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Tait MSN, RN

Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Pain and Spine
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Tait has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Pain and Spine.

I have spent 12 years in nursing. My experience ranges from bedside cardiac/complex med tele (4+years) to hospital and new graduate RN onboarding (5 years) , to now Pain and Spine (1 year). I am an active member of shared leadership as well as our Patient and Family Advisory Council (4 years).

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  1. Tait

    taking the nclex as a community college student

    Maybe the OP meant TEAS?
  2. Tait

    Desperate for a PBDS guidance

    I had to look up what PBDS stood for and found this: http://www.medicalsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/PBDS-Testing-Guide.pdf Perhaps that helps?
  3. Tait

    Off Cycle Hires

    Thanks for the responses. The issue we are having, I work in education, is we do a one week (+ more if you count the endless CBL assignments people need to do) orientation each month. In addition to that we were doing a scheduled "off cycle" orientation plus then having the new hire come back for the next monthly orientation. Now it seems we get new hires every single week along with contract employees. This means we are basically orienting every week a group of 1-12 new employees, plus regular orientation, which lately has been 40-70 people, then on top of that doing all the tracking for mandatory CBLs plus education checklists, plus orientation checklists for the floors. So in the end we feel more like an Orientation Department than an Education Department.
  4. Tait

    Off Cycle Hires

    I was just curious as to how many people out there work at facilities that have off-cycle hires. This means you come in as a new employee during an off week, meaning it isn't the regular hospital orientation. If so, do you bring in people every week, every other week? If you do have off cycle hires what is the process for them? Do they start on the floor and then come back for hospital orientation during the normal time? What about contract employees? Any details are helpful as I navigate this with my new job. Tait
  5. Anyone else prepping and taking this in 2014? I am reading over older threads, particularily VickyRN's thread here: https://allnurses.com/nursing-educators-faculty/certified-nurse-educator-408120.html Unfortunately most of the links are broken in it, but still great information. I got my letter yesterday so I am going to get the SAE prep when I get back from the beach.
  6. Tait

    Online CPR Class

    Double post. Where did the delete option go?
  7. Tait

    Online CPR Class

    At the facility I am working at we do HeartCode through the American Heart Association. Both BLS and ACLS are done online and then employees come into education and check-off on the automated mannequin system. The best thing to do however is to check with your facility. For ours we won't accept anything from an organization other than the AHA.
  8. Tait

    Skills Check off

    I am looking for some ideas on how to streamline competency check offs where I work as an educator. I am pretty sure the current system isn't the most efficient or user friendly. If anyone wouldn't mind a brief outline of their annual checkoff system, I would appreciate it. Meanwhile I will be staring at my screen trying to brainstorm. Tait
  9. Tait

    Dropping Magnet

    Oops I already said that a long time ago. Carry on, nothing to see here. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  10. Tait

    Dropping Magnet

    That is because Magnet is recognition for nursing excellence. It takes time to change culture after it is lost, but it will change. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  11. I have my MSN-Ed and I am returning to the bedside. While I plan to move on to new graduate education, my expertise will be beneficial to not only my patients, but to my floor as well. Now I won't lie and say I tried for the floor first after school, but after three years at home with school/children I am slightly removed from bedside to teach clinical and I have no formal academic teaching experience yet. To be honest I feel having MSNs on the floor is awesome, because nursing is an evolving career and many levels of education can facilitate change. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  12. Tait

    Sexism in nursing

    No matter your gender, being a minority (male in a female dominated workplace), or station in life, NO ONE deserves to be made uncomfortable at work. Report the secretary and call out the others. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  13. Tait

    Job Rejection Letters

    In the last year and countless applications for jobs I have gotten a total of two rejection emails and one call from a job I actually interviewed for.
  14. Tait

    Have you blanked in an interview??

    I haven't blanked on a knowledge question, but I did completely lock up in an educator interview with HR last year. She asked me what parts of my MSN were specific to teaching people. Because our classes were mostly advanced theory, pharm, assessment, and management I didn't know what to say! I couldn't list techniques or anything. Unfortunately I did not get the job, but I also had been off the floor for two years with my children and didn't have any formal educator role experience. What did you blank on?
  15. Tait

    Fat nurses

    Seriously? Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  16. Tait

    MSN, Bedside, and The Babies

    Thank Hou! Now one area I am particularly interested in when it comes to NGs is debriefing, PTSD, and mentoring. I would love to get a PhD in counseling and then go on to be a hospital based RN counselor (experience on the floor + counseling expertise) to help RNs with managing challenging emotional situations, both at work and at home. I would also like to see this for all levels of hospital personnel, but my particular interest lies in RNs. This position could also include creating educational classes on stress management, life work balance, etc. Honestly I think taking this position is a step in the right direction, as well as an opportunity to refresh my bedside skills and gain experience in a slightly more critical care arena than I am used to.