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cna_2_nurse has 4 years experience as a LPN, RN.

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  1. cna_2_nurse

    Tags! New ADON here

    Good afternoon, everyone! So I'm a new ADON at a SNF here in Florida. My building is a 120 bed facility. My question to you is, what are the different tags a facility can get when state comes in the building? I know there is many but what does each letter mean, for example: IJ tag. Can anyone tell me where to find this information on the web. Yes, I can talk with my DON or corporate nurse but I rather have maybe a printable form so I can review it which can go along with the information they may give me. Yes, I know an IJ is a horrible tag. Thanks.
  2. cna_2_nurse

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    Sorry ladies and gentlemen it's taken me so long (years) to reply to some of your questions. I graduated from Medical Prep Institute (MPI), took boards, passed and became a RN. First, this school isn't one I would choose first. I would probably make this one of my last options if I were you guys. If I had known what I know now then I probably would have avoided this school all together but on the positive side it prepared me to be an RN and get my license. Why? MPI is a school who takes basically anyone, long as you make your payment. There's a lot of corruption in this school. The owner is a horrible con artist (IMHO) who allows you to go through this program but once you finish you have to take multiple "exit examinations." I know, many nursing programs do the same but these are exams made up by her and her clique. You spend practically 1-2 years taking these exams trying to pass them in order to be able to sit for your NCLEX (this is for LPN and RN students). I would have been fine if the exams were administered by HESI or ATI (which I used in my PN program) but they were not. Whose to say If you got the question right or wrong on these self-made exams. I literally had to argue with the librarian (who administers the exams) about basic questions I knew were right but they marked wrong. I finished exams about two years ago, so I'm sure some things have changed since then. We were only allowed three chances to pass the exams before you had to do remediation for six months and restart all the exam back over again. We had students who made it through the entire program but couldn't pass the test and just stopped (waste of time and money with no license). Classes are divided up by topics. We started with Microbiology and Transitions than went to fundamentals, pharmacology, Med/Surg, Maternity, Peds, Mental health, Psych, Community nursing and ended with management. The classes were manageable but they do throw a lot of content at one time which can make it hard at time. We had clinicals one day a week, test one day and week and quizzes once a week. Clinical were 12 hour shifts at a nursing home (no hospitals at all) we toured a psych facility and that was considered our psych clinical. YouTube we our clinical for every other subject. At the nursing homes we basically did CNA work (boring, as I were already a LPN working in a nursing home). The teachers were the owner family members (sister, cousin) who attended the school previously and were teaching classes. Once, you finish your classes and clinical at the end you are required to pass a clinical skill check off which consist of five skills (insert foley, head to toe assessment, etc) like I said this was a few years ago and it might have changed. Overall, I was glad to have passed my boards and finish with this school. I would never enroll in their RN-BSN program which they are offering. When choosing schools, do your research and don't just choose the quickest route. This school claims 10 months when in reality it took about 2 years. Please don't be so desperate to choose any school. Look up a school reputation, ask about their clinical sites, what degrees do their instructors hold, what's their NCLEX pass rate and where have their students landed jobs at. Currently, I'm working at a level 2, big hospital in the ICU. This hospital never questioned me about my school or anything (thank god). Did I feel prepared once I started working? No, I think all new grads can attest to that but I feel I would have been BETTER prepared had I went to a good reputable school. P.S- I'll check back here in to see any replies or see if anyone has any questions. Thanks, for listening to my rants.- Nurse M, RN.
  3. cna_2_nurse

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    Sorry about getting back with you all so late. I started the RN day program in June of this year. It is really fast paced. I just finished up fundamentals and will be moving into pharm next this upcoming week. The program is broken down into classes with most classes lasting nine weeks (Fundamentals, Pharm, Med/Surg etc..). You start out with Micro and Transitions, then move to fundamentals and so on. So far everything has been good for me and worked out. They have various payment plans which fits your needs. I have about six more months till I finish. The school got accreditated about 2 months ago so things are changing as I was told. If it helps, I've been an LPN for about 10 months so learning the RN material haven't been so hard for me, as I was still in the whole nursing school attitude. Good luck everyone!!
  4. cna_2_nurse

    Took NCLEX-PN Today HELLLP!!

    Thanks everyone, I got my quick results from pearson and I passed. I'm beyond relieved and excited, because I think I hit my limit as a CNA today at work (haha).
  5. cna_2_nurse

    Took NCLEX-PN Today HELLLP!!

