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  1. happyinillinois

    ER to ICU-anyone do it?

    After 8 years I. The ER, I am looking for change. Has anyone gone from ER to ICU and how was the transition?
  2. happyinillinois

    Resume temp lets for iPad?

    Does anyone have a free template for ipad? Thanks
  3. happyinillinois

    ER dropping the ball?

    All comes down to focused assessment vs. head to toe. ER is focused on chief complaint. Did you go to nursing school? Good, then you can replace your own IV per hospital policy. If an order is missed, then that is on that nurse, not ALL ER nurses!
  4. happyinillinois

    CEN review

    Watch Mark Bozwell on You tube. He is great.
  5. happyinillinois

    IVs in the breast

    Rarely possible to get PICC placed in ED. Generally, mess needs to be started, you place whatever IV you can get, and then the PICC placed whenever they can fit it in. Where I work (and it is a large hospital) there is one full-time and one part-time PICC nurses who work 8-4:30. (I want those hours!)
  6. happyinillinois

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    ETOH-.529 . Alive, walking, talking, hitting on me.
  7. happyinillinois

    Getting report during change of shift

    There is no way someone had a bed assigned and sat on the patient for three hours. Generally, once a bed is assigned you have 15-30 minutes to give report and get the person to their room. Unless you work it, you can't understand how you have to keep patients moving, as they never stop coming in. You need to get the patient to the floor to take the next patient. And yes, there is ALWAYS a next patient. We once tried not calling reports in the last half hour of a shift. Know what happened? Instead of no report from 6:30pm-7:00, we found that the nurse wasn't available at 6:20, 6:15 etc. The I'll call you back, when you call at 6:10, resulted in no call backs, unable to take report, and then before you know it, it is 6:30, and they can't take report. You end up sitting on a patient for an hour. It's all about throughput. The giving report to the Charge is supposed to stop this, that is why it is done. Charge can identify repeat offenders. Also, the ER doesn't want to pay incremental overtime to the Er nurse so she can wait 30 minutes to give report. Next time right before your shift, take a walk through the ED waiting room, as well as the unit. You stop receiving patients when your beds Re full, but we never stop.
  8. happyinillinois

    "Your ER sucks!" and other pleasantries...how you handle them?

    We are not the only game in town. There is another similar sized ER 15 minutes away and 4 others within 40 minutes, plus all the major teaching hospitals downtown, less than an hour. That's why It drives me crazy when people ***** about how they hate it here, yet come back again and again. I am not customer service. I am an RN. It is the entitlement mentality that makes people act out. Any wait and they start complaining, as if we could pull some empty rooms and staff to work them out of thin air. Typically, these are complaints that could've been seen in a quick/urgent care setting, but they will require you to pay, so they come to to ER instead.
  9. happyinillinois

    Orientation Length and Type

    -What length of orientation did you have? 12 weeks -Were there specific ER classroom time or general nursing classes? How many hours would you estimate? Critical care:40 hours, EKG 16 hours, ACLS, PALS -What is your experience? New grad - How long ago was your orientation period? 2011 Then here are some questions about your ER: 16 bed ER -What is your current patient to nurse ratio? 1:4-for main ED, 2 triage nurses , 1 charge nurse with no patient assignment. - What type of ancillary help do you have if any? 1 tech, lab draws, collect urine, transport. 1 Medic same and could start IV, answer BLS radio calls, transport tele patients on a monitor. 1 EKG tech - What tasks do they do? See above - Can you send squads to triage? No. - Do you have protocols? Limited. Facility is teaching hospital. Tylenol, zofran, xrays for broken bones, EKG's. Always residents around, usually asked resident for what you needed and then gave it.
  10. happyinillinois

    "Your ER sucks!" and other pleasantries...how you handle them?

    When a patient says "this ER sucks or this hospital sucks", I remind them that they don't have to be here. This is America and we can choose to go to whatever hospital we chose to! Usually shuts them up. They can't tell if you are with them or not.
  11. Nursing school was WAY harder.
  12. happyinillinois

    Will prescribed Phentermine keep me from being hired?

    Yes, you will test positive for amphetamines. If you have an RX, you will be okay. They can also send your urine for additional testing to confirm that it is phentermine in your urine and not something else.
  13. happyinillinois

    Something bothered me today in the Emergency Dept.

    You were not using your time wisely. I am sure there is something else you could've been learning rather then sitting at 1 person's bedside for 2 1/2 hours. We aren't uncaring, it it just not possible to give a stable patient that much time. We do care, which is why we show up day after day, everyday seeing what we see. I am assuming it is your lack of experience that made this such a wonderful experience for you. Your role there wasn't a volunteer to keep the lonely company, it was to learn how to be an RN. ER is the one place where you can practice all your skills. December is going to come quickly, and you will wish you had spent more time doing assessments, starting IV's, dropping NG's and cathing people while you had someone to show you or be there which you. Everything gets easier with repetition, and this is the place where you will get the most opportunity to try those skills. You will be expected to pull your own weight once you are hired. You will not have an opportunity to sit with someone for 2 1/2 hours, you will need to prioritize. Seek out opportunities, don't wait for them to come to you. I see a missed opportunity. You can't tell me there wasn't anything else going on in the ER. We call this teamwork, and when you have a free minute, you help another RN.
  14. happyinillinois


    The good news is that everything you learn in ENPC will help you in TNCC. ENPC is a great class.
  15. happyinillinois

    What caused the hypothermia?

    Thyroid and diabetes can cause hypothermia.
  16. happyinillinois

    Any 12 lead classes in Chicago?

    Anyone know of any good 12 lead classes in the Chicagoland area?