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Two months from today I will be finish with LPN school


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I know for some people an LPN really don't mean much, but to me it's a milestone in my life. For the previous six and a half years I have been a CNA, busting my butt and being treated like dirt. However, I know this is common amongst some place but I got tired of this treatment and enrolled in LPN school. I love being a CNA; getting off on time, actually getting a break and not much accountability required, I but still the pay sucks. I make about the same as I did when I first became a CNA in 2008. I've been fortunate to work alongside some great co-workers (nurses, cnas) which have helped me so much in nursing school. LPN has been by far one of the most challenging tasks of my life but my determination to excel have kept me pushing. There have been many times when I felt like giving up and going back to being a CNA, but GOD stepped in and made a way. I will continue for my RN right after Dec, actually starting in a LPN-RN program in Jan 2015. My ultimate goal is to work in the ICU but know that's many years ahead. I guess this post was for me to vent to others of the struggles that I went through to get where I am today (I know many of us had similar situations). I have the upmost respect for anyone looking to better themselves and do all I can to may help him/her. Well gals and guys I'm getting more anxious everyday as my time come to an end with LPN school. I'm just a simple young guy trying to make it in life. Wish me luck, I'll keep you updated on my journey finishing LPN school and going through RN school. Thanks!!

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Congratulations! You are an inspiration! Keep at it...chopping away at school and you will achieve your goals! I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!

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LPN's are so valuable!! I am an RN and let me tell you.....many LPN's can run circles around me. LPN's rock! Congrats on your HUGE achievement!


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I love hearing stories like yours! Congratulations and keep us updated on how things are going if you get a chance. I know firsthand it is very challenging to climb the next rung of the ladder while you are working. Best wishes!

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I also will be done with LPN school in December, I'm excited and nervous at the same time!

Congrats, you give me the motivation and encouragement to keep on going!!!!! Good Luck!!!!

Hi , I am a Cna and trust I know exactly how you feel. I wish you the best on your progression. I begin my LPN courses in January, and I can not wait!

You should be so very proud of yourself! I was just in your situation! Took my nclex yesterday and passed! You can do it! The feeling of accomplishment is like no other! Lpn school is HARD! Don't ever feel less than or let anyone else make you feel that way! You should be so proud!

Congratulations keep on going don't stop. I have been a cna for 17 years January 5 I will be in school for my LPN I started doing my RN classes but that just long for me so I now im going for my LPN first then I'm going right back my RN ....... Yes I understand how u feel... Good Luck......

Congrats! I've also been a PCT since 2008 and enrolled in PN school that started in October of 2012. I've been an LPN for almost a year now (Nov 25th) and will be done with the bridge program in January. Soon after I find a job I want to continue on to BSN through an online school. The sky is the limit and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! Good luck :)

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Congratulations and I can relate to you in so many ways. I've been a CNA since 2008 and also witnessed positive and negative attributes being a CNA. I also got sick of the "routine" job duties and the lack of job growth especially when the company you work for does not show any appreciation to the nurses. There is nothing wrong with wanting to advance in your career and having so much more to offer in healthcare. You are young and because you are a male you stand out from the rest. Use that to your advantage.. (*hint) Keep up the great work. Wish you the best :-)

First off Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I too will be done with the LPN program in 3 months. Going into a LPN program is still NURSING SCHOOL, so don't belittle yourself by saying just LPN. Some people can't even pass to get into the program. Where I live LPN make 20/hr as new nurses. Nursing school is hard as hell and anyone who can get through all those classes , care plans, case studies, and clinicals should be proud. If RN is your ultimate goal then go for it, but pat yourself on the back and take a bow because you're almost done. GOOD LUCK!!!

:specs: I'm so happy for you!! Me, myself only have 3moths left until pinning!!!

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Thanks everyone. Your wonderful words of encouragement have been so wonderful and inspiring. I wish all the other students and future students much success and all your studies. To all other nurses, thanks for your kind words. I took my first test of my last semester today, and passed so I'm getting there.

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Thanks everyone. Your wonderful words of encouragement have been so wonderful and inspiring. I wish all the other students and future students much success and all your studies. To all other nurses, thanks for your kind words. I took my first test of my last semester today, and passed so I'm getting there.

Sounds like me, I have majority of my prerequisites for my rn, but I heard you learn skills in lpn school as opposed to rn school they focus more on administration n paper work, so I hear.

This post definitely encouraged me and and gave me the boost I needed to go full speed and not to look back I will be starting LPN January 2015. I doubted my decision at first because so many people say LPN's are being phased out but Whatever. I'm also a CNA and phlebotomy tech and im ready for my next step in life. Congratulations you will be a outstanding nurse don't forget your story on your hard days:).!!!