What types of nurses work their own hours?

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Just wanted to know... I like being more of a boss.. It's in my blood.. lol seriously i do like working independantly.... maybe a business...

Do any of you nurses on here work or deal with nursing management or business....Thank You

I have my own foot care business. I love it. I have my own clinic/office and I set my own hours. Haven't missed an important family event since I started. However, it takes time to build up a steady clientelle, so not much $$ in the beginning.

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Unless you have your own business the only time I made my own hours is when I was an MDS nurse. They have all kinds of names for them these days but I was called an RCM...resident care manager. Completely responsible for the MDS process and completion for my wing in a LTC place. We could choose our own hours as long as we worked the 40 hours a week and showed up for the meetings I scheduled. I rotated between shifts mainly to surprise the staff to see how the residents were being treated (I had the psych wing). I have been an RCM at another place and was not afforded the same schedule...it was good while it lasted. So that one depends on the facility you work at.

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Just wanted to know... I like being more of a boss.. It's in my blood.. lol seriously i do like working independantly.... maybe a business...

Do any of you nurses on here work or deal with nursing management or business....Thank You

There are avenues to self employment in nursing, but if that is really what you are looking for, get out. Now.

Unless you are the CEO, you are answering to somebody. Even then, you are answering to a board, stockholders, and just about everyone else.

If you really like being a boss, you need to find a job where you are your own boss and your company has one employee. You.

On the other hand, you could do what many of us have done and change your perspective to fit your career. As a med surg RN, I feel completely in charge of my own practice. I am not 'boss' over anyone but myself.

My nursing practice requires a ton of other departments, people, support, and equipment from above, below and everywhere else. I incorporate all these other factors, but it is only my name on the license and my own practice.

If you find you just can't play well with others, do something else until you can.

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I make my own hours, within reason. I can't just decide to see patients from 5-9pm or on a Saturday, lol, because the clinic is officially closed. I need to see patients for 24-26 hours a week. What hours I choose to do that must be between 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday. Inside those parameters, I make my own hours. I am also free to change them day by day, or week by week, etc.

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I pretty much make my own schedule. I work as a home care Case Manager doing 20 hrs/week in the office and 10 hrs/week in the field. I see my patients whenever works for me and them and I do my 20 hrs basically whenever I feel like it.

I do like case management. as long as i'm helping other people's needs. yes i thought about that too

Home health field nurses generally can set their own schedules. If you do intermittent visits, nothing to say you can't schedule seven visits in one day, while limiting yourself to three visits, the next, as long as you get your quota done during the week. Extended care work offers great flexibility. You can choose your shift or shifts, along with whether you work with one or several clients. You can tailor your shift hours in some situations.

I work in case management and set my own schedule for home visits. So since I am not a morning person I use that time for office work. I have to keep my phone on 8-5. But otherwise I go out when I want to. Might schedule visits 5 days in a week or 3 days...just as long as they get done by the due date.

When I substitute as a school nurse I can pick which days I want to work and not work. Not exactly the same thing you'r talking about, esp since there are no guarantees of how many hours you will get but I love the flexibility of it.

i work as an independent legal nurse consultant, life care planner, and case manager. i work for myself (and the boss is a *****). do i get to work the hours i want? mostly. sometimes my time is not my own if i'm on deadline for a big report or i have to travel to see a patient. sometimes i wish i had more work to fill a quiet week--or month. but long years of working per diem /independent contractor, where the work comes in fits and starts, prepared me for that. otherwise i get to set my own hours and conditions. it took a long time to get here, though.

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at this level, working in upper management it allows me to set up my own schedule, always keeping in mind that i have a staff to answer to, and meetings to attend plus deadlines to meet. needless to say, after trial and error i have develop a very comfortable schedule which allows me to attend to everyone that requires my attention. having said that, there are times that i had to intervene in some emergency cases outside of my pencil in scheduled, but in retrospect it works out nicely. granted, this didn't happened overnight, is just that we seasoned nurses make it look uncomplicated, although having a great staff plays a major factor in ones performance :cool:

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