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heart failure and prison
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PEBBLES1 specializes in heart failure and prison.

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    Union-yes or no

    I truly believe that it's a privilege to have a union in your facility. Not only do they fight for our members; you also have some job protection aginst managers whom abuse their authority as managers. I am definitely a union supporter because you never know when you will need them. I have been at my facility almost 23 years never been in trouble and I have always received excellent evaluations. I have a vindictive manager and she is bully. And if she doesn't like you, your job will be in jeopardy. They do fight to get us good contracts. She terminated me unjustly. Our administration will side with the managers. I am truly thankful that my union fought for me and I got my job back, along with my senority and back pay. You never ever know when you will need to be represented. I have always been a union supporter. I have know that manager when she was a RN working on another unit. She has always been a nasty hateful person. She landed her position by default. However, she was caught cheating in a nursing program. She grabbed another nurse. All I can say is if you have a union support them because you never know when you will need them to fight for you

    NOW what?? Terrified...

    as long as you have a prescription for both you will be fine. All you have to do is produce a print out from your pharmacy. Your ok. But, good luck

    Why did you come to allnurses? What made you stay?

    I came to all nurses when I started nursing school. This site really helped me when I was a nursing student. It provided an outlet for me to vent, ask questions and advice and I still have a flash drive that I created with formulas, lab values and ways to help me remember what to do for some disease processes. For example what to do for chest pain. Morphine, aspirin, oxygen and nitro (Mona). Also, as a result of this site my daughter also joined. I stayed because I enjoyed the different topics and forums that are on this website. They have a forum for almost every part of nursing such as BSN, MSN, nursing students, LPN and etc. I have been a member since 2005. What I most enjoy about this site is that it provides so much information for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a CNA, nursing student, RN, a male in the field or retired. This is a wonderful site. Maybe a bully button or a way to let someone no there comment was disrespectful. I have seen people ask a question or maybe its their way of venting but, whatever the question is no one has the right to be disrespectful. Yes we have freedom of speech but, if I don't like a post I will either keep scrolling or if I feel a response is needed, I always ask for clarification and I really put a lot of thought into what I am going to say because I want to provide positive feedback not negativity,

    Tattoos and body jewelry policies in hospitals

    Well mos places do have a policy. The policy where I work don't allow facial pierecings, however, it is also up to your manager. In my old dept, my manager would not allow you to have any facial piercings and she tried to make us take out our tongue rings, but the facility agreed that tongue rings are not facial piercings and she could not make me remove it. I just think it was her personal preference. Another facility where I worked did not want tattoo's exposed and they made you cover them up and for the workers who had tattoo's on their necks had to wear a cover up. Can u imagine wearing a turtle neck in 90 degree weather. That was crazy. I would suggest you check with the facility policy or with the manager.

    Did I cause my patient to die faster?

    you did not do anything wrong. It was her time to transition into the next life. Sorry to be so short.

    Question about Concealed Weapons Carry

    It doesn't affect your ability to get into nursing school. I have been licensed to carry for over 10 years and never had a problem. Just make sure you are safe always remember safety 1st


    I am starting a new job on the Heart failure unit as a RN and this will be my 1st job. I am a little nervous making this transition. I have been a MA for many years, so I do have some patient contact, but not like a RN. So please give me some advice. All comments are welcomed

    What is the worst thing a patient has ever said to you?

    The worst thing I had, was a gunshot patient. He told me to get F@#$% off of him. He was mad because I wanted him to get up and sit in the chair. Then he told me to go and f*#$ myself and kiss his azz. Well I had enough of him. Not to mention his mother and family members was also in the room. Instead of his family speaking up and telling him to stop acting like his shoe size, they sat their and condoned his behavior. Well, let me tell you, when I got done telling him off, he was nice to me everytime I entered that room. I got down on his level. (without the foul language of course) I told him, to get mad with the person who shot him. I also told him, I am sick and tired of your nasty attitude and he is going to cut his foolishness out!!!! I also told him to get his behind up and out that bed and get into chair. Then I told the family to stop treating him like a baby. Don't get me wrong I understand how the family feels, I also sympathize with the patient, but their is no reason to act like a complete jerk. Later on that night the patient did apologize in so many words. I did accept his apology and I told him, that I was standing firm with him and that I am not playing with him.

    What is the worst thing a patient has ever said to you?

    You said it best. You go girl. You are so correct, we don't get paid enough to take abuse. I understand that you are sick, however, I didn't cause it nor do I wish for you to be sick. Some of these patients are just plain ole nasty and their sickness is just an excuse to be nasty.
  10. PEBBLES1

    Disgusting Behavior of Nurses

    1st off let me just say that NURSE KNUCKLE HEAD was way out of line for her rude comments and infront of other people. It seems to me that some people of other cultures (not all people) are very insentitive to our hair styles. Alot of my friends are now opting to where their hair natural because they are tired of putting chemicals in their hair or they are tired of what society says what our hair should look like. That's part of the reason why some people are ashamed to wear their hair natural because some people including our culture will view it as nappy looking or ugly. I think it as long as it is neat and clean people should be allowed to express themselves and not feel ashamed of the way their hair is. As for her manager, I am sure she doesn't work with one group of people and she need to get some sensitivity classes on how to approach her workers. Tell your friend to wear her hair natural and be proud of it.
  11. PEBBLES1

    Disgusting Behavior of Nurses

    1st off let me just say that NURSE KNUCKLE HEAD
  12. PEBBLES1

    To aspirate or not to aspirate?!

    I am a new grad also but, I have been a Medical Assistant for years and I was taught to aspirate in both schools. However, I don't aspirate because it hurts the person more. In my opinion, their is not reason to aspirate. My motto is to stick and move, I get in and get out and my patients feel less pain.
  13. PEBBLES1

    Honest opinion about kaplan

    You are very welcome. I just graduated nursing school Dec 08 and I took my boards in March 09. I had a lot of support when I was in school, so I like to give back when I can. I am avail to help u. You can always send me a pm
  14. PEBBLES1

    Honest opinion about kaplan

  15. PEBBLES1

    NCLEX PREP COURSE...need Help!

    Do you have Kaplan in your state? Here in Phila, I took kaplan, I sat in a classroom and the instructor broke down the question and she taught us how to choose the correct answers. Good luck
  16. PEBBLES1

    LPN vs. RN - tell me what you think!

    I think both positions are great. However, the state I live in, the LPN are mostly in nursing homes. A RN can go anywhere and the opportunites are endless for RN's. As you no, you do have your droughts in nursing, eventully it does pick up. I do no some LPN who make good money but, they are limited in their scope of practice. The only downside in LPN and RN is the amount of time you go to school. On the other hand the pay rate for a RN is better then a LPN. Other than that, I would choose to be a RN and I love it. Good luck with your decision