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Want To Be A Nurse, But

Fill in your standard answers and feel free to ammend or add your own.

Not looking to pick on anyone, just though one central thread under a catch all heading would help to serve perhaps as a reference point.

1 - Failed one or two classes, but only by "X", points, why are programs so strict?

2 - Don't like dealing with human bodily fluids and or waste.....

3 - Don't understand why nursing math has to be so difficult. Afterall in the real world there are computers and caculators

4 - My life hasn't been entirely blameless, will that affect my chances of entering a NP or obtaining a license, and why should it make a difference?

5 - Have allot going on in my life at the moment (work, children, husband, family, etc), but my instructors won't cut me any slack, is this fair?

6 - Why to I have to learn nursing and or medical terms that aren't used anymore?


loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

......what do you mean I have to meet the licensing requirements of another country before I can work there?

........gee I failed the licensing exam 10 times.What do you think I should do?

........why can't I learn how to be a nurse totally online?

7) I'm scared I won't be able to get a job

8) My clinical instructor is a (female dog).

9) I'm deaf and blind. Will that affect my chances?

10) I want to be a nurse, but do you think becoming a respiratory therapist/ultrasound technician/physician assistant/insert any other allied health profession will be better?

11) My clinical instructor is a mean (female dog).

12) I can't get enough financial aid.

13) Will my views on abortion/alternative medicine/natural birth/insert any other flashpoint interfere with my goal of becoming a nurse?

14) I'm 65 years old. Is it too late for me to become a nurse?

15) Did I mention that my clinical instructor is a mean, nasty (female dog)?

This is just a summary of the posts I have seen on this board and the student board about this topic.

1) will i be able to work in a very fast phase environment ?

2) frightened that it will be a struggle finding a first job, b/c everyone wants "experience"

3) why are instructors so mean/judgmental? They were once a nursing student too.

4)I hope I never make a med error and put someone else's life (and mine) in danger.



>Why is there so much homework? I have other responsibilities to contend with, too.

>Will I have to work week-ends, off-shifts, and holidays?

>How often will I get a raise?

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misunderstood post.

Tait, MSN, RN

Specializes in Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Prof Practice.

To the OP. At first I thought this was a serious thread with serious questions, then I realized it is for humor? I think?

Might want to clarify a bit :)


Ruby Vee, BSN

Specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU, Precepting & Teaching.

they don't really have to work fourth of july and christmas, do they? and my family all gets together on thanksgiving and memorial day, so i shouldn't have to work those holidays. and i have to have new year's off for parties. oh and by the way, that weekend obligation intereferes with my night shift.

the nurse i shadowed was so mean to me! she told me i needed to look up the answers to my questions myself, and i only asked her five or six times to see if her answer would vary.

i know from reading allnurses.com that nurses eat their young, and i'm delicate so i can't cope with that.

why do they have to make nursing school so hard, anyway? nursing is my calling; i know this is what god wants me to do. but those mean little paper pushers keep flunking me.

To the OP. At first I thought this was a serious thread with serious questions, then I realized it is for humor? I think?

Might want to clarify a bit :)


Sorry, forgot to add a ":D" at the end of my opening sentence.

However it could go either way, much as suppose anyone is any career or business long enough hears the same questions over and over... Of course one always tries to give a response, but sooner or later you start to chuckle and say "if I hear..... question one more time I'm going to embroider my answer on a pillow..."

I kind of like this thread. A little mean, but nonetheless funny. I have had some of those worries and sometimes I forget how silly my worries are and how big I blow them up.

Hopefully it makes people realize

1) uncertainty is the only thing that's certain so live with it - that includes the economy!

2)There are some people who will be mean so confront it or let it go.

3)Debt is a reality so deal with it and be smart about it.

4) Flunk a class and maybe realize one's priorities - get a tutor, study harder, study more, study differently, ask teacher, TA, and classmates for help - common sense so to speak. If you're failing a bunch of classes, um you're probably not trying very hard.

