What pay are nurses making these days?

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I am doing an anonymous study on what nurses are making these days.

From entry level diploma, associates, baccleaureate.


And any other specialty and surname of nurses that are out there today including nurses that have their MBA's

Please respond briefly with your pay, which state you live in and what type of hospital, doctor's office, nursing home or other area you live in and your specialty.

Thanks for the input!!!!


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I work in the intensive care unit in Tennessee, base pay is $20.85 but that's before they add the critical care diff $3.50, night shift diff 4.00, weekend diff 3.50 (you work every other weekend), and if you work a holiday its 4.00 more added on. so i make between $28.00 to 32.00. no less than 28.00 an hour and i graduated december 2009, barely been a nurse for a year. hope this helps! oh and i have my bach degree.

For data for your particular state, go talk to the case managers at your local One Stop (unemployment office.) Pennsylvania published a report that that includes a list of salaries for LPN and for RN, broken up by WIA regions, and also a state average salary for each. I think that most states would have something similar. PA's reports that I just picked up were dated Jan 2010.

State: Indiana

Education: BSN Graduate in May 2010

Base Pay: 22.50

After 7pm shift differential: $4 more an hour

Weekend shift differential: $5 more an hour

So I make anywhere from 22.50 - 31.50 an hour. I work a 2-10:30 shift.

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I've noticed that you have conspicuously failed to mention LPNs/LVNs, which are a major backbone of today's nursing workforce. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I'm an RN with an associates degree who lives and works in Texas. My specialties are long term care and rehabilitation. I have two jobs at the present time: one is a part-time weekend night shift position at a nursing home for $28 hourly, and the other is a PRN gig at a rehabilitation hospital for $36 hourly plus $6 differential per hour for working nights.

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weekends only: $18 hr plus shift dif $1 hr from 7 to 3 then $2 hr after 3 and Baylor 8 hours at $18 hr.

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6 yr exp AAS RN

28 $ /hr base.

LPN $22.00/hour in Illinois for assisted living.

RN/LPN make the same wage.

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office rn in illinois $20.60 would have started at $19 but I have been at the office for a few years so for my experience they gave me a little more plus the raise i was due for at the time i got my degree

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$19/hr for RN base pay.

$2.50 bedside pay.

$3.00 Night shift

I work CTVU Days.

So. $21.50/hr

I'm a diploma RN in PA working for 16 years, just left a job that was $40.60 hour for home health. Now, I'm back in the hospital working a weekend program for 49.60/hour night shift.

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New grad in Florida, 1st job, day shift:

Base - $18.59

Evening diff (3-7p) - $3.50

Night diff (7p-7a) - $5.00

So from 7a-3p I'll make 18.59 and from 3p-7p I'll make 22.09. Not sure about weekends yet, I start next week.

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