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  1. Every job has its ups and downs. Nursing is very physically demanding and stressful. When I graduated from high school I didn't have the internet to really learn what all nursing entails. I had an aunt who tried to talk me out of it but her reasons w...
  2. Nurse ABC

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    If you actually are already asleep by 10:30pm you're only getting around 7 hrs of sleep. If you're like me and start getting ready for bed at the time you want to be asleep then you get even less. I cannot function well without at least 8 hrs of slee...
  3. Nurse ABC

    Pet Peeve #456657352

    I quit calling parents with these notes unless the student has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, horrible cough, etc. (the same reasons I'd send anyone home). If the student says they were vomiting or running a fever last night I will call parent to clari...
  4. Nurse ABC

    Just looking for some encouragement

    The statement about teachers thinking we work for them is SO true!! Not all of them but several. Stand up for yourself, be super nice but firm, and go out of your way to talk to the teachers and get to know them so when you have to do something they ...
  5. Nurse ABC

    is school nursing a good specialty?

    It's ok. I'm sure you will find lots of answers on school nurse forum if you look back. The pay is usually teacher pay (much less than hospital). The trade off is better hours, summers off, no holidays or weekends, etc. We do have a lot of after hour...
  6. Nurse ABC

    frequent flyiers

    You will never be able to cure it completely but here's things I've tried that help. (I do all of them.) First require teachers to fill out a pass every time with reason for student visit. This will stop SOME teachers from sending kids for every litt...
  7. Nurse ABC


    26 school days for us! I'm so jealous of the shorter ones-I'm SO ready!!
  8. Nurse ABC

    Parents that are nurses

    We don't email either. We have so many low-income that don't have access. I would love to be able to use that! Anyway, I've had a few nurse parents. Some have treated me really bad. I think they are just jealous I have this job and they don't. Whenev...
  9. Nurse ABC

    Do you ever miss the hospital?

    I always miss the hospital when I leave!! There are just parts of it I really enjoy-talking to patients and their families (when there was time which was rare), working with other nurses as a team and having the support and understanding (unlike a sc...
  10. Nurse ABC

    Happy Easter!

    Thank you! We didn't get any time off from school though-just the weekend! The first Monday back was insane with tired kids and bellyaches!
  11. Nurse ABC

    Nurse Substitute

    In our district we have 30+ schools and I don't know how many subs but it's never enough. When I subbed, I could go online and days i knew there was a day I didn't want to work I could check unavailable so I wouldn't be bothered. Otherwise, like othe...
  12. Nurse ABC

    Conflicted about job, help!

    If I were you I'd go for it. Keep your other job prn if possible so if you decide it's not for you, after the school year you can go back to it full-time if needed. It's not for everyone. I do miss my days off during the week but it's nice to have su...
  13. Nurse ABC


    This is such a dilema for me as well! At one school I can put a sign up and lock my door but kids still try to get in and then I'll hear teachers reading my sign out loud and tell the kid to go to the office like the sign says and next thing I know t...
  14. Nurse ABC

    Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    I have been a school nurse for 12 years. I've been a nurse since '92 so I've come and gone from school nursing over the years. I've worked full-time, part-time, and subbed as a school nurse. If all my experiences (or any) were like tallgirl's I may n...
  15. Nurse ABC

    Would you take this job?

    I had a similar job except my commute was 40 min and they started making me work extra shifts. I didn't mind the drive but 12 hr days are usually 12 1/2 if you don't get paid for your lunch which most places don't. Plus we we almost always had to sta...
  16. Nurse ABC

    Wetting accidents

    Those that don't have to deal with it are so lucky. They send them to me because it's a hygeine issue plus it's a central location for extra clothes. We have a couple who I swear are just not potty trained. At one school I have a church that donates ...