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  1. Streamline2010

    I passed my first semester of nursing school!

    Congratulations! Keep up the hard work, LOL. I have a friend who is now a M.D. When he got to the end of his rope and went crying to his counselor that he was so exhausted and didn't even have time to sleep, she snapped: "Well, what do you want...
  2. Streamline2010

    Humble Pie

    If you're free to relocate, look at western PA and NE OH. Seems there are still plenty of LPN jobs in LTC but not many in hospitals nowadays. When I looked at LPN as a career change back in 2009, I was told LPNs are usually team leaders in nursing ...
  3. Streamline2010

    How Old is "to old" to START a nursing education?

    I was 52 when I started, with 2 college degrees and a 20-year career behind me. I elected to drop out of RN school because nursing wasn't for me. The one and ONLY "physical demand" that gave me any problem was all of the sitting. Sitting through ...
  4. Streamline2010

    Human Growth and Development

    Nursing classes will always refer back to the various theories of development, over and over. Practically every clinical assessment and care plan I did in N II and N III asked me to determine what stage of development in Erikson's, Freud's, Piaget's...
  5. Streamline2010

    From One Nursing Student to the Next

    The requirements for uniforms can vary widely. Ours mandated a particular stock Cherokee white top and 2 choices of navy pants, elastic or drawstring. Shoes could be any kind but had to be solid white color with no other color and and NO mesh or p...
  6. Streamline2010

    couldn't wait for ADN acceptance, now kind of terrified

    If you get in there and work, work, work, you should do fine! :-) Nursing I is kind of a catch-all course. The "kitchen sink." LOL It's a hogepodge of seemingly unrelated topics, but it's valuable introductory things that you need to k...
  7. Streamline2010

    Nursing Diagnoses. HELP!!!

    Nursing process is a roadmap for determining patient's needs and then planning, administering care, then evaluating whether or not it achieved the goal. As a nurse, you can't just do something because you thing it's a good idea. You have to be able...
  8. Streamline2010

    Heads up to all new nursing students:

    I had the opposite experience: Started nursing school thrilled, excited, deadly serious about succeeding, willing to do it day and night or whatever it takes, striving for perfection. And determined to thoroughly learn everything because I knew I...
  9. Streamline2010

    ABSN students with a bad work ethic

    I've talked to a lot of older adults who are back in school. This "team building" stuff is the current educational fad in many degrees now. The older students say that generally the division of work winds up unfair, with the more studious and matu...
  10. Streamline2010

    Out of town clinical sites?

    I think that the associate degree program at Butler, PA community college sends students from Butler to Kittanning (20-25 miles one way) and Franklin (50 miles one way), PA, and some other places. Associate degree schools have been getting short...
  11. Streamline2010

    Older workers that are new grad nurses, please explain.

    How does it bring maturity: Come back and answer that after you've worked 10 years or more and have paid off loans, and have changed and upgraded your skills to stay current in your field, and/or have lost an entire career field to outsourcing or o...
  12. Streamline2010

    Older workers that are new grad nurses, please explain.

    In the business world, a long-range plan is 5 years nowadays. Presuming that any one person will reside 40 years in the same region, let alone work 40 years for a single employer, is sheer foolishness. People move, they quit to raise families, th...
  13. Streamline2010

    Finished Pre-Nursing, Need help on ADN or BSN??

    Microbiology was required for every associate degree and diploma nursing program that I looked at. (Pennsylvania still has diploma schools, and they require just as much if not more college than associate degree RN.) Statistics will be a bonus o...
  14. Streamline2010

    So confused on how to get into a nursing program

    Nursing schools can have different admissions and prerequisite requirements. The math you need is really not full college algebra, but the college or university might require college algebra. Some have a special nursing math class and that makes m...
  15. Streamline2010

    Opening for BSN programs

    The schools that I applied to: One had a rule that if you got 80 or better on their preadmission test and you wanted in, you're in. First come, first served, no points ranking. They filled the class up and then waitlisted the extra students. ...
  16. How will they handle a student who took, say, A&P I, then took it again, but those credits are all over 5 years old now? There has to be a third time to get fresh credits, if they are standing by their 5-year rule. People enter and leave sch...