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  1. tyvin

    Surveyor: The First Week

    Don't forget to advocate for the nurses as well...
  2. tyvin

    Skilled Care

    Try doing it everyday with a real load...
  3. tyvin

    Skilled Care

    SNF's are nothing more over crowded glorified med-surg graveyards. I love how every now and then someone writes an article painting them as a great opportunity. Well; someone's got do it. Yes, there are probably a few out there there don't run the RN ragged with a ridiculous census, but few and far between. Just my opinion...
  4. tyvin

    Yikes I'm Getting Old!

    Myofusion is a whey protein powder that I drink often. It's a good protein source. I drink it with water, sometimes with milk, and sometimes I'll do the smoothie thing. There are many protein powders, it's just the Myofusion is the one that taste best to me. There's whey, soy, etc... This way I don't have to worry about how much protein from what.
  5. tyvin

    Yikes I'm Getting Old!

    I just turned 60. I still feel like when I was 30. I look like I'm 45 (runs in the family). I tried to get the senior day credit at the store the other day and they laughed at me. I finally showed them my ID. My mom who is 84 is her husband's caregiver (he has Alzheimer's). I hate it but she caths him x3 daily, dresses him, the whole shot. The thing is she still has time to drive to lunch with her friends, do the shopping, etc... My family doesn't die off until we're 100 and we remain sharp as tacks mentally so there you go. I admit it; we're tough. Did I mention I had a child when I was 45...yea, I'm helping him with his homework after I do this. Age is a state of mind unless you have debilitating disease and then any age is tough. When I read the younger ones complaining they feel so old it's sad. I lift weights, die my hair, and drink Myofusion post workout. Don't forget the over 2 liters of fluid a day. If you want to remain sharp, you need to work at it!
  6. I've heard that there were terms for both behaviors but have never witnessed either one. I don't believe that I've ever known any patient that I've worked with to do either one. Had a psych patient who use to take a dump when outside smoking but we clipped that behavior in the bud by withholding his ciggys. Amazing how fast he stopped that.
  7. tyvin

    Questions about an RN out of the field, new preceptorship

    Not trying to be snooty but FYI; you graduated BSN, Bachelor in the Science of Nursing. The registered part comes after the boards are passed successfully and license obtained. I know I like it when people correct me so I can learn, anyway ... so you haven't worked since 96' or you didn't work for one year? Anyway; just relax and get your hands as dirty as possible. Meaning don't let preceptor do it all, get in there and get hands on. Many precepts will try to show by example, this is fine for the first time but after that. It's impossible to predict how the precept will teach or act so you will have to find out for yourself. Hopefully they will be excited to be there and willing to teach and see you succeed. Where is this clinical going to take place?
  8. tyvin

    Non-verbal signs of pain

    Oh how I hear you. In the last LTC facility I worked I was the only one who would give the PRN morphine. As if giving it will turn them into a drug addict. Constantly coming on shift and being told everyone is alright and then finding so and so with resp 64, and the poor soul literally gasping for life ... yes, he is actively dying and has a morphine order for comfort but no one bothers to give it to him; it just slays me. I got to the point where I would have the docs make the orders routine to ensure that people got the relief. Then I was labeled and I told them all to you know what ... I could tell many a story of the tragedy and horror I've seen people go through because some nurses don't believe in giving pain medicine. It's against their (insert word) values. They allow built up prejudice to interfere with their practice. I've gotten many a order changed in order to insure a patient's right to pain relief. Many verbal arguments on the merits of giving morphine because the patients will get addicted. Well, that would be nice if 100% of the people I've gotten morphine orders for were not passing on. I've been trying to figure out how to put in my advanced directives that I only want nurses who aren't prejudiced against giving pain relief. Of course all of them will say they aren't but I've seen too much that contradicts that. Perhaps I will get lucky and go out in a flash which is my wish; who wants to linger ... When I was a student I was in clinical in the ICU and these two nurses were talking over this man who just had a triple A. One nurse said as she bent over him that he was going down the pipes and the other nurse agreed. I could swear I saw the man react but how could he, he was unconscious. So I decided to take a nonverbal language course. Wohoooo ... I can't explain how much I learned. I believe that nonverbal language course should be a requirement for every nurse. Anyway, I'm getting off track so Aloha and thank you for your post; a needed and very well written perspective to be sure.
  9. tyvin

    will this hold me back from getting my RN license?

    I disagree, there was action taken by you having to exit as you did. Does everyone go out by entry level seperation? No they don't. When the federal background check is done everything and anything shows. I don't know if the BON in your area does the fed checks; where I am they don't but the employers do. What's the big deal ... if you have nothing to hide why hide this?
  10. tyvin

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    Stopping to see each other after work because of these rumors will only feed fuel to the fire. Carry on as usual and know that green knows no bounds. Some people can't stand to see other people happy. It's sad that this person or persons are so unhappy; they must be suffering ... Nevertheless; it's not a reason to destroy others people's happiness.
  11. tyvin

    NSU-BSN Alumni please chime in

    Where I went and got my BSN it was a full-time job just to go to school. I did have a part-time restaurant job waiting on tables in a 4 star place and made good money only working weekends. Alas I think both programs are just as intense it's just that you go longer with the advanced degree. It also depends on your ability to be a good study or do you need extra time etc... Everyone learns at a different level. If your a fast learner I think working part-time is definitely feasible but I had a toddler and needed to devote time to him as well so full-time work and school ewhhhhhh ... couldn't do it. Also, you don't want your school experience to be one of drudgery and pain. I had a blast in school and I think it helped my grades to be not so pressured. Good luck to you on your future nursing career.
  12. tyvin

    am I that "b" nurse? or am I being an advocate?

    You are not a "B" and I think calling her out like that solidified the moment and perhaps she'll be able to get her priorities straight after this. It will definitely remain with her and be a decisive prompt for further action for some time to come but unfortunately people like that have short memories. Yes, yes; I know it was unprofessional and all that but sometimes we need to break the rules a little bit to tighten the ship (selectively of course ).
  13. tyvin

    G tube to gravity drainage

    If someone could answer that they would be a millionaire. An experienced hospice nurse can make determinations based on the patient, the patient's disease process, activity, the existing data, etc... The hospice nurse is the one to ask.
  14. tyvin

    Turning down overtime....

    I always turn down overtime due to the taxes they're taking from me. My checks are actually smaller with overtime because it causes me to be pushed into a different tax bracket. Depends upon how much you make an hour and how many deductions you claim.
  15. tyvin

    Offensive Nursing Behavior

    Are you actually filling out incident reports when this type of behavior is occurring? That's what needs to be done for documentation reasons for an investigation for outside sources since no one inside will do anything. You do an incident report and management cannot tear it up. Next time she verbally abuses someone write her up.