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  1. It isn't a primary concern or goal of my union and there is no evidence of them spending any resources on the effort. The redistribution of wealth - upward - is what is actually happening and should be a concern to the country.
  2. Interesting. Disdain for the people who work for you and reverence for a single overpaid person at the top. Remember when North Memorial Hospital's CEO was caught in a prostitution sting on his wife's birthday? Did you enjoy how he trickled on you?...
  3. Yep. Hospital CEO salaries made a very conspicuous public run during a recent RN strike.
  4. Feedback requested before I give 2 weeks notice!

    Do NOT send anything of the sort. Do not voice your displeasure. Do not do anything but nod and say, "I'll do my best." Then use all that energy you would have spent on the letter and protest and go find a better job. When you find that better job...
  5. How do you reward yourself after a tough shift?

    I go home. On the way, sometimes I reflect on the fact that not too many people could get through what I just did and be ready to do it again tomorrow. I know the me that existed 10 or 15 years could not have done it. I think about how the experie...
  6. How many hours per week (avg) do you work these days?

    Do long hours of work still exists today? Yes. How many hours per week (avg) do you work? 38 Do you see medical facilities in your area reducing or increasing hours? It fluctuates almost constantly at my facility. There is either an abundance of...
  7. The diverters get pretty good at it. I had an instructor who was duped by a coworker who kept fake med vials in her pockets and was extremely good at pocketing the real med, switching to the fake one and "wasting" it. She would then keep the "waste"...
  8. Your take on actors playing "nurse"...

    I am fan of the Nurse Jackie show. The show has almost nothing to do with nursing - much like MASH had nothing to do with the Korean War, but it's entertaining. The one thing I always notice is that EVERYONE on the show (EMTs, MDs, nurses) wears the...
  9. How does chemistry apply to your RN position?

    I found the chemistry extremely helpful.
  10. How does chemistry apply to your RN position?

    Look up "Basic Metabolic Panel" (blood chemistry test) and look at the levels given. Then look up the effects and treatments for ranges that are too high or low for each result and you will see a whole lot of nursing content.
  11. Giving Narcotic After Scheduled

    I would have given it and rescheduled all subsequent administrations to start 12 hours after the time I gave it.
  12. Misuse of insulin pens and patient safety

    I've heard of these horror stories and have some idea why the misuse of pens would occur. My hospital pharmacy is fairly bad at getting medications to the floors in a timely matter. Except when it comes to insulin pens. When we first got the pens...
  13. Those nurses you admire for their mastery learned a lot of their lessons the hard way. I once asked a Red Cross Nurse sticking me for a platelet donation, "How do you get so good at that?" She replied, "You screw it up."
  14. Rule follower-how to survive

  15. Has this ever happened to you?

    You went in to get an unnecessary round of vitals and cut the cheese while you were at it? Well done! Oh to answer your question, no, I've never done that. If I am handing someone their walking papers, I'm not taking their vitals.