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itsmejuli specializes in Home Care.

I started nursing at 45, spent many years living in Florida, moved back to Canada in 2011. I've worked in LTC and med rehab. Now I'm in home care, I supervise HCAs performing home care in a lodge setting. I think I've finally found my calling in nursing.

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  1. Young Male considering nursing? :)

    I suggest you read the many threads here on the dismal state of nursing jobs in Alberta
  2. Discrimination Against ER Nurses?

    I had no intention of being rude in my comments. I'm simply not one for posting long comments when using my mobile device.
  3. More on for profit schools

    Before you start classes make sure they will transfer towards a CC degree and ultimately towards any future plans such as BSN, masters etc
  4. Discrimination Against ER Nurses?

    I don't see anybody being vindictive or laughing at you. It's unfortunate that you've only recently found AN and all the current information we have on the sad state of nursing employment.
  5. Discrimination Against ER Nurses?

    Read through the forums here on AN and you'll find your reality check.
  6. Falls on way to bathroom

    I'm curious as to why your unit doesn't have fall prevention protocols in place already.
  7. Discrimination Against ER Nurses?

    From what you've written I can see a few reasons why you've not been hired.
  8. Falls on way to bathroom

    Is this a homework question? What research have you done so far? Give us some of your ideas.
  9. It's Wrong! (A night shift perspective)

    Little Old Lady
  10. My patients would be horrified...

    I binge watched Gossip Girl on Netflix, all 7 seasons.
  11. If you don't like science you won't like nursing
  12. Last fall I stubbed my baby toe. The pain was terrible. I managed to fracture one of the small bones behind the toe. It took 2 months to heal. All I could do was wear super sturdy shoes. I did get a cortisone shot and that helped for a few weeks. Bu...
  13. Goodbye, fellow nurses

    Congratulations OP and good luck in your new career. Today was my last day working as a nurse. I'm off in a new direction and big adventure. Of course if this new career pursuit doesn't work out I can always return to homecare nursing. I don't h...
  14. More on for profit schools
  15. Feeling intimidated by Adult semester

    Follow the syllabus and read the chapter ahead of time