When do you start to study for NCLEX?


Hi, everyone!!!

I am in ADN program, this fall semester is my last one, god bless me Copy%20of%20wink.gif I just wonder when do you start to study for NCLEX, actually. How many hours a day?

Another question.

After graduate, how many graduate students working as a GN before passing NCLEX? And which one you prefer, working as a GN before NCLEX or waiting for NCLEX and then get a job?

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I'm going into my second and final year and during my freshmen year I purchased couple of NCLEX books (the popular ones such as Saunders etc).I started to do questions at the beggining of the summer and I try to do 30 a day or if I'm really busy every other day.I'm planning to follow this method during school year because I feel I'm learning new things and at the same time I'm reinforcing my knowledge.I dont know I heard that the real NCLEX questions are different than those in NCLEX books( the real exam is more focused on delegation,priority or infection control issues) but I do them anyway because I want to develop better test taking technique,improve my critical thinking skills and learn for my career not just to pass the the state board exam:)


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I've been using the Kaplan NCLEX review since the beginning of the spring 2008 semester. I love the testing stradegies and have recommended them to students on this site many times. Now that I'm entering my senior year, I purchased the prentice hall NCLEX review books (the entire series) because they have focused review books (one for peds, OB, fundamentals, fluid & electrolyte and acid/base balance, mental health, pharmacology, etc.). I plan on doing 50 questions /day as we cover each subject in school. IMO it's never too early to start doing some review questions.


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I am graduating at the same time you are and I started studying over the summer. I agree it never hurts to learn more, and be better prepared.

I am working as a GN before I take the NCLEX only because I have already been offered and accepted a job. Although I hope to take the NCLEX ASAP, but the process seems like it takes a while. I would take it the day after graduation if I could!

When you get your acceptance letter into a nursing program

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When you get your acceptance letter into a nursing program

No, that is too soon. At that point everything is over your head because you have not learned anything yet. On the other hand, I found that reading up on test taking strategies before nursing school began was helpful.

OP: I started studying/using NCLEX review books beginning second semester because first semester I found my textbook and lectures more helpful. I began studying and covering my weaknesses this summer and will study all materials this Fall. I am also going into my fourth semester in a few weeks. GL! :up:

FINALLY, the end is near for us...........! :nurse:

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When you get your acceptance letter into a nursing program

I agree. Definitely check out the NCLEX test taking tips. Precautions, cultural stuff and dosage calculations would be helpful also. I used my NCLEX book questions as a study aid for each section we were being taught. It helped me do well on our exams and after graduating I knew I was ready to take NCLEX in 3 weeks. Congrats on starting nursing school!


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Thank you all. I'd better go to study now!!


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I have been studying since the day I entered nursing school 3 years ago. Whatever the content is in school, I do Nclex questions pertaining to that topic. Ex if my exam is on cardiac, I do all cardiac questions.


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I started the day I entered the nursing program. This is helping me so far in critical thinking.

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I started using NCLEX books during my second semester out of 4....it really helped me understand the basics in terms of each unit...Also, throughout the last semester, I took many overall NCLEX tests to try to be ready for exit exam and the boards....and I got 75 questions and passed with flying colors! It's never too soon.


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I am barely starting now!! Please don't follow my suit and start reviewing ASAP!! Ughh....i am 2 months shy of graduating and barely starting now! Grrrreaaaat!! :banghead:

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