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  1. Which job would be less stressful?

    Yes, it would be teaching health related material. It's good hear others in this type of role enjoy it! I think you're right about the reason I keep searching. I'm going to go for it! Thank you for helping me decide! Praying I get it!! :)
  2. Every job has its ups and downs. Nursing is very physically demanding and stressful. When I graduated from high school I didn't have the internet to really learn what all nursing entails. I had an aunt who tried to talk me out of it but her reasons w...
  3. Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    If you actually are already asleep by 10:30pm you're only getting around 7 hrs of sleep. If you're like me and start getting ready for bed at the time you want to be asleep then you get even less. I cannot function well without at least 8 hrs of slee...
  4. Pet Peeve #456657352

    I quit calling parents with these notes unless the student has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, horrible cough, etc. (the same reasons I'd send anyone home). If the student says they were vomiting or running a fever last night I will call parent to clari...
  5. Just looking for some encouragement

    The statement about teachers thinking we work for them is SO true!! Not all of them but several. Stand up for yourself, be super nice but firm, and go out of your way to talk to the teachers and get to know them so when you have to do something they ...
  6. is school nursing a good specialty?

    It's ok. I'm sure you will find lots of answers on school nurse forum if you look back. The pay is usually teacher pay (much less than hospital). The trade off is better hours, summers off, no holidays or weekends, etc. We do have a lot of after hour...
  7. frequent flyiers

    You will never be able to cure it completely but here's things I've tried that help. (I do all of them.) First require teachers to fill out a pass every time with reason for student visit. This will stop SOME teachers from sending kids for every litt...
  8. Nursing vs. Teaching

    I'm a school nurse-best of both worlds. However, if I had to do it all over again I would have just went with teaching. It's hard to be a nurse in a school-I always feel a little on the outside. Nursing school is extremely tough. While all my educati...
  9. Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    Here we would make $2-4 less an hour as a new grad with NO benefits for school nurses. It all depends on area of the country, experience, education, and pay rate as deemed by board of education. We are paid same as teachers.
  10. Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    In our district we are required to have a BSN and obtain our school nurse certification. Never known anyone to be considered over-qualified to be hired. They encourage staff to get Master's degrees and National school nurse certification ( on top of ...
  11. Expectations

    Same here almost. I have abt half hour before and after school without kids. We are required to work teacher workdays but it's nice because you can get a lot done without kids there. The principal usually sets the hours we begin and end.
  12. Middle School/High School Nurses

    Check out pintrest for school nurse decorating and bulletin board ideas. There are some really cute health themed ideas for different months/seasons. There are teacher stores in our town. There are school nurse and teacher catalogues that have things...
  13. Starting as a School Nurse this Fall- nervous and excited!

    Congratulations on your new job! I think it's a great idea to stay per diem at the hospital. It gives you a back up if you decide school nursing isn't your thing and keeps your skills fresh. If you decide after a while you love school nursing and don...
  14. Question about School Nursing

    Like the ER, you never know what your day will be like but here's what it's like for the most part. I get to work at 7:30 and go to my office. I unlock all my cabinets and go fill up the ice bucket. I say hi to the secretary and principal and chat fo...
  15. Average pay?

    Around here it was $2 less an hour to sub without benefits as a brand new grad nurse in the hospital. So our new grads start off at $24 and it was $22/hr.