What type of needle do you use when drawing up from glass ampoules

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jamsandwich2015 said:
As in filtered/non filtered and what gauge? What is your trust's policy?

According to the policy where I work, we are to use a filter needle only when drawing from glass ampule. This is also what I was taught in nursing school. No matter how you break open an ampule, you risk getting small pieces of glass in it.

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Always a filter needle. And there are many facilities who are moving away from glass ampules. Risk of cutting one's self, and contaminating the medication. (Plus it hurts like heck!!)

The filter is then replaced with either a cap, if you are giving the med IV or whatever gauge needle you need for the injection (which you can find on the packaging or your drug book)

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Filter/straw needle for ampules, always. Don't know the gauge we use because it's just one type of needle without varying sizes.


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I asked a similar question about a year ago. I swear some responses were, "What's a filter needle?"

As a side, sometimes I give moderate sedation in the OR so the anesthesia cart is available to me. They NEVER have filter needles in their bin? It's not empty, they don't even have a place for them? We (they) use fentanyl and our fentanyl comes in glass ampules!

Us nurses use them in PACU, I just have to remember to grab a few when I'm doing moderate sedation!


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Why do glass ampules even exist??

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AcuteHD said:
Why do glass ampules even exist??

To punish nurses.

Always draw up with a filter needle and then immediately dispose of the filter needle. Once it's been used to draw up the med, it's done for. Then, get the appropriate size needle for the type of injection or a cap if it's for IV use.


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Filtered...when you see it, you won't forget it, I believe it is a pretty large needle.


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I asked a pharmacist. He said the rubber on vials causes some meds to breakdown or something like that.


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A blunt fill filter needle, it basically policy for us to use filter needles for everything other than insulin and vaccines and I agree why do ampules still exist so ridiculous it's 2015 not 1956

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I didn't know filter needles come in different gauges, to be honest. All of our intravitreal meds are drawn up with filter needles, and those come from a regular ol' rubber top vial

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Filter needle. We only have one kind.