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Nurse for over 35years, variety of departments and experiences

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  1. Dorito

    help !!

    Can you contact the HR dept and inquire? They might be able to put a little pressure on the manager/ dept to get the orientation lined up. They want to fill those positions.
  2. Dorito

    Nursing Home Abuses.

    Very sad article. I can't imagine my own parent having to suffer through this type of neglect/ abuse.
  3. Dorito

    Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs

  4. Dorito

    How being a CNA effected your nursing career?

    Many nursing schools now require your CNA before you are accepted into a nursing program. I think it helps weed out those who may not have a grasp about the profession. It also gives you some great experience and exposure to the field. You will ace the test- I'm sure the instructors understand how nervous students are and if you forget something minor they take that into consideration. Good luck!
  5. Dorito

    New Grad starting out at SNF?

    Get a job wherever you can. You'll appreciate the experience (and paycheck) when something opens up in a hospital.
  6. Dorito

    educational needs assessment

    I have to do one yearly and the last 2 years I've done it through an online survey such as survey monkey. It's nice because it tabulates all the results for you so it's easy to see what your high need areas are.
  7. Dorito

    And if we catch you smoking you'll be charge $25

    So what if your employer decides to start doing BMI's on all the staff. If your BMI is above the recommendations, you would be okay with paying a higher premium? You'd certainly be at a higher risk to your insurance company. I don't smoke nor am I overweight- I think fining employees who do something that is completely legal is over the limit. What's next??
  8. Dorito

    Nursing 101

    I agree with you Copper. I have seen the same thing happening. Patients are not being ambulated unless PT does it or at least does an evaluation. One of the doctors I have worked with agrees and complains about this issue all the time. Especially those post op patients.
  9. Dorito

    LPN to RN... ask for a raise?

    You certainly should expect a raise to the RN pay scale. Talk with HR
  10. Dorito

    Caregiver smoking with patient on oxygen

    I think you need to speak to the director of the agency providing this staff. (if you are all from the same agency). If the staff providing care to the patient are the ones smoking they should be reported and receive some remedial education. Perhaps posting a no smoking sign in the home. If that caregiver wants to smoke she should be stepping outside on her break to do so....not exposing the patient to the smoke.
  11. Dorito

    In dillema

    Also, the patients entering long term care are much sicker than they used to be- and younger! You might not lose as many skills as you think! Best of luck!
  12. Dorito

    Bored on night shift- should I ask for transfer?

    Maybe it's the calm before the storm. Census goes up and down. More than likely about the time you are bored the flood gates might open up and you'll be grateful for the quieter nights. I agree with many of the other posters. Bring some of your books and maybe you can quiz each other on some of the questions.....who knows, maybe the vets might learn a little something too. Stay put and get some time under your belt. A month isn't enough time to make any rash decisions.
  13. Dorito

    I hate my phone

    Maybe you could change the message she receives on your phone. ie: "Please do not leave messages on this phone that are work related as they will not be checked until June xxxx " Just a thought. I certainly wouldn't tolerate this. If she is considering you "on call" then you should be reimbursed all the call time too. Good Luck!
  14. Dorito

    Novice ER Nurse needs help please

    Familiarize yourself with typical lab values and correlation with diseases. Most novice nurses need to develop these skills and it comes with experience. She obviously knew you were relatively new to nursing when she hired you for the ER. I'm confident you'll do fine....a 47 year old new grad still has a leg up on the critical thinking factor and I'm sure you'll be a success...don't second guess yourself but don't be afraid to ask questions. Chin up!
  15. Dorito

    Getting a contact info on a nurse manager

    In addition to what previous posters have said it may actually be detrimental to your career that you tried to "go around the barricades" to get in. It may flag you as someone who did not want to play by the rules and decided to ignore them. Have faith- it will come.