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  1. Getting sick over and over again

    One of my co-workers has been going through the same thing. She's on her 4th mutation of the cold/flu virus thing. She takes really good care of herself so it isn't that. But she had taken antibiotics from her MD as well and it came back in a few day...
  2. Horrible Death - What could I have done better?

    Sounds to me like you did the right things. It was the family who was in denial. How long was he on service? Perhaps there were other family dynamics that you did not have the time to explore. But that is not your fault. I feel bad for you though {{{...
  3. {{{ HUGS }}} Hope things work out well for ya Lorie aka Nurse Hobbit. No judgement here. Those time sheets for home health are a ***** anyways. Good luck.
  4. Home Remedies - Share Yours

    Not a downer at all. I did not use the hot toddy on my kids or give asprin either. Mom says grandma only gave it to us when we were older. Should have specified.
  5. Abandonment

    No flames here.However, I can see the arguement either way for you did clock in and you did not give time to find a replacement thereby putting the patients in potential jeopardy. Do look around your BON web site to see what they say. Talk to your DO...
  6. Home Remedies - Share Yours

    A clothes pin on the nose works great for gas.:chuckle Ok, seriously my grandmother always made us drink lots of orange juice and chicken soup for any kind of respiratory ailment. If it was the flu she made us take 2 asprin as well every 4 hours. Li...
  7. How's the job market there in Wisconsin?

    Yikes! I still remember when AllSaints ICU ratio was 1-2 to 1 nurse. That's terrible. On the floors the ratio has really changed as well. Although it differs slightly depending on who I ask. I heard St.Cat's was in the red too but I pass them every d...
  8. I have had no trouble whatsoever in transfering my EC credits to a traditional college. I passed NCLEX first time without any difficulty. I have had no issues with finding a job even when asked where I received my education. I can say for a fact that...
  9. How's the job market there in Wisconsin?

    They are still hiring new grads but AllSaints ( St. Mary's ) in Racine is laying off ( or letting go without replacing )nurses and have a hiring freeze. Kenosha area still seems ok for now but with the other major hospital having a hiring freeze posi...
  10. Roxanol being pulled from the market by FDA

    So why exactly is it being pulled? Is it just because someone forgot to go through the FDA red-tape? We have had no problems getting our Roxinal filled or even heard of any kind of ban/re-call. We occasionally do use oxyfast though and no problems th...
  11. why don't experienced lpn's pass cpne?

    I think the stress of the CPNE is what gets most people whether they are an experienced LPN or not. Things you normally don't forget to do like washing your hands may be forgotten because of the stress. You don't need to go to a workshop to pass. I d...
  12. Thinking of rescheduling Nclex again.........

    Test when you are ready. I tested several months after I graduated. Take a break . Too much stress and you won't be able to retain as much as you would otherwise. Set aside time each day and commit to it. Also find time to take care of yourself, rest...
  13. Took NCLEX March 2, 2009...hmm

    :clphnds: CONGRADULATIONS!
  14. Took NCLEX today, shut off at 75.....

    Good luck. Try to relax some and do something to occupy your time while you wait. Quick results take 48 hours from the time you tested but a few have gotten theirs earlier. Test is just too hard to predict. Hang in there.
  15. Taking NCLEX-RN - March 3, 2009

    ]Good Luck.

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