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  1. jadelpn

    Say What?

    "My apologies if I came off rudely the other morning. I get caught up in finishing stuff with patients, that it takes me awhile to communicate effectively." "Ok, well I am just finishing up this finger stick, then I will be ready to report to you" "2...
  2. jadelpn

    Fake Nurse?

    Lesson to be learned: Don't lend money to family and expect it to be paid back in a timely manner or at all. If one has "other responsibilities" a "I do not have money to lend you" and end of story. There are people who generalize "nursing school" t...
  3. So OP you have realized you can be friendly without being besties. Overshare nothing. That this one quits, the other one pouts, not your issue. Sometimes it is a matter of thankfully getting new staff, now I don't feel guilt about leaving stuff. Oth...
  4. jadelpn

    Did I make a violation?

    Get off social media "groups" that can screen shot anything at all that you post. Don't even allude to anything regarding nursing/your work on social media. It is the new red solo cup and keg no-no as of late. As far as your page being "scrubbed c...
  5. jadelpn

    When you want to slap your co-workers

    OP, then find something else to do with your downtime. You are there to work, not make friends, so who cares what others speak of at the nurse's station that doesn't affect you in any way but to irritate you. If they have 10 years in age, then I wo...
  6. jadelpn

    facing a write up

    If you documented accordingly and the patient was cared for, I am not sure what you could be written up for, other than patient satisfaction which is such an important thing to the powers that be. Regardless,you can only state what you said here, tha...
  7. jadelpn

    Book recommendation? Wanting to learn more about athletic injuries

    I would seek the advice of your local athletic trainer, either at a local high school or college. They could point you in the right direction. You could also try your local Physical Therapy centers. There are colleges that offer physical therapy aide...
  8. I understand that culturally, you are obligated to obey your parents. Who have decided that as a nurse, you would have better opportunities for a job. Unfortunately, your current school is not using best practices. Much like th US has for profit sch...
  9. jadelpn

    Discrimination in PT care??

    "Are you white, or Oreo?" And a coworker from New Zeland called "that kiwi nurse" Most recently, "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and that nurse is trash" Ok,then....
  10. jadelpn

    What is with this angry nurse?

    "What is the history?" "Complex and complicated, 3 weeks of it, you most certainly can review the chart for specifics." "Now lets get back to the more appropriate last 24 hours..." If she wanted to get the day one blow by blow, there's a lovely chart...
  11. jadelpn

    Nursing Niceness

    Op, just be 100% sure that just because the school admitted you, that you are able to sit for the NCLEX, and further, that you are also going to be able to pass the CORI check that would be done for you to be able to get a job. As a pp pointed out, y...
  12. jadelpn

    Comments to make on an Unjust write up?

    In most every scope of practice of both RN's and LPN's UAP's are delegated. And once delegated, the nurse delegating is the responsible party. CNA's "working under their certificate" is incorrect. They are working under the facility policy, as we...
  13. jadelpn

    When will I know I'm investigated?

    OP, I am sorry that this happened. As others have noted, call your malpractice insurance company, your union rep (if you are union) and they can sometimes help you with an attorney, or find an attorney that is familiar with nursing issues. But for...
  14. You don't. You do you, and her thing is her thing. If she starts chewing your ear off? "Why thank you for bringing that to my attention, I will take it under advisement. Now if you will excuse me...." and walk away, go back to your charting, whateve...
  15. jadelpn

    No more rudeness!

    The best lesson that you could learn is to not sit passively while others gossip and degrade other people on a subject you are so passionate about, OP. "What a horrible thing to say!! _________ is an awesome person, I did clinicals with him and he re...