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Here is a short background. I have been going head to head with one of the cnas that I have been working with now since last month. She was downright insubordinate, refused to get vital signs and whenever I would ask her to do anything she would run to the night shift supervisor and tell her I was harassing her and that I wasn't allowing her to take breaks and that my expectaions were unrealistic. I only delegated vitals to her and made sure she was turning ans changing her people and delegating tasks for her to do within her scope of practice. (For full details pm me and ill go into more detail) long story short I was informed by this cna that she was filing harrassment charges against me and it will go against my nursing license. She has also been spreading rumors about me. So far nothing has come up on the BON. I haven't received any suppenos and the rn supervisor and the staffing supervisor have both told me she was full of crap. What should I do? Can she really report me to the board?

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not to worry, jess.

i am quite sure the BON's first question would be, if this was handled internally.

cna s/b filing any grievances within...

if cna hasn't brought this to appropriate channels in facility, then tptb s/b having a 1:1 w/her, encouraging her to share her concerns.

either way, it's time for a little pow-wow amongst you, her and mgr.

she cannot be randomly spewing her venom.

if you haven't been already, keep meticulous notes of all interactions betw you/her.

have witness present at all times, if possible.

put your concerns in writing and submit to nm/don.

but as for bon, pfffffft.

there are much bigger fish to fry.



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I am sure that you are not the only nurse that this CNA has come in contact with. What are the other nurses saying? Have the night supervisor or anyone else ran into a problem with this CNA? Document everything, I mean everything. If the CNA just wants a paycheck without working for it then write him or her up. Do not back down and report this CNA to your manager ASAP. Do not be intimidated at all. I was a CNA many years ago. They have a job to do period. Most are very, very good at it. Just as nurses they are a few that need to find employment elsewhere. If that is the case here, help them right out the door.

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As long as you acted according to your scope of care in regards to delegation, supervision, followup you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I would keep track of this on paper so that you have dates/ times etc to back yourself up.

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I would also talk to the DON and get a CNA job description. Then have your supervisor witness you giving it to her along with a copy of the one she signed on hire.

I would make her life a living hell.


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Definatley time to talk with the DON and CNA together. I agree with the others, document and have witnesses when able. Good luck.


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Document everything and set up a mediated meeting with the CNA. Hopefully she will not get away with this kind of unprofessional behavior.

Best of Luck!


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She sounds like a basketcase. I'm sorry she is harassing you.


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It's a shame when another employee acts so unprofessionally.

I would be livid if she made threats against me and my license. From what you've posted you did nothing wrong! Definately time for a meeting with her and management. I would make it crystal clear that you won't allow her to threaten you! As far as her insubordination, I would document document document and present to management.

So sorry you're going thru this...as if simply doing YOUR job isn't enough :(


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Hey Jess 1983, please don't let wacko stress you out, you get enough of that without her. You got a player here. Fortunately, as with most players, she doesn't know the rules. You're the nurse, she's the CNA. CNAs don't run floors. Here's my suggestion on how to handle this. Treat her with kindness (it'll confuse her), expect assigned tasks to be completed. Don't even worry about her running to other staff with complaints or rumors (that's the game she'd love to see you get wrapped up in). If a supervisor approaches you with this, explain that unfortunately the CNA chose not to communicate any concerns to you, but that you'd be glad to address any concerns. Keep communication with this CNA very professional and never let her change the subject or bring up stuff that's irrelevant (she'll try). Explain to her that if assigned tasks are not completed you will document this (do not say you'll write her up [it's the same anyway])but also offer help and advice on completing tasks (she won't take you up on it). Be careful about the vital signs. While there's nothing wrong with a CNA obtaining routine vitals, it could be a problem if a patient involved was more acute (on antibiotic, prn BP meds, edema, etc., etc.)so just stay away from the vitals, you can fault her on a lot of other stuff. Can she report you? Sure ,she can call the president also. This is part of her game. Even if she calls someone, they'll quickly figure out what she's about (hot,stale air). Again, the best thing you can do is ignore her game, be kind and be or at least act happy (it'll destroy her). In most cases, people like that, when given enough time, will digg their own grave. She'll mess up big time sooner or later. In the meantime go about your business and do write her up if warranted. When it becomes hard not to let rumors and such bother you, think about how much bigger your paycheck is. If possible reward yourself, e.g. $5.00 each time you resist telling her off. Anyway, I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but there's no doubt in my mind you'll come out on top.


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hey Jess:nurse:

It is only fair to assume that in every conflict, there are two sides to the story. Surely, if we were to interrogate this so called "wacko cna," she would file similar abnormalities about your work ethics. Now, dont take this the wrong way. I am not trying to put you in the wrong here, iI just believe it would be unfair to judge without questioning both sides. I also believe that if you knew you had nothing to fear, you would not have felt obligated to post this incident in the first place. Thats just my two cents:twocents:

Hopefully this gets resolved in a way that is beneficial and favorable to both parties Good Luck to you both

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I believe that a CNA reporting a nurse to the BON would be hard pressed to submit legitimate proof that would stick. In fact, it is laughable. In any event, do what everyone else suggested.

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