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Natasha A. has 7 years experience as a CNA, LVN.

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  1. Natasha A.

    Afraid Of Failure

    Please take your time. First take pretest and see where you are. Review nursing theory orem and Maslow nursing process in your fundamentals book..Listen to mark k priority audio on YouTube, read any test taking strategy book and have your nursi...
  2. Natasha A.

    Saunders 6 week study calendar

    read chapter 5 and chapter 42 in your Saunders book for day 1 and then read two new chapters for day 2..etc.
  3. Natasha A.

    Struggling !

    when is your next exam?
  4. Natasha A.

    Tutor reccomendations

    Hi @mslaydiej What do you need help with about the cardiac?
  5. Natasha A.

    Medical Assistant During Nursing School?

    Hi, getting a nursing student extern is key during nursing school. It really depends on your future goals whether you want to work in an acute setting, doctor office, rehab facility, nursing home, etc. I would like to suggest other non nursing roles ...
  6. Natasha A.

    I withdrew from fundamentals at CUNY

    Which program would you rather pick and choose? Which school has a tutoring service that will help you pass fundamentals and graduate with little to no debt?
  7. Natasha A.

    Human A&P

    I highly recommend going to a local library and check out a few A&P study guides and print out the chapter outlines and read it daily. Then go on Quizlet and review every AP chapter. Last, watch all professor Fink video on Youtube during June- J...
  8. Natasha A.

    What should I know before Nursing School?

    Listen to Mark Klimek YT videos check out a NCLEX book at the library and Google "Kaplan Decision Tree" Review NCLEX practice question using the decision tree. Read the NCLEX test taking strategies and use the decision tree and review mo...
  9. Natasha A.

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated
  10. Natasha A.

    Passed NCLEX PN in 110 Questions!

  11. Natasha A.

    Why Do New Grads Lack Critical Thinking Skills?

    We appreciate you. One of a kind Nurse Beth ?
  12. Natasha A.

    Why Do New Grads Lack Critical Thinking Skills?

    Great article Nurse Beth! I'm away from full time nursing, but still practice as a contract LVN. My two cents would be to stop calling problem solving skills as "test taking strategies" in the classroom.
  13. Natasha A.

    Nursing Vs Computer science..

    Interesting comments....I've been contemplating for quite some time and decided to go the opposite route.
  14. Natasha A.

    Struggling! LPN School

    I've walked in your shoes many of times during the LVN program especially during first semester. My entire class who had some CNAs and EMTs failed the final and yet we moved on to the 2nd semester, but it was a struggle for the entire class. I say t...
  15. Natasha A.

    How hard is LPN school?

    Whichever you decide Im sure you will make the right choice ☺