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  1. Flushing JP Drain

    lori999' Thanks. I learn something every day.
  2. Flushing JP Drain

    Why are you flushing a JP? They are usually attached to a bulb or hemovac primed suction.
  3. Universal Health Coverage?

    Have just read alll of the posts and I see that abuse of ER services seems to be universal. It would seem to me that having an NP running an urgent care clinic in every ER would take care of the people that all ready think it's a clinic. It was tried...
  4. Is anyone from Maine??

    MLL, We're using "travelers". I know that we have a couple in the ER, where we have openings. Have sent you a private message with the hospital web address as I'm not sure if doing so is acceptable in this posting. CaronRN58
  5. Is anyone from Maine??

    Oops! I think you better make it a private message. I don't think that you can use my email from here.
  6. Is anyone from Maine??

    massEDgirl I work in a small hospital in Sanford. We need ED nurses. Come on down. If you have questions, send me an e-mail. Have worked there for 20+ years. Sandy C.
  7. Is anyone from Maine??

    Kristi915, I'm from Maine. Working as an RN in southern Maine. Will answer any questions that I can.
  8. NRSKarenRN, The address in your post didn't go anywhere. I found the site at the address below. I hope I have posted it so that it will work.
  9. Roberta Abrahams: A turn in the troublesome road

    Great article. Thanks for posting it. Will pass it on.
  10. I didn't carry malpractice insurance when I first started working as a nurse. But that was in 1958 and no RN that I knew even thought about insurance at that time. Took a few years off and came back 20+ years ago and have always carried my own insur...
  11. New grads vrs renewed oldies

    It does seem that some good refresher courses for Rn's that have not worked for several years would make sense. Have not seen this suggestion anywhere lately. Taking a refresher course got me back into the workforce about 20 years ago. Was only going...
  12. Nursing Images!!!!!!!!

    What can we do to improve our image? Read "From Silence to Voice" by Bernice Buresh & Suzanne Gordon The subtitle is "What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public. It's food for thought and then action.
  13. JT, Karen and other activist

    Canoehead, Things are a little slow with ANA-Maine because they are a new association. I joined in Nov.2001 and still don't have my card and am not receiving the AJN yet. Have been assured by one of the officers, that I know, that these things will...
  14. Nursing Standards?

    I believe that there are now 2 nurse associations in Maine. ANA-Maine ( I am a member) and Maine State Nurses Association. Both are actively working to improve staffing and we now have a law prohibiting mandatory overtime for nurses which is a direc...
  15. When will you retire?

    I retired last week. Am working my two week notice. Have been working on Med/Surg unit, 2 days a week, for 20+ years. 10+ of those as Clinical Leader. Will now do per diem, and orienting of new hires when needed. Am stareing age 65 in the face and o...