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  1. essarge


    Was surfing the net and found this site...it's very good! http://www.angelfire.com/ns/southeasternnurse/main.html
  2. essarge

    Im going to be a Mom... again

    How about mom and dad choose one name and the boys choose the other....making it a family decision!
  3. essarge

    NCLEX review audio tapes?

    What a wonderful idea! Now I just need to get my car stereo repaired (it plays at "chipmunk" speed!! LOL!)
  4. essarge

    Rules for nursing students to live by!

    Make at least ONE day per week "my day". NO studying, no books, just go shopping, watch television, or be a bum. No stressful activities allowed (Sunday has always been my day unless there is an exam on Monday....then it is switched to my next day "off" from school).
  5. essarge


    I found Saunder's to be invaluable when studying for nursing exams. They break it into specific areas and the review questions are NCLEX style.
  6. essarge


    I have my final in issues and trends. There were 20 chapters and our final will be essays on 5 of those chapters. The instructor will pose one thing out of each of those 20 chapters and we choose which 5 we want to do. I hate doing essays because I find the instructor knows what they are looking for but won't give you a hint about it.....oh well....two more days and then not back until sept. 3!!!!!! Good luck to everyone who braved the summer classes and finals!!
  7. essarge

    I can't stand it anymore!

    I bounce back and forth daily. I graduate in May so that's a good thing. Got two more semesters of instructor hell....bad thing. Work full time and enjoy my job....good thing. Have to study in between working...bad thing. Already have a guaranteed job....good thing. So right now, as you can see, I'm feeling a little "bipolar" about school!!! LOL!
  8. essarge

    Crazy Psych Teacher

    OH MY!!!! Did you file charges against him???? Sounds like this is a dangerous character that needs to be dealt with not only at the university level but also, possibly, the legal level also!!
  9. essarge

    Need help with paper-opinions needed

    Apology accepted. Please note that all I wanted were opinions from other students. The actual paper has now been finished and is ready to be turned in. The paper was a personal philosophy statement of what I believed my own personal philosophy of nursing was.
  10. essarge

    Keeping your cool at the bedside

    Thank you. IMO some instructor's want subordinate students so that they can "feel the power". With the nursing shortage, I feel that these instructor's either need to be "roped in" by the department or told that if this behavior continues, they will be asked to leave. I know that there is a shortage of instructors as well, but students have enough stress without these power hungry instructors wielding a heavy hand of abuse (for lack of a better term).
  11. essarge

    Keeping your cool at the bedside

    meown, No, this instructor specifically targeted myself and three other students during that semester. It didn't matter how you answered her questions, you were always wrong. I went to the department chair and hope that something was done so that the students coming up behind me do not have to put up with unprofessional behavior like that.
  12. essarge

    Rules for nursing students to live by!

    Almost forgot.....shut off phone during study time. It seems friends and telemarketers have radar and call only when you are trying to study!
  13. essarge

    Dealing with the yucky stuff...

    I worked in an ER and was privvy to quite a few "yukky" things. I adapted quickly and even learned to eat between traumas. Eventually you will learn to to "shut off" your reaction and just do what needs to be done. Just give it some time.....it will happen!
  14. essarge

    Chronic Tardiness

    Thank you for this thread!!! I am a nursing student working as a nurse extern full time on the 3p-11p shift. I am always relieved by a a CARDY (chronically tardy) person. About two weeks ago, I'd had enough! I had an exam to study for and this person was late yet again. When I told her that her shift started at 2245, she confronted me and stated that I had other problems and that I never did my work. I was livid!! I handed her the assignment sheet (I had already written pertinent info on it) and told her to get her report from her nurse. I went home and instead of studying for my exam wrote everything in a letter to my nurse manager and called my manager the next morning. It has not changed this persons behavior but now, I write pertinent information on the assignment sheet, hand it to the Charge nurse for night shift and state *******is late again and I am leaving. This putting the responsibility on the other shift. I realize that when I graduate I will not be able to do this but, unless management steps up to the plate and does something about it (maybe transfer that employee to an "undesireable" floor after chronic lateness) it will continue. It's really agravating!!
  15. With the start of a new school year coming up, I thought it would be fun to start a thread of "Rules for nursing students to live by!" Composed, of course, by nursing students!! I'll start with: 1. Get a years supply of Vitamins because a normal sleep pattern is not something you will see for a long time! 2. Make sure your chocolate supply is in the high numbers for those stressful moments. 3. Get a large supply of TV dinners, or cook ahead of time and freeze so that on those long study nights the microwave is your best friend!! 4. Learn that the instructor is ALWAYS RIGHT!! Whether you can proove it or not. I'll stop there for now....and let everyone add their own rules for nursing students.
  16. essarge

    why is nursing school like childbirth?

    Do I hear "Breath!!!!!!!!" LOL!! I found the trials and "errors" of nursing school and life to be very challenging. Yes, life decided to throw me some major loops since I started but I survived. Now I am in my senior year and know that there will be more challenges but, God willing, I will make it! I found that by taking one day at a time helped me immensely. That being said, I am not a nice person for about a week before finals!!! LOL! You will find that your priorities will change daily. Sometimes what you really wanted to do has to be put on the back burner for awhile. You will get tired of reading, but you have to. Your diet will change to "high stress" foods. And finally, when an instructor says something to you that you would normally argue about, you learn to keep your mouth shut. You will survive however and be proud of yourself for all of your accomplishments!