    So I took my Nclex PN today and stopped at question 85. I felt like I didn't know most things on the test. I had soooo many prioritization questions, maybe 10 sata and a couple maternity, peds and psych. I know that 85 could mean I did really well or really bad, but is there anything else to this. I know for sure I answered the last question right. I guess I'll have to wait for my results but I'm so anxious to know. I'm leaving it in the lords hand and hoping for a miracle. I've been reading that most people who computer cut off at 85 usually pass, not always though. Thanks for hearing me vent.
  6. cna_2_nurse

    Finally finished nursing school

    Thanks!! That's actually when I start RN school. Kudos to us both, good luck.
  7. cna_2_nurse

    Finally finished nursing school

    I finished!! I'm so excited to finally say those two words. Last Friday was my last day, as we had to complete a 3 day Hurst Review course (which was very helpful). I passed my exit exam with a 97% chance of passing NCLEX-PN on my first attempt and also finished this quarter with all A's. Okay, I'm done with all the bragging, I'm just so excited to have accomplished something so big. As each day goes by I get more excited about leaving my CNA job behind and moving into the nurse role. However, unlike many of you guys/gals I can't say this was my calling or I ever had a interest for nursing. Nursing was kind of a hit or miss for me but I have grown to love every minute of it, especially my 6 years of CNA work (O fun). Now 22 years old, I'm starting to look towards my future and know that I must make some changes in order to live the life I desire. One thing I will definitely miss, is being able to spend quality time with my patients as I know this will probably occur very rarely once in the nurse role. Also, I definitely plan on bringing my great CNA skills to whatever nursing job I get (thank god). Lastly, I know that this is not the end. I will continue to seek and learn new skills daily and try and be the best nurse I can. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments and words of wisdom throughout nursing school. Also, good luck to everyone who is currently in school or thinking about going, it's definitely worth it. I'll keep you guys updated on RN school, which starts next month (Yikkkes). Now back to studying for NCLEX-PN, any helpful tips will be appreciated.
  8. cna_2_nurse

    Tomorrow is my last day of nursing school (exit exam)

    Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments, I truly appreciate it. Good luck to everyone who is currently in school or starting, you all will do great. Please keep me updated on all your accomplishments, as I will also. God bless!!
  9. So as I promised you in my earlier post from about two months ago about how school was going for me. Well, tomorrow is my last day and the feeling is bittersweet, only because nursing school kept me on my toes. Meanwhile, I'm very happy to be finished and to start looking for work as a nurse. Thanks to me being the only boy out of four kids, my mom spoils me and will be paying all my entrance fees to start the RN program next month (yayy!!) I'll be stuck with the monthly bill besides that, but I'll make a way. This journey seemed so impossible and long in the beginning but time flew by soooo fast, geesh!! Nursing school I say was challenging, not hard though it kept me busy and ALMOST made this guy shed a few tears. I've been an CNA for the past 6 years and have learned so much within them years which will help me to be a better nurse and leader, I know where I came from. One thing I promised myself throughout my entire nursing career is, that I will never be too good to help my fellow nurses or CNA's. Yes, I'm used to cleaning poop, showering a patient while the others are waiting for me to help them out of bed and "trying to help Mr. Jones find his wife, whose been dead for the last 10 years". Through it all, I've learned, worked hard and had my fair share of gross moments. To all future nursing students I leave to you, It's okay to cry ALOT, DON'T PROCRASTINATE, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY and always treat and applaud yourself.
  10. cna_2_nurse

    you know you're a CNA when...

    you can change a patient with poop everywhere and still take your lunch break right after
  11. cna_2_nurse

    Only got 85 questions NCLEX PN

    Good luck!!
  12. cna_2_nurse

    Go ahead laugh. Laughter keeps you from going crazy.

    Usually when I'm working with that one dementia patient who uses every name in the book. I know we shouldn't laugh but some of the things they say are just down right hilarious. I love them, though they keep me on my toes.
  13. cna_2_nurse

    Two months from today I will be finish with LPN school

    Thanks everyone. Your wonderful words of encouragement have been so wonderful and inspiring. I wish all the other students and future students much success and all your studies. To all other nurses, thanks for your kind words. I took my first test of my last semester today, and passed so I'm getting there.
  14. cna_2_nurse

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    Ok great to hear, same here also.
  15. cna_2_nurse

    The Countdown Begins!!!!!

    Starting out is always the hardest. For me, time management was the hardest. By the second semester you learn what works best for you and develop a routine. Nursing school is even harder when you have other factors (kids, family, work etc.) that contribute to your time. Once you find out what works for you then you will be able to set aside time for other things. Good luck on your journey, keep us updated.
  16. cna_2_nurse

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    Yea, I haven't had much success finding anyone who have completed this program. As you said above the price is reasonable and financial aid is not taken. I have visited this school facebook page and read several student comment, which have been neutral. I think I'm going to write one of the RN graduates and get their input about the program. As I were told the day program is 10 months in length compared to 12 months for the online option. I plan on taking a trip to the school next month to learn more about the program. If I hear anything before then I'll be sure to let you know. Are you interested in the Jan 2015 day program also?