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:typing I've been looking everywhere on the internet trying to find a nice tote bag to bring to work. I would like to be able to put a bag for pens/pencils, etc, my water bottle, stethoscope, some papers, etc. All the ones that I've seen are either cheesy looking or more like purses...not something I'd want to haul to work everyday. I was thinking maybe a black one would be good because it wouldn't show dirt...Anyone have any links/suggestions? This one from seems ok, but it's just one big compartment...

Thanks in advance!! :heartbeat

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Sherpani makes some nice totes.


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I have a Land's End bag that works great, very durable. I was able to get one of the Batik floral prints they sold a few years back, very pretty. Their totes have either open top or zip top if you are concerned about security.

I see quite a few of the other nurses carrying this type of bag so I guess I am not the only one that really likes them :-)

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I have my eye on one of these when I graduate:

You can get your name on it! And it comes in several colors including black. The medium sized one is large enough to fit a textbook, water, a spiral and possibly a jacket (one of my classmates has one already)

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I like Lands End too. It can be monogramed as well.

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My favorites so far are a mountainsmith medium bag with shoulder handle, because the bottom is made out of tire-rubber like material so you can do whatever you have to, to clean it and it stands up by itself. I have it in green. Edit: The inside is neon yellow so I can find everything in there.

My other favorite is from I have had it a year now and it gets better with age, takes a little breaking in. I got the messenger bag in the mahogany color. Back pocket: work folder thing with all the papers. Inside is everything I need to carry. It does look a little like I'm hauling a suitcase 'cause I'm short. The rings on bottom tend to keep the bottom off the floor, and it too stands up by itself, although I cram too much stuff in there so it leans forward a bit.

Yak Pak makes some cute bags but the nylon seatbelt-like material they use for handles slides right off my shoulder so I gave away the one bag of theirs I bought.


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I have a burgandy tote that I got from Avon. I love it and always get a lot of compliments when I carry it.


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I went to nike on line and designed my own can pick the colors and everything....i love it! it is sturdy and everything and cleans has 4 pockets total and little hidden pockets, it is a messenger bag/lap top bag. CHECK IT OUT....awsome christmas gifts also! find out their fav colors and your set! and you can have your name stitched inside! it will run you about 80 bucks but i gaurentee you will get tons of compliments on it and no one will have the same bag as you


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my new employer didn't give me one and i LOVED the one from my last employer..but it has their logo on it. it had a water bottle spot, pen holders, zippers inside, outside pocket...sigh..time to start searching again!

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i love my coach tote -- $154 at the coach outlet (ok, that was 2 years ago!) and it still looks like new. plus, i feel so much more professional than i felt carrying a flowered tote!

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