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CelticGoddess BSN, RN

Palliative, Onc, Med-Surg, Home Hospice
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CelticGoddess has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Palliative, Onc, Med-Surg, Home Hospice.

CelticGoddess is a BSN, RN and specializes in Palliative, Onc, Med-Surg, Home Hospice.

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  1. CelticGoddess

    Witchcraft resurgence

    To be fair, this is a southern thing. People, even men in their 50's call their mothers mama and their fathers daddy. Hell, I'm from Chicago and I call my dad daddy. It's regional.
  2. CelticGoddess


    Your name, state, and which license.
  3. CelticGoddess

    Useless Shift Report Information

    I had a nurse complaint to my (our) manager because I didn't know enough history about the patient. She was upset that I didn't know who did the patients total knee more than 10 years ago. the patient was in hospital for AML. I seriously doubt that the knee replacement has ANYTHING to do with his leukemia. Like you, I only want the pertinent info.
  4. That ED doc would really freak out over my nephew. He was an adult (like 20 or so) before he was able to swallow pills. He had been on liquid metoprolol since he was 8yo. Until he was able to successfully swallow pills. trust me, his mother and father both tried to teach home how to swallow pills. This is also the same child who struggled with straws until he was a teen.
  5. CelticGoddess

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you for sharing Ruby.
  6. CelticGoddess

    New graduate nurse, new job, HELP

    I love Terry Bradshaw! Part of the Steele Curtain. Go Stillers!
  7. CelticGoddess

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    It sounds like we worked with the same nurse!!
  8. CelticGoddess

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse did not get fired for giving a non-diabetic patient insulin. The nurse gave insulin to the wrong patient. Pt had to be sent to the ED. Nurse did not get fired for not passing meds but signing off she did. She was counseled about giving meds. Nurse did not get fired after having a physical altercation with another staff member. Just transferred to a different floor. 2 of these are the same nurse.
  9. CelticGoddess

    Stupid hurts.

    Fishing hooks are for fishing, not to employ as a sex toy. (Man int his case)
  10. CelticGoddess

    Playing Cards

    what about Euchre? I grew up in IN and we played a lot of euchre. I love euchre. NO one around here can play it. I guess I need to teach my fellow nurses the game.
  11. CelticGoddess

    Spiritual Competence, Religion and the Deep South

    You continue to make assumptions about Christians and the south. In the past, people have attempted to tell you that some of your beliefs are not accurate but you continue with your anti-Christian attitude. I am a pagan. I don't hide that fact (I just don't run around telling everyone that I am). As a patient, it is in my chart that I am pagan. The only person I have ever had issues with wasn't a health care worker. My nurses (most of whom are Christian, a couple I know personally who are very devout) and guess what, the care they have provided for me is top notch. Thy have never prosyletized to me, they have never given me substandard care, even though their religious beliefs differ from mine. As a matter of fact, most of the Christian I know are live and let live kind of people. Yes, there are some jerks. But there are also non-Christians who are a bit jerky. There are non-Christians who stereotype all Christians. Both sides are wrong if they are doing this.
  12. CelticGoddess

    How many times have you been exposed to TB this year?

    Back in 2013, I worked for a facility for a year. We had 5 or 6 cases of TB. I was lucky, they were known to have TB before my shifts started but several of my co-workers were exposed. All because the patients (who were coughing up blood int he ED and were high risk for TB) weren't screened adequately. I have not been exposed or even risked exposure since then.
  13. You're right, in the real world, things happen. I had an asthma attack on my way to work once and had to go to the ED. My husband had to call in for me because I couldn't breathe. I still got an occurrence. My husband had a heart attack and I had to call out of work, I still got that occurrence. Nursing school prepares you to work as a professional in the real world. And in the real world, there are consequences. If a student is late for clinical and misses report, NO way am I going to take time out of my busy schedule to give them report. And if they haven't gotten report, how do you propose they give safe care? As a student, I had to be there for report. The first 30min were important.
  14. CelticGoddess

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    I've seen orders for beer and wine, never whiskey though. Sometimes t's just better for the patient to get a controlled amount of ETOH. Pharmacy would send up the beer, and we kept it in the fridge (where other "high risk" or expensive meds that needed to be in a fridge were kept). A friend of mine works at an assisted living facility that has a bar and bar tender who works every evening for the residents. They have a cocktail hour. I'll have to ask her if she's ever run across a patient getting whiskey via peg tube. Lord I hope they aren't wasting an 18yo whiskey for this!
  15. CelticGoddess

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    While that might be true for your program, that is not true across the board. My ADN program, we got more clinical hours and experience than did the 3 BSN programs in my area. Nurses who graduate from the ADN program are more likely to be hired as new grads than the BSN programs and the past rate of thee NCLEX is higher for the grads of the ADN program. Exactly how did the BSN programs clinicals exceed those of your program?
  16. CelticGoddess

    Fall Risk Assessment

    What would make a fall risk a musculoskeletal risk and what would make a neurological risk? Are the other reasons that a patient might be a fall risk?

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