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Dorito has 35 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, , Home health, Education.

Nurse for over 35years, variety of departments and experiences

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  1. Dorito

    How do you leave it at work?

    Very hard to "leave it at work". In all my years of nursing I still wonder/ worry about pt's and I do check on them- particularly if I got them transferred etc. It seems that this thread took a wrong turn at some point and I don't think it has anythi...
  2. Dorito

    New grad employment offer...please help

    Make sure the Orientation is long enough and you will have a preceptor. If critical care/ acute care is your passion it sounds like it would be right up your alley! Best of luck to you and your nursing career!!
  3. Dorito

    I shouldn't be a nurse

    We've all made mistakes....some little ones, some bigger ones and we've also ALMOST made mistakes. It's part of life, it's part of nursing. you'll get over it as long as you learned something out of it. We've all done it. I've had 35 years of mistake...
  4. Dorito

    Advice for new preceptor please

    I would also encourage feedback FROM her. Teaching styles vary. I agree with above poster- have her tell you the steps (outside the patient room of course). Don't forget to give her positive feedback when she has done a good job. As far as some criti...
  5. Dorito

    First death....

    Other than a drop in her systolic BP and pulse rate slowing down there wasn't anything that stood out as glaring evidence that she was on the verge of death. With her dementia it's doubtful she could have given you any clues verbally. We all beat our...
  6. Dorito

    I want to be an RN but I'm worried

    I worked with a nurse for many years that had Lupus. As long as you use the required contact precautions it shouldn't put you at greater risk than most. I work in a surgical clinic so exposure to patient's with viruses and general illness isn't an is...
  7. Dorito

    Saw an angry clinical instructor...

    Maybe you should check with the nurse manager of the unit. Mention your observations and maybe she should do some investigating or sit in an inconspituous area to overhear some of the info you have heard?
  8. Dorito

    RN returning to nursing after * years

    A refresher course is recommended. Maybe you could job shadow also? I'm assuming you kept up with your license fees. I know many states also require CEU's to maintain licensure- (WI is not one of them). Good luck and welcome back!
  9. Dorito

    New Grad/Hate My Job/Life is Miserable!

    Very well said... I hated my first year as a nurse as well. I didn't know what I didn't know. Luckily I survived and so did my patient's. Now that I've been in the field over 35 years I'm amazed when I look back. I learned so much from my peers and c...
  10. I'm concerned about the comment resulted from an unknown "breach of protocol" in treating do they know there was a breach in protocol? They say we are safe using Contact precautions but what if this monster virus is starting to mutate and the...
  11. Dorito

    help !!

    Can you contact the HR dept and inquire? They might be able to put a little pressure on the manager/ dept to get the orientation lined up. They want to fill those positions.
  12. Dorito

    How being a CNA effected your nursing career?

    Many nursing schools now require your CNA before you are accepted into a nursing program. I think it helps weed out those who may not have a grasp about the profession. It also gives you some great experience and exposure to the field. You will ace t...
  13. Dorito

    New Grad starting out at SNF?

    Get a job wherever you can. You'll appreciate the experience (and paycheck) when something opens up in a hospital.
  14. Dorito

    educational needs assessment

    I have to do one yearly and the last 2 years I've done it through an online survey such as survey monkey. It's nice because it tabulates all the results for you so it's easy to see what your high need areas are.
  15. So what if your employer decides to start doing BMI's on all the staff. If your BMI is above the recommendations, you would be okay with paying a higher premium? You'd certainly be at a higher risk to your insurance company. I don't smoke nor am I ov...