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tyvin is a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice / Psych / RNAC.

Graduated Cum Laude OHSU 1995'

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  1. Judgemental...those doses aren't anywhere near what I've seen. I've worked with nurses like you and I come on shift to find some select patients who are suppose to be on routine pain meds writhing due to the attitude that you know better. You would...
  2. tyvin

    Long Term Care Stigma

    There is stigma but as far as being bored at a LTC job; that was my first biggest laugh of the day. Maybe on nights like any other place and it will definately depend on how many residents you're assigned. Don't think you'll get lots of training eith...
  3. tyvin

    Memory on the job

    Unless you have some deficit already, this all takes time. It's like any other job. Think of being a waitress...are you going to memorize the menu and all the stuff they have to do and if the chef will substitute and all that in 1 day (I've done it a...
  4. tyvin

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    It would appear that none of this behavior is being put on the MDS or else the behavior would have triggered a care plan/action for it. What is the MDS coordinator doing about this? If the behavior is not being put in the MDS that is a big no no...bi...
  5. tyvin

    Percussion question

    We were taught percussion in my nursing program and expected to employ it. It's part of the total examination of the client/patient and lots of info can be gleaned from percussion; create a baseline as well. I liken it to a skill of listening to the ...
  6. tyvin

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    This needs to be care planned. Always two staff when givng assitance and your boss has the right to fire you. So what...you just throw the other nurses to the monster. Your facility took him knowing full well the behavior and now it's their responsib...
  7. tyvin

    They were in bed together.

    SNFs are considered patient homes now...I though that was LTC, AFCHs, and AL. When I first started out I was a charge in a SNF (Blank on earth) and it wasn't their home. The patients that transferred to the SNF I worked in (exclusively SNF) were not ...
  8. tyvin

    Registered Nurse Salary Purchasing Power Across States

    I think we all know that state taxes, federal taxes, health insurance payment, social security taxes, medicaid taxes, etc are going to be deducted from our checks. The more you make the the more they take. In my state; state taxes are high, but we do...
  9. tyvin

    Running into former patients

    Oh please, since I worked in an inpatient psych ward I ran into my former and frequent patients all the time in the grocery store on the little island I lived on. They would wave wildly and I would give a little wave back and leave stat. One time thi...
  10. tyvin


    MDS coordinator...it depends on what system the facility you're going to work at uses. I worked at a place that let us have "not" over 24 patients each and we did it all save for sending. You are the team leader. You are responsible for going to the ...
  11. tyvin

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

  12. tyvin

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    I just found out that my step-brother is on disability. Why...he can't quit putting food into his mouth. He's 400 lbs and brags he gets to sit home and eat. There are many more examples of people that have a disease that they cause so please think ab...
  13. Dear OP, I agree with you but apparently you stepped on a few nerves. Perhaps nerves wrought from overworking in med-surg. I am an RN who worked as a CNA when I was an RN (long story). Don't take the haters to heart. Keep up the good work. Med-surg ...
  14. tyvin

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    Excuse but to add to the comments about fiscal responsibility... The money...do we include the elderly who falls 3 times a week at home and is helped by EMS, do we include the alcoholics that continually go to the ER and get hydrated weekly and go ba...
  15. tyvin

    Flagged FBI Report

    I know a couple people who were stopped, had a bench warrant out for non-payemnt of traffic tickets and were arrested. It's not that unusual in states that still pursue to do this stupid practice. It's just a waste of resources to book the person. My...