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  1. Natingale

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

  2. Natingale

    Learning thread (ER medicine)

    great thread !! in response to the pseudoseizure thread (im a BABY RN, received my license in the mail today) Ive seen a doctor order a CPK (not the one with isoenzymes) as sort of a truth serum ...a prolactin level also I believe now if youre going to ask me the mechanisms behind it, i shall refer you to google. LOL
  3. Natingale

    Anyone have to wear Dove Apparel?

    i used my dove uniform for the 2 years i was in the program, the second year i dyed them white they did get a little off white due to bleaching but it lasted a very long time (almost wore it to pinning, then they said we can wear whatever we want as long as its white scrubs) Im still keeping mine, I will never burn it (way too much money) and its grown on me lol
  4. Natingale

    Schools over - stuck with 18 books

    I passed my boards (yahoooooo!) sort of have a job lined up I do plan on going back for my bachelors, starting in fall of 2011 Cant decide which ones I should hold on to. Any advice would be much appreciated
  5. Natingale

    Exam Cram Simulated Exam. How did u do before the NCLEX???

    I got an excellent in every category ...still didnt feel confident for the nclex though but i passed!
  6. Natingale


    OMG u sound just like me, had you written this before you found out your results i wouldve bet money that you passed I did feuer CDS kaplan read saunders and nclex exam cram how were u doing on KAPLANS question trainer 6 and 7 ? QBANK ?'s are too easy
  7. Natingale

    Kaplan-RN live online class

    i did the in person classes twice the first time, i got NOTHING out of going to class, and learned better and more and the same exact thing online SO i called to complain, they talked me into staying, but with a different instructor ...i did it, the only benefit to that was she gave cute little tips ...its really a mixed bag of who you will get out of the 4 people i know, 2 peple loved loved loved their instructor ...2 disliked theirs a lot i still say you can learn the same thing in class, but online. I learned the decision tree online, and seriously with the nclex ..decision tree goes out the window, i would choose kaplan again ONLY because of their level of difficulty when it comes to questions, it almost mirrors the nclex
  8. Natingale

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    Took my test Friday afternoon, came home got the good pop up Just paid 7.95 for the Quick results, I passed Thank you everyone
  9. Natingale

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    just try the trick, i think its the whole once uve already paid to take the test they wont allow u to pay for the test again. but yeah call, dont mention the trick though ! im taking it in 2 weeks, i hope they dont fix that glitch before then
  10. Natingale

    Kaplan courses for NCLEX:WHich one?

    pmkn its almost as if we're in the same class. i cant believe i spent 500 dollars on this bull crap. its ridiculous
  11. Natingale

    to go or not go to pinning ceremony?

    I plan on going to mine. Ive made some really awesome friends, and this is the last time we'll ever see everyone in the same room again. Very sad, and what a memorable moment. I didnt go to prom, or even high school graduation...didnt care enough to go I guess But this is something I truly care about, and I am inviting anyone with legs to come watch me get pinned LOL People whom I haven't seen in 20 years, yeah come watch me get pinned, you'll know what I look like when they say my name With that said, definitely a personal experience There are some in my program who choose not to go ..I could care less either way, just would be nice to see them again...especially for the first time as a nurse, no longer a student.
  12. Natingale

    What is the upstate NY job market like?

    kvetching lol love it! your clinical rotation was your opportunity to make a good impression, and speak to the people on the floor...they know how u work, if u left a good impression then u at least have ur foot in the door ASN (pinning on thursday woohoo and congrats to you too!) with 2 jobs opportunities, maybe 3. i'll let u guys know how THAT goes, im not going to jinx myself butttttttttttt i've been networking since the last semester started. dont wait till the last minute when theres 10 thousand grads looking for jobs in THIS market
  13. nursing school is still difficult, i dont know how fine you were doing if failing the final exam caused you to fail the course. not only is nursing school hard, but so is nursing so look down and deep, and do some soul searching before you decide to jump back in. the career in itself is no cakewalk. i know this is where i belong, and with ALLLLLLLLLLL the sacrifices ive made, it is totally worth it to know, after thursday I am on my way to adding RN at the end of my name.
  14. Natingale

    should this girl pass nursing school?

    thats cause its a BSN and not ASN lolol just kidding! I work in a hospital, and theres a student nurse in a BSN program that didnt know what a UA was...and she WORKED AT THE HOSPITAL having to enter it in the computer. Cant make it up :)
  15. I hear ya. 5 patients as a student nurse is difficult when all the people you are supposed to delegate AM care and changing bed linens disappear off the floor! So its 5 patients, assessments, AM care, changing bed linens, administering X amount of meds. Knowing what the medication is, the nursing implications for EACH med for EACH patient times 5. You get on the floor at 7, meds start at 8 10 12 and 2pm. Your patient is SOB, other one has a saturation at 89, and the other one is confused trying to climb out of bed. Yeah some help would be nice IIIIIIIIIIIII hear ya.
  16. Natingale

    Job Dilemma

    How much are you making now? zip..nada..right? 60k to keep your skills sharp and add experience to your resume is priceless :)