5) Nursing isn't for everyone so if u think you might hate it, maybe you do. Quit! No one's gonna care 10 years down the road but you will when you're burnt out from a job you hate.

6) Age is a # - that's it.

7) Patience is a virtue. No one can predict if you'll get into x school with a 2.9 GPA. Your answer will come when you get the letter. Then make decisions from there.

8) Half the time you already know your answer deep down but looking for reassurance online. just go with your gut. Because no one knows your situation better than you.

9) Can't deal with BM or bodily fluids - get used to it or quit.

10) Scared you'll hurt or kill someone? Not likely, but who knows. Look at # 1 again for your answer.

Majority of the time these questions are based out of fear, worry, and desire for reassurance. Have confidence in yourself. You don't need others to tell you you're great as nice as it is.

This is coming from someone's whos had many of these worries and may well again but right now I'm in my clairty moment. Haha

JBudd, MSN

Specializes in Trauma, Teaching.

# they won't make exceptions for me because I'm pregnant/have 3 toddlers

# they won't let me choose my own clinical schedule

# they expect me to clean up poop

#there are too many cliques and nobody wants to be my friend

# the pharmacist will do the drugs, why should I have to learn all this stuff about them

I too was confused at the real intention of this thread, but I can appreciate its strange humor...lol:)

My real answer to that statement is: I want to be a nurse, but I dont want to spend time/money on a degree that I cant utilize due to job shortages for graduates. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Hell, by the time I actually get out of school, there very well may be lots of jobs waiting. (BTW-I havent even applied yet, and there's at least a 2yr wait in my area):p



To the OP. At first I thought this was a serious thread with serious questions, then I realized it is for humor? I think?

Might want to clarify a bit :)


I thought the same thing; went so far as to write a long response; when I saw the other posts, I realized I was "out in left field!" :confused:

In prerequisites for the RN program I have heard from people taking 6 credit hours and less say.....

-I hope the nursing program is easier than this.

-I took a 6 week class 5 years ago in high school- so I already know this stuff, so I don't need to study for this test. (This person failed.)

-Blood discusts me.

-I get sick to my stomach when I look at pictures of organs.

-I don't have time to study this much, I have a life!

-I hate this teacher, they make things so hard, and he/she is the reason for my F in this class.

-Can I buy your scantron from the test I missed last week... I really need to pass this test. (I said no!!!!)

-this one was said to the prof- Well, I need to be able to answer my phone during class, and text during class because my boyfriend doesn't know what to feed the baby for dinner.

-I am a CNA- I might as well be a nurse. The nurses have it so easy. (Said person failed the class and probably won't be back.)

Up2nogood RN, RN

Specializes in pulm/cardiology pcu, surgical onc.

I was fired for being too beautiful!

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

- but which specialty in nursing pays the most money?

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

....I plan becoming a nurse so I can work while I go to med school.

....My nursing instructor/clinical supervisor hates me.

ZooMommyRN, ADN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, ICU, ER, Peds ER-CPEN.

I was fired for being too beautiful!

I noticed a rash of those "I'm sooooo pretty and the other nurses are soooo mean to me *hair flip* they are just jealous and it's not fair *pout*" :lol2:

Care plans are useless, why do I have to do a long form when the computer charts do it for me?

my biggest pet peeve of all tho, when they don't like the answers they are getting so the go to another board and duplicate post with the addendum of "the other board was just so mean to me" it's the same site, do they really think we won't notice?


Specializes in NICU.

I was fired for being too beautiful!

I know I am far too beautiful and it's why I can't get a job. They just sense my beauty through my resume and can't handle it. Bitter, mean, (female dogs). :p

Oh how I wish.....because then I could just give up working this hard to get a job and go be a lingerie model.

-- but I don't want to have to pay anything for school; there's some way I can go for free, right? (Do you think there are potential students in any other college majors that ask this???????)

Plus, of course, all the "buts" already noted. :)

....I plan becoming a nurse so I can work while I go to med school.

I so agree with that. I don't know why, but it bugs me when I see people posting who view nursing as a route to med school. They're two different careers :uhoh3:


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