impossible, getting up at 4 am and not getting home til 9 pm. How can they expect older nurses to put in those kind of hours? The 4 days off didn't help at all because I needed to sleep 2 or 3 of them just to recover from the total exhaustion.

It is so ironic to me that the "healthcare" professions care so little for the health of their own members. But as usual money is the bottom line in everything. Hoping and praying I can find something tolerable (definitely NOT in med/surg-I'd rather be a waitress or grocery clerk than that) with shorter hours so I wont be so drained and exhausted and will be able to get some exercise and take care of myself even on the days I am working.

I would retire today if I could afford it. I am soooo burned out. But I don't know what else to do. I have almost no computer skills and I am single and self supporting, don't have the time, energy, money, or support to go back to school for something else.


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retire? don't tease me!!!!!

i have been putting money away for years for that time of my life, wondering: will i ever live to see it? i am the big 40 now, and my next plan of attack is: to find a sponsor! and i will retire and i promise i will volunteer!!!.............oh,so much for pipe dreams!!!! but it is fun to dream!!!.......imarn


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I think the trick to sticking it out to a ripe old age is ensuring variety. I usually changed paths in nursing after I found I was getting bored/frustrated. Now, after 22 years, I am back in school part-time. Eventually, I hope to get my Masters. I love nursing, and always make sure the profession provides me with enough challenge. I know I will be sticking it out to the bitter end. I will be one of those with a tray on the front of my walker. They might have to motorize the crash cart so as to cut down on response time to codes!

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