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  1. Ayeshachaudhary

    So, im failing chemistry....am i cut for nursing?

    Try even harder, how bad do you want to become a nurse? If its your dream to become a nurse, then show it. I can't stress that enough, try other methods of studying if one does not work. If math is your main problem, then practice, practice, and practice. Im not into math either, and i hate it..but thats one subject, i practice more than anything and I aced all my math clases b/c of it. Its required for nursing. In Nursing school, you will do med calculations w/out a calculator (you need at least a 90%) . So train yourself, be ahead of the game. Learn why your making errors and try to correct them. Give yourself tests and quizzes each day. Do homework, even if its not due. Sharpen your math skills skills. I took chemistry in HS (taking it in the summer now), and i remember that in class, we had so many formulas to memorize. So the problem wasn't the math, but conversions,/formulas. I wish you all the best..
  2. Ayeshachaudhary

    New Grads, enough complaints about preceptors.

    Very true, why complain about the preceptors? If they are not doing such a good job teaching you, then you inquire the information from someone else. Stay on top of the game, and learn from other resources. Don't expect to be "spoon fed".. Im not a nurse at the moment, but i agree that nursing is a very demanding job. What sets nursing apart from other careers is that nursing requires one to be a critical thinker. If you make a mistake, it can put someone's life at major risk.
  3. Ayeshachaudhary

    McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    could you please send it to me too Ayeshachaudhary2005@hotmail.com :) will be greatly appreciated
  4. Ayeshachaudhary

    A Word of Advice for New Grads...

    Thank you, that was very encouraging. :) congrats that u found a job. :thankya:
  5. Ayeshachaudhary

    High debt but want to change careers

    I don't know if you will be qualified, but fafsa can cover your payment for nursing school/pre-reqs. My sister has been done w/ nursing school for over a year, and is currently a RN supervisor w/ no student loans! She had two kids, during the time she was in a community college. She completed nursing school while being pregnant w/ her youngest. SHe was qualified for full financial aid, b/c she did not work, had two kids to raise, and only her husband had a full time job. Maybe you can quit your job as a teacher, and dedicated your self to school, apply for financial aid, like fafsa, and safe yourself from other student loans. Make sure you go to a community college. Good luck
  6. Ayeshachaudhary

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I decided to be a nurse when i was in 9th grade (high school) i wrote that in my class year book, when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up" and i wrote "nurse", and wrote many encouraging nursing quotes . well, didn't necessarily turn out that way, I got married, at 18, had a baby, and now I'm 23 and going to take the TEAS test/apply for nursing (done with the pre-reqs) Still young, but wished i had gone to college before and established a career. Gee, no im so motivated, then i was slacking, I don't know why i wasn't motivated.. Seriously i believe that "motivation is the key to success" Good luck on your journey to become a nurse
  7. Ayeshachaudhary

    Want To Be A Nurse, But

    1) will i be able to work in a very fast phase environment ? 2) frightened that it will be a struggle finding a first job, b/c everyone wants "experience" 3) why are instructors so mean/judgmental? They were once a nursing student too. 4)I hope I never make a med error and put someone else's life (and mine) in danger.
  8. Ayeshachaudhary

    Sociology and Fundamentals to Chemistry

    sociology is a breeze, its an easy class. I took it this past semester, and an A. Chemistry im taking in the summer time (class starts next week), requires a lot of math, and memorization of formulas. Chemistry is a class that you need to study for, and practice, b/c practicing will sharpen your math skills, and thats whats needed. Good luck
  9. Ayeshachaudhary

    Tell me your GPA. Just wanna compare

    I have a 3.82..the A-'s really bring the gpa down..im going to take the TEAS test soon..and apply to nursing school