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  1. brownbook

    Gave vancomycin wrong

    Can anyone explain how a supervisor telling a new nurse she could lose her license for a med error is the right way to handle this situation? The supervisor should lose her license or at least her job.
  2. brownbook


    A picture is worth a thousand words. YouTube has excellent educational videos for almost every nursing/medical procedure you can think of.
  3. brownbook

    Surgical procedures and Pink Eye

    Nothing specific to give you re: infection control policies...but common sense says The patient is "only" being screened for colon cancer. They took the "prep" and all the after effects that entails. Took two days off work, arranged a ride home, etc. This far out weighs the simple ways to ask the patient to not rub their eye, offer good hand washing to the patient, let staff know to not touch the patients eye, (ha ha???), use standard precautions, and even if someone catches pink eye it is not that big a deal!
  4. brownbook

    Five Reasons Diets are NOT Sustainable

    Do you write/coach about life's "little problems" also? Loneliness, depression, etc? I've never had a weight problem but some of your ideas resonated with me in my depressed, day after Thanksgiving, mood. I edited your sentence because concordance isn't a word I hear or use? Not sure if it's meaning.
  5. brownbook

    Worried New Grad. Any advice?

    Yes, I assume, believe, any new hire has to go through Human Resources. Hopefully the nurse leader sent your paperwork to them. If you live nearby go to Human Resources in person.
  6. brownbook

    Worried New Grad. Any advice?

    Whom did you call and leave a voice mail with? Was it the Human Resources dept? Call human resources again, or even go in person. Sometimes these things do take a while to go through the bureaucracy. Don't feel like you're being pushy or rude when you go to Human Resources. Applicants have to know what is going on with their application,. Have to know if they need to "move on". If any one at human resources is annoyed or gives you an attitude they are in the wrong business!
  7. brownbook

    So scared..hep c positive antibodies

    Several years ago a friend found out she was hepatitis B surface antigen positive when she tried to donate blood. No idea how long ago she had been exposed. She's had some needle sticks over her long nursing career. She is healthy as the proverbial horse. The immune system and hepatitis are extremely complex. She did as much research as she could handle. She, nor I, had the time, or brains , to really understand it. Bottom line from experts she was able to talk to. She's fine, don't worry, get a routine checkup once a year. In her words, "I dodged a bullet" . Make a list of your questions and concerns. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your worries.
  8. brownbook

    New nurse question?

    Talking to a doctor...on the phone (vs in person?). Nothing wrong with running your concern by a charge nurse or fellow nurse. They may have dealt with similar issues, have some ideas. Have the patient's chart in front of you. A lot depends on what your concern, question, is about. But generally speaking. Assume the doctor won't remember a lot about the patient. Give your name the patient's full name, when they were admitted, reason for admit, etc.,. Have recent vitals. Have the patient's regular medications and any allergies in front of you. If calling for a different medication some doctors will say something along the lines of "what do you want to give them". So knowing what other anti-emetics, pain medications, sedatives, etc., you have in stock is a big help. They may order something only for you to find out you don't stock that drug.
  9. brownbook

    New job and asking for time off

    Tell, or ask, in advance. Hopefully they agree, then ask for it in writing.
  10. brownbook

    Diabetes & food

    What is his blood sugar in the morning or before bedtime? Is the patient on insulin or oral diabetic medications? When does he take his diabetic medications. You need to take into account what insulin or oral hypoglycemics the patient takes, and when. The patients physical activities. The patients blood sugars over at least 24 to 72 hours. Low in the morning? high at bedtime? Or visa versa, etc. Does he usually eat his entire meal? Are you able to talk to whomever approved the diet for this diabetic patient? Is there a nutritionist or dietitian? Eating one whole wheat roll at lunch is very insignificant in the overall picture, the overall health of a diabetic
  11. brownbook

    Needless ports

    I glanced at that word...thinking, maybe it's right. Now that I take a closet (ha ha, my computer auto-corrected closer to closet), closer look it's obviously not. Probably an auto-correct error.
  12. brownbook

    Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    Yes, it is very debatable.. Some hospitals have great orientations, lasting several months, set up for new grads in ICU. Some new grads are just super nurses right out of school, (not me!!! I ended up in ICU after several years med/surg), and are quite competent to go straight into ICU with or without a great orientation. Some ICU's won't even consider new grads in ICU. Some ICU'S hire new grads but don't have good orientation. Some new grads go straight into ICU and have great nursing careers and don't regret it. Some new grads go straight into ICU and even if very successful there, regret not doing some med/surg or other areas first.
  13. brownbook

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    Every one who has any dealings with customers, any body who works in the food service or hospitality business, clerks from grocery stores to high end boutiques, tech support workers, etc., gets mistreated, yelled at, by customers. I know I can get very short tempered trying to explain or understand technical issues related to computers when I'm on the phone to tech support. Not proud of it. It is not just nurses!
  14. brownbook

    Potentially Hypochondriac Sister

    Not as bad a hypochondriac as your sister. I just say uh huh, uhmm, (a lot), parrot back what they say, don't give any advice, therapeutic listening. If she specifically asks what she should do, repeat like a broken record, call your doctor.
  15. brownbook

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    To call this abuse is over exaggerating. The patient didn't threaten physical harm or even use foul language. Yes the patient was extremely over the top annoying. Yes the patient shouldn't have become irate, condescending, call the nurse incompetent, insubordinate, has no business being in this profession, belittling the nurse, etc. This is an obviously sick (or she wouldn't be in an acute care hospital) immature woman with lots of issues. The Nurse is, should be considered, a highly trained, educated, "professional". I have handled such situations badly. But I realized it as I was doing it, knew I was worried, stressed out from issues at home (nothing serious). To this day I still cringe when I remember it. Dismissing a patient's complaints, telling a patient not to use the call bell unless it's urgent because it is 2 am, telling a patient they are disrupting other patients. If you don't realize that is absolutely not the way to handle this situation I can't help you. Better staffing ratios are a concrete way to help stressed out over worked nurses. And as far as I hear and read, there is not a nursing shortage.
  16. brownbook

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    I am the most theraputic, knows how to handle the worst patients, nurse you can imagine. Yet I've been in similar situations as yours. In my case I brought what really were minor problems/stresses/worries from home to work. I do feel badly for you. There are other units and hours you can work. Start looking around, applying for different jobs. I've met nurses (who did not have years of experience), working great jobs and hours. When asked how they got the job they said, "I didn't like working nights or med/surg so applied".