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  1. mtngrl

    Work from Home

    Just be aware if you work from home and are on salary you often end up working wayyyy over 40 hrs/wk.
  2. mtngrl

    United Health Group

    What state and what position, it depends a lot on that.
  3. mtngrl

    Asking for salary raise.

    I'm confused because aren't they offering raises at your evaluation? Are you saying you will ask for more than they offer? Past couple years the nurses at my place of employment all get the same 2% raise. So I reckon that is the norm.
  4. mtngrl

    Anyone dealt with COBRA?

    My daughter had short term insurance for a while, it was not expensive but after signing up she got a letter pointing out that the coverage did not meet the guideline for Obama's definition of insurance, so she will still have to pay the tax penalty!
  5. mtngrl

    Loans and job

    I am just wondering how you spent so much on school to be a nurse.
  6. There is really such a thing as "stress leave"?????
  7. mtngrl

    Crowd funding: Yay or Nay?

    I saw a go fund me that tops ALL the ones ya'll posted about....a Hooters girls asking for money to help pay for swimsuits, makeup, etc., for a bikini competition. She already makes GREAT money. Yeah, that pretty much told me go fund me is one ridiculous website. Can't believe they allow such nonsense like that.
  8. I have worked for 2 large insurance companies. I have an ADN. If you don't have case management experience the ones I work for looked next to home health experience, because we do field visits.
  9. mtngrl

    Struggling And Unsure ... Temporarily

    When I was in school I bought several of the "made incredibly easy" books (example: Medical Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. I felt like they helped me understand better, of course I studied the class material too, but it was a great supplement and made more sense. Also, get some classmates and study together!
  10. mtngrl

    No call No show but

    I would think a DON would have to have an actual voicemail message so how did you not realize you dialed the wrong person?
  11. mtngrl

    I don't want to do bedside nursing

    I felt the same way in school, I made great grades but dreaded clinicals. I think it might be the anxiety from the responsibility of it all. Anyway, upon graduation I worked in a doctor's office, which wasn't too bad. Then worked with developmentally disabled in their homes...most states have some sort of programs for that type population. Might want to look into that?
  12. mtngrl


    You could look up some insurance companies and see what positions they have open. Pretty much all of them hire nurses and they are usually work from home positions. I have worked for 2 insurance companies as an RN and at both places I got all the holidays off, work M-F only, and no on call or weekends.
  13. mtngrl

    Don't tell the manager about your second job

    Where I work when we do our yearly conflict of interest survey we have to disclose if we have a second job.
  14. mtngrl

    Would you like your job more if you were paid more?

    A raise wouldn't make me like my job more. The stress would be the same. Would not make me any less miserable nor make my job more tolerable.
  15. mtngrl

    UnitedHealth Group

    Sent you a PM!