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  1. Hows everyone doing in clinicals?

    Psych clinical in the state hospital is interesting to say the least. Community health nursing is great! My site is the same place they filmed "Dead Poets Society"! I hang with the school nurse all day long.
  2. So stressed out

    All of these answers are very good. While I don't do meditation, I do make sure that I am organized for the week ahead. I have all of my papers done by Friday night (the one day I have off from work), and I have a weekly calender printed where I wr...
  3. Can someone help me understand process recordings?

    I hate process recordings!! I found that, while they were supposed to be an "educational tool", it made you very self-conscious when talking to a patient/resident. You were constantly thinking "did I do that right?" or "is my body language right?" ...
  4. Have you ever felt used before?

    I have found that when someone asks for help that by giving it to them, I retain things much better myself. As far as being used? Yes. But I just figure it is another life experience to learn from. Has it stopped me from helping people...absolut...
  5. History Poll

    I think that I would put a page from Florence Nightengale's journal and then one from a nurse's journal today to show the difference between then and now.
  6. Downloadable or printable charting forms

    I would suggest going to the hospital that you do your clinicals at and asking them for some and make your own copies.
  7. Need Help in Nursing Situation Questions

    Hang in there. You will be learning these things as you go along. I would suggest you pick up the Saunders Edition of NCLEX for PN. It shows questions and rationale. This will help you quite a bit.
  8. Student challenging the nursing instructor

    No Mandy, things have not changed much (except the way the NCLEX is given). Teachers still rule the roost and suddent death happens quite often....of course that's after being a POW for some time!!! LOL!
  9. Student challenging the nursing instructor

    I am now a senior and there have been many "discussions" in class concerning the correct answer. We have one instructor that, even when it is shown in the text in the students favor, will not change the answer! Sometimes I feel like a rat in a maz...
  10. BSN college experience

    I guess all I can say is an education is what you make of it, no matter what type of college (private or public) you choose to go to. In the end we all take the same NCLEX and start practicing at the same level. I feel that if you study hard and le...
  11. study skills website

    I've forwarded this to one of the instructor's at my school. Thank you, it should help many students who may have difficulty when studying.
  12. While taking the pre req courses to make me a "more rounded person", I've managed to round my arse out to an extra 15 pounds. Hopefully I'll lose it before graduation in May!
  13. Why Do You Sleep In Class?

    I agree with you stating that there are discreet seats in the rear of the class and that is where I sit with my recorder (just in case). That being said, I have never actually fallen asleep, just can't concentrate on lecture until I get a "power nap...
  14. Why Do You Sleep In Class?

    As student nurses, one of the things that is taught is empathy. This is not only with just the patients but also with anyone else. I work full time and attend school full time thus I am extremely tired during lecture. I record my lectures so that ...
  15. Smoking...

    aaahhhh....triggers!! Homework is a biggy for me. I tried to quit and did very well for 5 months then my marriage broke up. Right back at it and smoked twice as much. And the cost is astronomical! After reading this thread, I'm seriously thinkin...