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  1. Aongroup1990

    New Lpn wanting to start bridge program asap but scared!

    First of all I PM'd you on here, lol but let me say that you are lucky to even be an LPN. I was in one of the LPN program in Indiana and wish I could start over again. Now I am considering investing in Everest. I actually looked through all of the other schools but they require pre-requisits.
  2. I know this is an old post sorry but was wondering if this program bridged over as well... I am skeptical about doing the pn but even for the asn what if it doesn't bridge over for the bsn.. ya know I just need some help with this college.
  3. Hi AN, so apparently I've started the LPN program at Ivy Tech in Gary but it didn't work out. To keep things short, does anyone have any views on Everest for the ADN/pn program. I really hear nothing about it. At this point, I want to go to a private school. I have no choice. I really need some opinions on it because Everest seems to have a 12 month lpn program and am not sure if this school is accredited. Although, I do a lot of research on schools but just need better opinions from people who have been through this process. I am hesitant about starting here as it is expensive...
  4. Aongroup1990

    Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    Pray, god will take care of anything and find resources.. Try not to take out too much.
  5. Aongroup1990

    Worried sick

    Never give up, speak your truth, plain and simple honey, god bless... just talk to the BON... pour out your heart and prove that those days are over.. you are a new woman... we all hate the past but it's over and we have advanced from who we used to be. I am in the same situation as you.
  6. Aongroup1990

    Never Interrupt Mom While She's On allnurses.com

    I thought I was the only one who had an an addiction.
  7. Aongroup1990

    Single mom of 3, disorganized, discouraged & stressed

    Pamper yourself, give yourself a break once in a while. Don't rush life and enjoy these moments... Don't think of it as stressful. have some laughs. I am a mother, living on my own only 22 years of age. I am in school taking the general classes, aiming for a spot in the nursing program. Keep going, and always put school first. Or try to exercise to help you release some stress. Change comes in small amounts, but it takes time..
  8. Aongroup1990

    Having a celebrity as a patient

    My friend was the nurse who helped deliver Beyonce's baby..
  9. Aongroup1990


    God is extremely good, and all I can say is WOW. never give up infact I have learned from you to keep going, and apply everywhere. and just remember that education will always be important because you will learn more to get the job with skills and knowledge.
  10. Aongroup1990

    At the end of my rope...hate nursing.

    Girl you should be thankful the nerver of you to even enter nursing school. I think alot of people who have obtained their rn degrees are looking for jobs, and can't find one . You should be thankful and lucky you have that . I would die to be a nurse and in the position you are. Gain some confidence, and stop complaining. Learn how to make it better. Thats what they teach you in nursing school CRITICAL THINKING RIGHT .USE IT
  11. Aongroup1990

    I'm tired of looking like a zombie

    That's why when you get paid oh so much you pamper yourself. Get a facial or a massage. or your hair colored and styles. Keep yourself up. dont forget to put yourself first which is the most important thing.. Sleep as well
  12. Aongroup1990

    Got My Dream Job!

    Congrats, Are you an LPN?
  13. Aongroup1990

    How Far do you want to go in your Nursing Education?

    I think I will pursue my doctorates. I want to see where I can go with all of this education. I want to prove to the world I can succeed. The sky is the limit!!
  14. Aongroup1990

    Finally...I got the job!

    Congrats I hope to hear the same news as you one day. stay blessed.
  15. Aongroup1990

    God's perfect timing

    Yes, god does have a plan for everyone. For example, I used to be so jealous of my sister having a job. I learned down the road that what is for her is for her, and not for me. God has a plan for me.He wants me to go into another path , and not her life's path. Besides, Im glad I'm not working in burger king like her. I'm driven to achieve success, become a well rounded nurse..
  16. Aongroup1990

    Pre reqs for nursing !!! HELP

    It shouldn't matter about time. As long as your goal is completed thats a blessing and thats all that matter. Yes, time can be important because you only have one life, and it's best not to waste time but it's great if you made your goal..