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  1. Natingale

    Nurses in the path of Hurricane Irene

    I requested the weekend off a month ago, there are nurses who are scheduled to work but because they live in a evacuation zone theyre calling out?? I am confused, so if every staff member lived in an evacuation zone then there'd be no nurses? I might go in to help, it wont be pretty :/
  2. Natingale

    Door to ct time for strokes

    really nice poster ..short and to the point http://www.activase.com/stroke/stroke_bestpractices.jsp
  3. ::::::::hugs:::::::::::: feel better now?
  4. Natingale

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    This is a Name-the-hospital-and-its-starting-salary-thread I think you will have a better chance of getting your questions answered by starting a regular thread Or else what happens is you get a bunch of people like moi who just come to this sticky to see what other hospitals are paying Congrats on graduating, the easiest part is over! lol
  5. Natingale

    Can I be a LPN with a RN license?

    Tinkerbell I think you are eligible to sit for the LPN Board exam ( not 100 percent sure) Here is some more information NYS Nursing:License Requirements I know years ago, if you completed 3 semesters of nursing school you could sit for the LPN board exam. Things have changed since (one person told me its because they used to cover all the material by the 3rd semester but theyve changed the curriculum and put womens health in the last semester) Would be great to know the answer to that. Its so sad that we have RNs looking to go backwards (LPN - CNA) in order to get hired. My classmate passed her boards, had brains and excellent people skills. Got hired as a CNA --buttttttttttttttttttt she did prove herself I guess, and now she has a job. YAY! Good luck to you, times are tough. I was one of the naysayers that said (nursing is a recession proof profession) HA! Who's got egg on their face ...this guy. LOL
  6. Natingale

    who do i have to sleep with to get a hospital job??

    khrissi, i would hire u in a minute! Just remember, its definitely NOT YOU its..the situation Hang in there, keep your head up
  7. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Good point, I thought about that too - I think I shouldve went with a title that had more to do with the story..I guess this was the first thing that popped into my head when I decided to share the experience, and look at how well that turned out. LOL Note to self!
  8. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    You made your point, apparently I made someone feel like they were 2 inches tall in a room full of 20 people, by alleging I graduated from the toughest program and for that I apologize.
  9. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Oh it was written in stone some where sorry, dont have the link to show you. Again, what does this have to do with the original post? Will you sleep better tonight if I told you Im sorry you were right. NCC is not the best nursing program in the country. Better? Goodnight We're going in circles, so I'm not really going to add anything from this point forward. Toodle Loo!
  10. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    I was told from faculty that was the time the NCLEX started changing things up, the students who took that exam weren't as well prepared. Can we put the pitch forks down for a moment, and if we dont have anything positive to add then keep our opinions to ourselves? Thanks for going through the trouble of googling, I wish I had just as much free time to browse through someones profile ...not to do any good with it, but to use it 'against them' OK SO second toughest nursing program in the country, LOL can we move on from that? We could play a drinking game for everytime I use the word SO and LOL I will try and cut down (LOL) Again thanks to those who have similar stories, or words of wisdom ...or just your two cents in general!! I shared my story with an old classmate, she went through the same thing during clinical last week! So it happens often I guess, I told her the same thing I told myself. We just have to let our work do the talking. Wikipedia called back, they said they will make a page about it if it'll help my story. LOL (bad habit)
  11. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Putting out a fire, sorry LOL
  12. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Holy cow @ all the replies! It seems as though some of us trailed off to that dark neck of the woods I said I didnt want to go anywhere near! ..It wasn't a debate! I absolutely LOVE the comradery I've seen from NURSES!! Some posts made me laugh, some made me scratch my head, and others had some really valid points. I really just needed an ear, or an eye..LOL. You guys are in the field, I can talk my fiance's ear off but he wouldn't 'get it' I am not insecure, I think the instructor knew she put her foot in her mouth or she wouldnt of offered an apology. LOL It's like when you call someone a frog ...then they hear you say it ..so they say something along the lines "I have frog friends, so Im not against frogs" Love you all for listening. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Natingale

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    SO I am a new RN, graduated from one of the toughest nursing programs in the country. I was lucky enough to land a job in this economy, even better in the department that I love the most! Life is great, seriously..What could go wrong?! Its another day in nursing orientation, a handful of us new nurses listening to lectures, performing skills, participating in work shops. FUN! One day, for the head to toe assessment, a nursing instructor from a private school sits in with her clinical group to listen to the head to toe lecture. She starts off by saying.. Congratulations you all have jobs!!! Its because you all have your bachelors... be sure to tell that to all your friends who have their associates. I was the only one in the group with an associates in nursing. So I said, I have an associates, and last I checked I have a job. I SOOOOOOOOO wanted to go on. I wanted to ask her, with a genuinely dumb look on my face.. The nurses with their bachelors, do they take a different board exam from those associate nurses? Wait for a response, then come back with EXACTLYYYYY! I felt about 2 inches tall, but whatever. The school I went to had 1500 applicants, and I was the lucky person to be included in the 150 to get accepted ...of those 150, i was the lucky 70 to graduate on time (we had 90 something at pinning but we had about a dozen of LPNs and the rest were students who had to repeat a course) Needless to say, I felt small. Was unable to concentrate, but I reminded myself of the little things..and began to feel better. No student loans to pay back!! So my first paycheck, Im going to blow it and go shopping!!! I am only making a whopping...drum roll please...50 cents less per hour than those with a higher degree. I saved a ton of money by taking the NCLEX once and passing it on the first try, with 75 questions baby! I am going back for my bachelors, my masters even (i would love to have that clinical instructor work for me one day) this time the place I work for is going to reimburse me for my tuition. This post is not an invitation to flame and debate some more on why one is "better" than the other This was an opportunity to share my experience, hopefully lift the spirits of someone who had a similar story. se la vie
  14. I'll save u the time and gas money Youre going to wear something business casual, print your resume on fancy paper Go there The recruiters are going to say "we;re not collecting resumes, you have to fill out an application online. Heres a postcard with instructions on how to" South nassau, gave you the flyer for the online application process...and was gracious enough to allow us to write our name on a sheet of paper. All 3200 of us. Theyre not even hiring internally right now. Its good if you want a job outside of nursing. Sure then go. Even nursing homes arent looking for nurses, they are looking for aides.
  15. Natingale

    New RN salary in Doctor's Offices

    the responsibilities mentioned are things i did when i worked as a medical assistant, so 17 an hour would be about right. even though youre licensed, youre really not doing NURSING, assessing gathering data implementing and evaluating. those companies that pay RNs to administer the flu vaccine are paying about 20 dollars an hour. I dont know if I would go to a Doctors office, its not like a hospital where that have a budget where they can pay a decent salary. But if youre looking to stay sharp and perform skills like BP venipuncture then by all means take whatever they give you. especially if you need a job for the time being. I guess until you find something else
  16. Natingale

    who do i have to sleep with to get a hospital job??

    hospitals are focusing on their budgets and the overwhelming number of applicants for the few positions they have i havent heard anyone ask for a GPA yet, and I would rather have a "B" student at my bedside any day.

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