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CelticGoddess has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Palliative, Onc, Med-Surg, Home Hospice.

CelticGoddess is a BSN, RN and specializes in Palliative, Onc, Med-Surg, Home Hospice.

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  1. CelticGoddess


    I never realized it wasn't spelled with an "n" until I read your post. Wow. I learned something new today. ?
  2. CelticGoddess

    Scrubs color requirement??

    Not only did my school specify a color, we had to have our shirts and lab coats embroidered with our schools name. So basically we all wore the same brand of scrub top. The only requirement for pants was nothing too thin.
  3. My husband played stupid when they called about windows (We are an all Mac family). He had the phone on speaker and it was all I could do to not laugh. THe caller was getting more and more frustrated and my husband keeps asking them what type of wi...
  4. CelticGoddess

    Failed an exam

    Can you go over the questions you missed with your instructor? Or do you have access to those questions you missed and the rationales? THat would be a good first step. Try to not stress out over it too much (yea, I know, easier said than done). Y...
  5. CelticGoddess

    Witchcraft Resurgence

    It's not painful and doesn't harm? Tell that to my paternal grandmother who was forcibly sterilized when she was in her 30s. She was harmed. So were a lot of other people who were deemed "feeble minded" or epileptic or mentally ill. They were har...
  6. CelticGoddess

    Witchcraft Resurgence

    To be fair, this is a southern thing. People, even men in their 50's call their mothers mama and their fathers daddy. Hell, I'm from Chicago and I call my dad daddy. It's regional.
  7. CelticGoddess

    While we were arguing; We disappeared

    The hospital I worked for also had this. When I worked acute care, we had 2 badges so no matter which way they were flipped, our name, face etc still showed. The hospital I was most recently a patient at also has the two badges: it does make it easi...
  8. CelticGoddess

    Useless Shift Report Information

    I had a nurse complaint to my (our) manager because I didn't know enough history about the patient. She was upset that I didn't know who did the patients total knee more than 10 years ago. the patient was in hospital for AML. I seriously doubt tha...
  9. That ED doc would really freak out over my nephew. He was an adult (like 20 or so) before he was able to swallow pills. He had been on liquid metoprolol since he was 8yo. Until he was able to successfully swallow pills. trust me, his mother and f...
  10. CelticGoddess

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you for sharing Ruby.
  11. CelticGoddess

    New graduate nurse, new job, HELP

    I love Terry Bradshaw! Part of the Steele Curtain. Go Stillers!
  12. CelticGoddess

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    It sounds like we worked with the same nurse!!
  13. CelticGoddess

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse did not get fired for giving a non-diabetic patient insulin. The nurse gave insulin to the wrong patient. Pt had to be sent to the ED. Nurse did not get fired for not passing meds but signing off she did. She was counseled about giving meds....
  14. CelticGoddess

    Stupid hurts.

    Fishing hooks are for fishing, not to employ as a sex toy. (Man int his case)
  15. CelticGoddess

    Playing Cards

    what about Euchre? I grew up in IN and we played a lot of euchre. I love euchre. NO one around here can play it. I guess I need to teach my fellow nurses the game.